Honeywell 5800Micra

Wireless Recessed Window Sensor

Honeywell 5800micra wireless recessed window contact

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The Honeywell 5800Micra recessed window sensor allows you to protect your windows from intrusion without sacrificing your home's decor. T...
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The Honeywell 5800Micra recessed window sensor allows you to protect your windows from intrusion without sacrificing your home's decor. The 5800Micra recessed sensor installs into your window frame without voiding your window manufacturer's warranties. When your Honeywell wireless home alarm system is armed and a window protected by a 5800Micra recessed contact is opened, an alarm will be triggered and the intruder may never even enter your home. This type of perimeter protection, using 5800Micra recessed sensors, is extremely valuable for protecting windows that are left unlocked or windows that can be removed from the track from the outside.

The Honeywell 5800Micra recessed window sensor is only recommended for use in all vinyl windows, wood casement, awning, double-hung and access windows. When installed in vinyl sliding windows, you should install the wireless transmitter 3" down from the top corner along the vertical window frame. When installed in hung windows, you should install the 5800Micra recessed sensor into the bottom horizontal window frame 3" from either bottom corner. It is not recommended to use the 5800Micra recessed contact in metal windows as the antenna will be encased by the metal window frame and therefore will not reliably transmit back to your Honeywell wireless home alarm system.

When installing the 5800Micra window sensor, you will need a 3/4" Forstner drill bit to make the hole in the window frame. The 3/4" hole should be no deeper than 11/32" otherwise you risk puncturing the outer wall of the window frame which could cause the window to leak water. You can use a drill stop to ensure you do not drill deeper than the recommended 11/32" core depth.

For best wireless range between the 5800Micra wireless recessed window sensor and your Honeywell wireless receiver, make sure the antenna is as straight as possible when inserting into the frame. You should also be careful to affix the surface mount magnet using the same orientation as the installed 5800Micra recessed sensor.

The included lithium coin cell is replaceable by prying the transmitter out using a small flat head screwdriver pushed into the pry-slot on the 5800Micra cap end. However, the battery life for the 5800Micra sensor is (10) years with normal use.


Low battery troubles would still report but we never recommend not supervising a sensor. What type of material is the door/window that this sensor is installed into? If it is metal that can be a hinderance to RF signal. Feel free to email us more details at or here.
I have had one of these for many years. Recently, it's started throwing sporadic supervision errors to our panel. It seems reliable when it comes to reporting zone faults. I even tried a new battery. Would a practical solution be to make the zone unsupervised? Would low battery alerts still come through?
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