Honeywell 5802WXT-2

Wireless Dual Button Medical Alert

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The Honeywell 5802WXT-2 is a wireless dual button medical alert transmitter that is compatible with all Honeywell wireless security syste...
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The Honeywell 5802WXT-2 is a wireless dual button medical alert transmitter that is compatible with all Honeywell wireless security systems. While the 5802WXT-2 can be used to wirelessly activate a variety of alarm responses, it is ideal as a wireless medical alert transmitter. The wireless medical alert button is water resistant so you can even use it in the shower or bathtub. For your convenience, the 5802WXT-2 comes with a lanyard, wristband, keychain, and belt clip so that you can keep your medical alert device with you at all times.

Just like the Honeywell 5802MN2 wireless dual button medical alert, you need to simulatenously press both buttons on the 5802WXT-2 to activate a medical alarm. Wireless medical alert transmitters that require dual button activation are less likely to trigger false alarms. While the 5802MN2 can be programmed to work just like the 5802WXT-2, the 5802WXT-2 is smaller and more aesthetically pleasing. Also, the 5802WXT-2 has the (2) activation buttons on the top of the circular wireless transmitter whereas the 5802MN2 has a button on each side of the wireless medical alert transmitter. When an emergency happens, the easier it is for your loved ones to activate a medical alarm, the better.

You must program the 5802WXT-2 wireless (2) button panic button using an open wireless zone on your Honeywell wireless security system. You can use the 5802WXT-2 with a Honeywell wireless alarm control panel such as the L3000 LYNX Plus or the L5100 LYNX Touch. You can also use the wireless medical alert with a Honeywell VISTA Series alarm control panel as long as the control panel has been upgraded with a Honeywell wireless receiver. When programming your Honeywell 5802WXT-2, you must choose whether or not you would like the wireless transmitter to be supervised. If supervision is required, use an ‘RF’ input type which will program the 5802WXT-2 to send a check-in signal to the alarm control panel every 70-90 minutes. The check-in signal has battery status information so that you will know as soon as the battery is losing power. If you were to bring a supervised 5802WXT-2 wireless medical alert outside of the wireless range of your Honeywell security system, a trouble signal will be displayed on your keypad to indicate that the wireless receiver no longer sees the 5802WXT-2. As soon as you bring the wireless transmitter back in range, the supervision trouble signal should restore when the 5802WXT-2 sends its next check-in signal to the alarm control panel. If you think you will be leaving your home with your wireless dual button medical alert device, you should program it as a ‘UR’ input type instead. Programming the medical alert as ‘UR’ input type will make the 5802WXT-2 an unsupervised RF device. Therefore, when you take the wireless medical alert out of range, no trouble signals will occur.

In addition to the input type, you must also program the unique serial number of your 5802WXT-2 and set the medical alert device to loop 1 for proper functionality. Also, you should choose the zone type response that you desire. If you want a medical alarm to be sent to Alarm Grid’s central station, you should use a ‘24 Hour Auxiliary’ zone type response. If you want a panic alarm to be sent to the central station, you can choose ‘24 Hour Silent’ or ‘24 Hour Audible’. Both zone type responses will send a panic alarm to the central station, but the ‘24 Hour Audible’ will also sound the sirens for your Honeywell wireless security system while the ‘24 Hour Silent’ will not make any audible alarm at your property.

Just like the Honeywell 5802WXT wireless panic button, the Honeywell 5802WXT-2 uses a 2032 3V coin cell lithium battery for power. A low battery signal will be displayed when it is time to replace the battery in your medical alert pendant. Simply remove the (4) screws from the cover of the 5802WXT-2 to get to the battery for replacement. Once you have replaced the battery, the low battery signal should clear on its own.

Brand: Honeywell

If you're asking whether Honeywell has a Fall Alert sensor, that trips automatically in the event of a fall, they currently do not. It's been suggested that they use the same technology used in the Garage Door Tilt Sensor to create one, but currently they don't have one.
I would imagine so as ADT usually uses Honeywell compatible systems but if you provide your system's model number, we can tell you for sure. Assuming it is Honeywell compatible, you'll just need a wireless receiver to interface with the wireless panic button.
Will this work with Adt pulse?
Yes, you can use a sensor like this as a slip and fall panic button. You just have to tell your monitoring company how to respond when the device is triggered.
Is there fall alert capabilities with a Honeywell alert system.
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