How do I Reset the Honeywell 5869 Panic Switch?

In order to reset the Honeywell 5869 Panic Switch, you will need to have the proper key which is provided within the original packaging. When the panic has been triggered it will stay locked in the panic state. With the provided key, you will be able to unlock and reset the panic switch.

  1. Trip.
    To trip the 5869 panic, simply pull the red switch. This will trigger the panic alarm for the system and also will trigger the lock within the panic switch. Depending on how this zone is configured this will result in a silent or audible panic alarm.
  2. Reset.
    Now that the panic is active and locked, you will need to grab the reset key that was provided with the panic switch. Align the points on the key to the opening in the switch and push the key inwards until you see the red tab go back into the casing of the panic. If you lose this key Honeywell does not offer replacements so we recommend tethering it to something.

  3. Clear.
    With the panic switch reset, disarm the system twice to cancel the panic and clear out any trouble messages from the panel. The reason the panel requires two disarm commands is because it is designed so the end user knows what tripped their alarm. If the alarm is going off and someone rushes to clear the panel, they would not be able to see what caused the alarm if one disarm cleared everything. The first disarm will cancel the alarm, so the system isn't sounding the alert. The second disarm is to clear the cause of the alarm from the panel, this way the end-user is always aware exactly what they are disarming in case of alert.

    Depending on how this zone is configured with your central station it may result in a verification call or immediate dispatching. Be sure to review this with your alarm monitoring company when you activate service.

If the panic switch has not been programmed into the system, please review this video to help with learning the switch into your system. The Honeywell 5869 panic switch is mainly designed for commercial use but it can be used residentially as well. There are personal panic switches such as the 5802WXT or the 5802WXT-2. The difference is that the WXT is a one button panic while the WXT-2 is a two button which requires a two button press to lower false alarms.

Key fobs like the 5834-4 can also be configured to have a buttons programmed as panic alarms. Key fobs require a 3 second press and hold and may offer a bit more versatility than a standalone panic button.

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