Honeywell 5193SD

Addressable Photoelectric Smoke Detector

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The Honeywell 5193SD is a 2-wire addressable photoelectric smoke detector that will provide accurate and reliable fire detection for a home or business. The device connects to the panel through the polling loop, but it has no built-in sounder. Buy the Honeywell 5193SD from Alarm Grid.
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The Honeywell 5193SD Addressable Photoelectric Smoke Detector is a reliable 2-wire life-safety device that is used with commercial-grade security systems. The device works with the refraction of light whenever smoke enters into the sensing chamber. This allows for consistent performance.

With its advanced optical sensing chamber and powerful microprocessor, the Honeywell 5193SD offers exceptional dependability when detecting smoke. The device also utilizes integrated drift compensation algorithms to automatically maintain proper calibration levels at all times, even when the chamber is affected by contaminants. However, this feature requires that the sensor chamber never be opened while the device is powered on. A user should take proper care to power down the sensor whenever maintenance or cleaning is provided. The sensor will send a maintenance notice to the panel whenever cleaning is needed. The LED lights (red and green) provide indication of the current status for the device.

Another feature of the Honeywell 5193SD is its included mounting base that allows for easy installation. The base can be wired with the alarm system so that the sensor can be easily removed for maintenance and cleaning. The device will begin powering up as soon as power is provided from the panel. A special tamper-resistance feature prevents the 5193SD from being taken off the wall unless a proper tool is used. This feature can be engaged by the user to make it more difficult for others to disable the sensor.

As a wired sensor, the Honeywell 5193SD connects with the panel through the polling loop. This means that the device will only work with commercial-grade wired panels that include a polling loop, such as the Honeywell VISTA-128BPT and the VISTA-250BPT. The screw terminals on the sensor will accept wire gauges ranging from 14-gauge to 22-gauge. Multiple 5193SD devices can be wired together in parallel to perform the same function across a larger area. Make sure to test any new 5193SD after installation to ensure that it has been set up properly. The system should be placed on test mode when doing this to prevent any false alarms.

Users should take great care when selecting an installation location for the Honeywell 5193SD Smoke Detector. The device should not be used in areas where excessive humidity and/or combustion particles are normally present. This includes avoiding any kitchens, garages, furnace rooms and bathrooms. The device should also not be placed in the direct flow of any vents or air ducts. Remember to place the device high up on the wall or ceiling so that it can properly detect any smoke. Please note that the 5193SD does not include any type of integrated sounder. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that the alarm system has a siren when using this device.

Note: Honeywell also offers another version of this same sensor that also offers a built-in fixed temperature heat sensor.

Brand: Honeywell

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Great Addressable Smoke Detector!
Submitted on 06/09/2020 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell 5193SD is an addressable 2-wire smoke detector for Honeywell Polling Loop Systems. Compatible systems include the Honeywell VISTA-128BPT and the Honeywell VISTA-250BPT. The Honeywell 5193SD can be used at any polling loop zone, though it is recommended that the sensor be used on Partition 1 for proper reset logic. The device has some nice features like an optical sensing chamber, an advanced microprocessor, and drift compensation. But it is also lacking in other areas, such as not having an integrated sounder. But all things considered, we think the Honeywell 5193SD is a very good device, and we give it a 5 Star rating.

There are many things to like about the Honeywell 5193SD. For one, it is a photoelectric smoke detector, and we find these to be the most reliable type of smoke detectors. As we mentioned before, features like the optical sensing chamber, advanced microprocessor, and drift compensation help to improve the performance of the device. The sensor has LED lights to provide indication of current status. No relay or other extra equipment is required, as the panel will have the logic to reset the sensor, as long as it is used on Partition 1.

There are some downsides to the Honeywell 5193SD that should also be taken into consideration. Since the sensor is for Honeywell Polling Loop Panels only, it has a very limited compatibility list. Also, the Honeywell 5193SD has no integrated sounder. You will need to have an external siren set up with your Honeywell VISTA System so that building occupants can be notified during a fire. But these downsides are relatively minor, and they do not stop us from giving the Honeywell 5193SD a 5 Star score.

Good: Photoelectric, Advanced Features, LED Lights, No Relay Required

Bad: For Honeywell Polling Loop Panels Only, No Sounder

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

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