Wireless Touchscreen Keypad w/ Prox Tag Reader & Desk Mount

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The DSC WTK5504PD is a wireless touchscreen keypad designed for use with the DSC Impassa and DSC PowerSeries Alarm Systems. This version of the keypad includes a proximity tag reader for use with the DSC PT4 and a desk mount for easy installation. Purchase the DSC WTK5504PD from Alarm Grid.

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The DSC WTK5504PD Wireless Touchscreen Keypad with Proximity Tag Reader and Desk Mount is designed to provide a secondary point of access for the DSC Impassa and the DSC PowerSeries Alarm Systems. This is ideal for users who want to access their system from multiple on-site locations.

A common application of the WTK5504PD is to install the keypad near the main entrance point of the building. This will provide touchscreen control for system access as the user enters and leaves the property. Touchscreen controllers are known for being very simple to control, and they are very user-friendly. Additionally, by putting this keypad by the main entrance, it is less likely that the actual alarm system itself would be destroyed by an intruder during a break-in. The actual panel can be hidden in another location so that it is less accessible to an intruder.

The screen on the WTK5504 measures 4.3", and the menus are displayed in full color. The device is easy to navigate, and it supports five programmable function keys. The device also features three emergency buttons on the screen. Any message from Alarm.com will displayed on the keypad so that the user can quickly be informed about any system events. The device also features a tamper switch and a backup battery to keep the keypad running when the power is out.

The one limitation if the WTK5504 is that it does not support installer-level programming. Users who want this feature should use the DSC WT5500 Touch-Button Keypad instead. But the advantage to the WTK5504 is that the touchscreen and full color menus can be easier and more pleasing to navigate.

This version of the WTK5504 includes a proximity tag reader (for use with the DSC PT4) and the WTK5504DMK Desk Mount. DSC also offers the standard WTK5504, which doesn't include either of these add-ons. Also available is the DSC WTK5504D, which includes the touchscreen keypad and the desk mount, but no proximity tag reader.

Brand: DSC

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