How Do I Remove Embedded (Recessed) Door or Window Security Sensors?

You can remove embedded (recessed) door or window security sensors by simply pulling out the sensors from their respective holes where they have been installed. If the sensor is hardwired, you will need to disconnect the wires attached to the sensor before you can successfully remove it.

Recessed door and window sensors are inserted into holes that are drilled into the frame of the door or window. The corresponding magnet for a recessed door or window sensor is inserted into a hole that is drilled into the door or window itself. By having the actual sensor in the stationary frame, the device is less likely to become damaged when the door or window is opened or closed. In order to remove a recessed sensor, all you have to do is pull it out from the hole and disconnect any wires if necessary. The magnet for the sensor can also be pulled out in the same manner.

If the sensor is hardwired, you may choose to keep the wiring in place. This will allow you to easily put a new hardwired sensor in place, without having to run any new wires. However, if you intend on removing the wire as well, you will need to fish it out through the opposite end of the door or window where the the wire was attached to the sensor. You will then need to disconnect it from the security panel or the wired to wireless zone converter where it was connected.

If you no longer intend on using the sensor with your system, you can delete it from system programming. This can be done by accessing the programming menu of your system using your installer code. You must then locate the zone that the sensor is programmed to and then delete that zone using the steps appropriate for your particular security panel. Doing this will free up the zone on your security system. Remember, if you are installing a new sensor, that sensor will then need to be programmed with your system before it will function.

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