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Honeywell 5800rp wireless repeater
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The Honeywell 5800RP is a wireless repeater module that boosts the radio frequency (RF) signal between a Honeywell wireless device and a ...
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The Honeywell 5800RP is a wireless repeater module that boosts the radio frequency (RF) signal between a Honeywell wireless device and a wireless receiver. The typical RF range of a Honeywell 5800 series wireless device is 200 feet nominal from the wireless receiver. By adding a wireless repeater 200 feet from the receiver, you can effectively extend the RF range to a total of 400 feet. This will be diminished by any obstructions such as walls, floors, ceilings, and especially metal objects.

The 5800RP wireless repeater can be powered from either an AC or DC external power source connected to the two internal terminal screws. The DC power source rating is 12VDC, 100 mA. The AC power source rating is 9VAC, 15VA. The transformer and the cabling required to connect it to the repeater are NOT included with the 5800RP. Only the backup battery is included. We recommend using the Honeywell 300-07753 AC transformer in tandem with the LT-Cable to power your Honeywell wireless repeater. The transformer plugs directly into an AC power receptacle. The LT-Cable offers a clean, 8 foot connection between the transformer and the 5800RP. This cable is in-wall rated so it can be snaked in the wall. You can also procure your own 18-22AWG, 2 conductor cable if you have a longer run.

If you have any Honeywell wireless devices that are giving you RF supervision loss troubles, adding a wireless repeater between the device and the wireless receiver should solve the wireless signal strength problem. Please note, the 5800RP will not repeat signals from another repeater. In other words, signals can only be repeated once!

Not only does the Honeywell 5800RP forward signals on from your wireless sensors to your Honeywell home security system, but it can also send its own status signals if module supervision is turned on. To enable module supervision, the wireless repeater must be programmed to your alarm control panel. You can program the 5800RP so that all supervision signals (AC loss, low battery, tamper or RF jam detection) report to a single zone. If programmed this way, DIP switch 2 should be off and all signals will be reported as “low battery.” A more specific supervision mode uses two different serial numbers and is approved for Underwriters Laboratories (UL) residential burglary installations. First with DIP switch 2 off, program the serial number on the 5800RP’s sticker as the low battery zone. Next, set DIP switch 2 to on and program the same serial number but one digit higher for (3) separate zones each with their own loop number. Loop 1 of the second supervision zone will report tamper signals, loop 2 will report AC loss and loop 3 will report RF jam detection.


I recommend emailing us at for further assistance depending on what happens once the sensors are all installed. Generally speaking I recommend surface mount sensors when there is metal interference in the mix. That simply prevents the sensor from having to fight through the wall and door jamb. With that said, I would recommend something like a 5800MINI. You can certainly try the 5818MNL and setup a 5800RP which can "double" your range if optimally placed halfway between panel and sensors. Do you have any plans for monitoring service? We have some affordable no contract options you may want to check out. Feel free to email us with any further questions. Here are the service plans if you care to take a look:
I have a new install of a lynx panel that is located inside a home about 8 feet from an entry door (masonite door) which leads to a garage that has metal roofing panels on the walls.i have an additional keypad, 3 tilt sensors, and 2 entry doors in the garage.i had to mount the extra keypad basically right beside of the entry door as im assuming the metal panels were interfering with the signal back to the lynx concerned the other sensors wont work unless i install a repeater also mounted close to the door going into the house. Also, the entry doors in the garage are steel. i have the 5818mnl sensors but im certain ill have to take a different route with those assuming i can even get the signal into the garage. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.
Is it possible there's an issue with the power wiring connection to the 5800RP? I wouldn't think neighbors 100' away would result in RF interference but if you suspect that, you could try removing the cover on the 5800RP to see if the red LED that lights when detecting RF interference is lit when the new low battery trouble pops up. Also, I'm not sure I understand completely. You say that you can't manually clear the trouble but that the trouble is clearing on it's own but then re-reporting the same trouble. Can you detail the timing behind that? Is it consistently swinging from trouble to restore throughout the day?
Thanks for the quick reply (just posted last night). Yes I am a monitored client and right, I am only using the single zone for all trouble mentioned. I've read everything you have on programming this and watched the video. I may try to separate the monitoring to multiple zones/ports in order to troubleshoot this. I don't think I've ever really had a low battery condition because the battery, when disconnected, measures about 7.6 V and when connected and charging, about 8.3 V so with either supply type, it seems to be charging OK. I cannot clear the lobat message using the method you described (or using the mobile app). It does clear itself every hour or two but then reports trouble again in less than a minute. My neighbors on either side of me (about 100' or so away) have key panels that look very similar or identical to mine. Could their systems be interfering with mine?
The 5800RP supervision reporting can be a bit tricky. We have FAQs on the different programming setups at and We can't see your email when you post in these comments (Disqus starting hiding it to comply with EU GDPR standards) but based on your name, I assume you're our monitored client and we did check your programming. It seems you have the single zone supervision setup so that AC Loss, Low Battery and RF Interference will all report as low battery. If the issue was a real low battery issue, it does take up to 24 hours after AC power is restored for the low battery restore message to be sent. As it sounds like you've tried different power supplies (the proper one to use is 9VDC and we have it available online at, it's hard to say exactly what the reason is behind the current trouble. Assuming the AC power has been present for the previous 24 hours, does entering your arm/disarm code followed by 1, twice in a row, clear the trouble?
My 5800RP gives an almost constant Low Battery report in spite of continuous charging for 48 + hours. I have used a 12 VDC (1 A) power supply and a 9 VAC (500 MA) supply. Same behavior. I thought it might be a result of RF interference so I temporarily relocated the 5800RP 10 feet away from the 6850RF key panel that it is repeating. Still same behavior. My 5800RP is about two months old. Might I have a defective battery?
Have you tried to install the sensors in the garage to see if they do signal with how you have your system currently setup?
I have a metal pole barn about 75' from the 5881ENH transmitter in the garage attic. I want to install 5816 contacts in the garage. Any advice how to transmit through the metal pole barn?
Nope, the 5800RP will only repeat devices from the 5800 sensor line. There currently isn't a repeater available for the SiX devices.
Will this repeater work with a Lyric panel and Six devices (e.g. SixPR). If not is there a repeater that will work in with this set up? Tnx.
You can use as many as you want especially since they do not need to be programmed to system, but as mentioned earlier they do not repeat off of each other.
You're welcome!
Thanks for responding, sounds like this will work great for me.
The 5800RP is going to boost the signal bi-directionally. So both the panel as well as the wireless keypad will have their signals boosted.
Dylan, does the 5800RP also boost/repeat the signal coming from the panel? For instance, when I arm the panel, will the 5800RP repeat the arm signal to the 5828 keypad?
Hi Chad, Thanks for reaching out! The 5800RP will boost the signal of any 5800 device, this includes keypads. So yes, the 5800RP will boost the signal for the 5828.
I have a Lynx Plus (QuickConnect Plus) panel and want to place a 5828 wireless keypad at my back door, just outside the range of the main panel. Would this wireless repeater work to extend the placement of the 5828 keypad? I need to place it only about 10 feet farther than it currently reaches.
Yes, you can use the 5828 or the 5828V (same as 5828 but with voice annunciation)
Can I use a RF Keypad with a Lynx 5210 or 7000 series panel?
Yes, that worked. Thanks.
Ah, yes I do think you meant zones 2-5 not loops 2 and 5. If you click Sync Panel from your Locations tab, once the sync is successful, do the zone names update?
Sorry, that is the wrong image. Correct one attached. Maybe I am confusing loops with zones? I started adding sensors at #2, but 2 through 5 don't have the names I assigned. But on the panel they do have the correct names.
Did you upload the wrong image? This image doesn't seem to have anything to do with your system as far as I can tell. Also, what is loop 5? Nothing should be programmed with loop 5.
They are metal, I will try that. It is the first time since I installed that these two lost signal. They are the mini door sensors. Magnet is about 1/4 inch away. That brings up an interesting issue I noticed today. They are loop 3 and loop 5. When I look at the sensor list in total connect, zones 2 to 5 are listed at t@t@ rather than the names I programmed in. All of the other zones are listed correctly.
What type of material is the door? If they are metal you will need to pad the sensors out with some foam adhesive two-sided tape. This will offer some separation away from the metal. Otherwise make sure the magnet is within 1/2 inch to the sensor. What is the model of these sensors and which loop are they programmed to?
How can I tell if the repeater is connected and functioning correctly? I have it installed in my kitchen. There is a door about 5 feet away, and another door about 20 feet away in direct line of sight. Today both of those sensors were faulted even though both doors were closed. I do have window sensors more blocked and further away (the reason i got the repeater) that were not faulted.
Oh ok. Even though the battery is only backup it will trigger a low battery trouble when it is low. Sounds like the battery was faulty and replacement did the trick.
Frank, Yes I did program a zone for the repeater. When I replace the battery, the problem goes away.
The 6160RF is a receiver. Many panels will only allow you to use one receiver on the system. These include the Vista-21ip, Vista-20P, and similar panels. Panels such as the Vista-128BPT, Vista-250BPT will allow you to use up to 2 receivers. On panels that support only 1 receiver, if you need additional coverage, or have distance issues, the ONLY option is to add a 5800RP, to work in conjunction with your receiver, whether that's a 6160RF, 6150RF, 5881ENH, or whatever.
So then the 6160RF is an auxiliary receiver? Will a panel take inputs from multiple 6160RF keypads along with the regular receiver?
A repeater and a receiver are not the same thing. A receiver requires a connection to the main control panel, and needs to be addressed properly for that panel. Many panels will support only 1 receiver on the system. A repeater doesn't connect to the main control panel. It gets power, listens for transmissions on Honeywell's RF frequency, and if it hears one, it repeats it. You can't use a 6160RF as a repeater.
Doesn't the 6160RF Keypad basically do the same thing as these repeaters? can't you just put in another 6160rf keypad wherever you have the low signal?
Are you absolutely sure that this low battery signal is coming from your 5800RP? Did you program a zone to supervise the repeater? Is the low batt trouble reporting on this zone? It sounds like there may be confusion around which battery is actually low. What does the panel say specifically?
Hello Sterling, I'm having battery pack trouble on my 5800RP One year ago I installed a Honeywell 5800RP to my LYNX Touch 7000 control system due to signal problems. It helped immensely. However, I'm already on my 3rd battery pack on this thing. The 5800RP is plugged into an AC socket, but for some reason, the battery pack continuously causes the 7000 to report battery trouble to the security monitoring company and I get calls on battery trouble. I thought the battery pack was only supposed to be a back up and not for operation? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated on this. Best regards, Banner
Yes, the 5800RP is fully supported by the Lyric system and you'll be able to program the supervision zone for the 5800RP (which is not required for it to work as a repeater) if you'd like.
From my research the 5800RP will repeat signals for 5800 series sensors for any system (plan on using with a Lyric system running 5800 series sensors). Will I be able to enroll the 5800RP with the Lyric system for module supervision?
You can certainly use more than one repeater on a system but a repeater won't repeat another repeater. Also, they don't have to be "line of sight" but they do have to be in range of the receiver.
Using a Vista20p with many 5800RP repeaters can be added?...and do they have to be line of sight with the receiver?
Yes, the 5800C2W range can be extended using a 5800RP.
I see now where it was stated below that it will repeat the signal from any 5800 device. Sorry for the duplicate question.
Will the 5800RP help to extend the range a 5800C2W can be from a Lynx panel?
No programming is required. Simply plug it in and it will repeat any 5800 Series RF signal in the vicinity.
Do the 5800rp repeater needs to be programmed into the 2gig panel and if so, under what item description? Or how?
Yes, you can. The Resolution Products RE220T is another option as well.
Can you use the 5800 rp repeater with a 2gig panel?
That sounds like a loop programming issue. Do you have the sensors programmed to loop 2 perhaps? If so, the behavior you describe makes sense. Try them on loop 1 and they should work properly.
I have a unique issue, 2 5811 window sensors aren't generating faults at my L7000. They are approximately 45 and 55 feet away from the panel. If I trigger tamper switch, the panel recognizing the signal immediately. Any recommendations on what could be the problem. Sensors have not been installed long enough to generate RF supervision alarm.
Hi Rob, our LYNX-EXT ( ) kit would be the perfect solution for you. I would return your 5800WAVE and 5800RP and just wire your existing wired siren into the LYNX-EXT kit.
Thanks Frank. I'm trying to find a way to be able to hear the siren from my new lynx 5200 upstairs in my house. For some reason the 5800WAVE just can't get a good signal upstairs (that was like $100). To do the 5800RP plus adapter I'm looking at another $100+. So now I'm thinking is there some easier way I can use the old wired siren that is upstairs. It went to a panel in my basement. I moved all the wired sensors to a 5800C2W which works great, and just left the siren connections hanging unused since it seemed like the C2W didn't support them. Is there some way I can use those old wired sirens fairly easily, and cheaper?
Yes. It will repeat RF signals for any 5800 series device including the 5800WAVE. We recommend using the 1332 AC transformer to power the 5800RP. It is sold separately!
Can a 5800RP repeat a signal to a 5800WAVE?
Yes, you sure can. Don't forget to get the 1332 transformer as well.
I am using a 6160rf keypad with vista 20p for my wireless system can I use this repeter to extend signal if needed
Are you sure you have your sensors programmed in properly? A supervision trouble isn't always a range issue. It could also be bad sensor programming or bad sensors. The 5800RP should extend the range from the panel to a sensor up to a maximum of 400'. I'm not sure what you mean by the "frequency of the sensor sweep by the Lynx 5200 unit" but the RF Sniffer Test mode would be the test mode to check for wireless range issues. You can verify if your sensor programming is right by taking the sensor to the panel and popping the cover. If you get a tamper fault, then you know the sensor is at least programmed with the right serial number. If the tamper trouble is not generated, you either have a bad sensor or the wrong serial number programmed for the zone.
Yet another black box solution by Honeywell. Bought one of these, installed it, and still getting 3-4 sensor faults - and no, these are not extreme "lead wall" conditions or long distances. It's an 1800sf floor area with line of site. I'm told the issue is the frequency of the sensor sweep by the Lynx 5200 unit - and again, that's a black box with no manual sweep control. I have to bypass sensors 7 days a week. Not a very robust solution.
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