Honeywell 5193SDT

Addressable Photoelectric Smoke and Fixed Temp Heat Detector

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The Honeywell 5193SDT is an addressable 2-wire photoelectric smoke and fixed temperature heat detector. It relies on the refraction of light to accurately detect smoke. The heat sensor activates at temperatures of 135 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. Buy the Honeywell 5193SDT from Alarm Grid.
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The Honeywell 5193SDT Addressable Photoelectric Smoke and Heat Detector is a life-safety device designed for use with commercial security systems. Its photoelectric sensor works by detecting the refraction of light when smoke enters the chamber. The heat sensor activates at 135°F.

By having both smoke and heat detection options available, the Honeywell 5193SDT can more accurately respond to the presence of a fire. The device offers exceptional reliability and consistency when used in this manner. It features an optical sensing chamber and an advanced microprocessor to better detect when smoke has accessed its chamber. By using drift compensation algorithms, the device is able to maintain proper calibration in nearly every circumstance. This includes whenever the sensor is affected by the presence of contaminants.

In order for these features to work properly, the 5193SDT should never be opened up or have its sensing chamber removed while the device is receiving power. The user must power down the device before performing any type of maintenance. This can be done by disconnecting the sensor from the system or by cutting power to the panel. A user will know when the device requires maintenance on panels that support the "Smart Contact" feature, as it will send an alert to the alarm panel for this specific purpose. Additionally, LED status lights let the user know the current condition of the sensor at all times.

The mounting base of the Honeywell 5193SDT makes it easy for end users to install the device and wire it properly. The base will wire-in with the system directly. This means that the sensor can be conveniently removed whenever maintenance or cleaning is needed. The device will automatically turn on once it is receiving power from the system. And with its tamper-resistance feature, the inside of the 5193SDT Sensor can only be accessed by using a special tool.

The 5193SDT is specifically designed for polling-loop panels only. Some systems that use polling loops include the commercial-grade Honeywell VISTA Panels, which are the VISTA-128BPT and the VISTA-250BPT. The wiring terminals on the 5193SDT will support wire gauges ranging from 14-gauge to 22-gauge. Additionally, multiple 5193SDT's can be wired in parallel to allow coverage over a broad area. Ensuring proper wiring and set up is crucial for a life-safety sensor like the Honeywell 5193SDT. That is why it is very important to test the sensor after installation. The device has a test button for this purpose. Remember to place the system on test mode with the monitoring station when doing this to prevent false alarms.

When choosing a location for the 5193SDT, users should make sure that they select a proper area. Smoke detectors don't function very well in areas with fine particles or excessive humidity. Some areas to avoid include kitchens, garages, bathrooms, attics and furnace rooms. It is also recommended that the device is placed away from any vents or air ducts that could result in functionality problems. The 5193SDT should also be placed high on the wall or on the ceiling so that it can properly detect rising smoke. Remember, the 5193SDT does not have a built-in sounder, so it should only be used with systems that have an active siren installed.

Note: Honeywell offers another version of this same sensor that does not have a heat detector and only functions as a standalone smoke detector.

Brand: Honeywell

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