Honeywell 4297

V-Plex Loop Isolation Extender Module


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The Honeywell 4297 V-Plex Loop Isolation Extender Module is designed for use with polling loop commercial security panels. The module extends the loop current and allows for further wire runs. It receives signals from the panel and then re-sends through its extension loop. Buy the 4297 here.
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The Honeywell 4297 is a polling loop isolation and extender module that allows users to extend their panel's V-Plex polling loop and to increase the polling loop current by an additional 128 mA. It also supports an extension loop that is electrically isolated from the input loop. This means that a short on the outgoing side of the polling loop connected to a 4297 will not interfere with any polling loop device that is connected to the 4297's input loop. This ability to isolate short circuits is very useful, particularly for larger installations. This module is for polling loop panels only.

It is also possible to use multiple 4297 modules together to provide up to eight separate extension loops, each with an additional 128 mA of current. Each extension loop will be electrically isolated from the others. Using multiple 4297 modules is also useful if a user requires more current and/or wire length than what one module can provide. Each 4297 will require input power, in addition to the input polling loop wiring, and each 4297 must connect directly to the polling loop. One 4297 cannot be wired to the output side of another 4297. See Honeywell's Engineering Application Notes for full details on polling loop wire limits and best practices.

Please note that most alarm control panels cannot support more than eight 4297 modules. The 4297 cannot increase the number of polling loop zones for the panel, and it is not designed for Class A wiring configurations. Do not exceed wire run limits when using the 4297. Unshielded twisted pair is recommended for all polling loop wire runs.


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