How many protection zones does a L5200 panel have?

The Honeywell L5200 LYNX Touch alarm system supports 64 total protection zones. Zone 1 is allocated to a wired zone that connects directly to the panel. Zone 2 - 64 support any Honeywell 5800 wireless sensor and can be setup as burglary (i.e. motions, door/window, glass break, shock), fire/smokeCOtemperatureflood and panics. These zones can also be used by the Honeywell 5800C2W wired to wireless transmitter which allows you to connect hard wired security sensors and transmit them over RF to the L5200 LYNX Touch. 

Zones 46 - 48 are specifically configured for garage overhead venting and extended entry delay. Check out our FAQ which is based on the predecessor the L5100 LYNX Touch but programmed the same way as the L5200: How do I add a Honeywell 5822T tilt sensor to the Honeywell L5100?

Zones 140 - 155 are designed for wireless security key fobs like the Honeywell 5834-4. This unit will allow you to arm, disarm and issue panics when in range (approx. 200 feet) of the L5200 alarm system. Here is a great installation video where Sterling walks you through installing a key fob with the L5100 LYNX Touch. Again the L5200 programming for this particular unit works the same way. 

All in all, Zones 1 - 64 are configured as protection zones that will instantaneously report faults back to the L5200 when tripped. The wireless function of the L5200 makes the installation easy enough for just about anyone to do it themselves. Also the beautiful touchscreen display makes programming the zones and settings easier than ever with the icon based programming. Forget buying an old wired system and paying an arm and a leg to get it installed and programmed by a stranger. Pick up the L5200 LYNX Touch today and be on your way to managing your own security and saving money at the same time! 

**Check out our wireless security systems where you can find the L5200 paired with sensors and communicators. These build a great foundation to any new security system!**

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