Honeywell 5806W3

Wireless Smoke Detector

Honeywell 5806w3 wireless smoke detector

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The Honeywell 5806W3 is a wireless smoke detector that uses photoelectric smoke detection technology. While your home may already have lo...
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The Honeywell 5806W3 is a wireless smoke detector that uses photoelectric smoke detection technology. While your home may already have local smoke detectors installed, your property is not protected. The local smoke detectors are life safety devices that are meant to wake you up when there is a fire emergency. However, if you are not home when the fire starts those smoke detectors will do you no good. The 5806W3 wireless smoke detectors are monitored by your Honeywell wireless security system and therefore when they are triggered, Alarm Grid can dispatch emergency fire response to help save your home and belongings from fire damage. There is also a siren built into each 5806W3 so they can act as life safety devices as well. When the 5806W3's photoelectric beam detects the presence of smoke, it will trigger an alarm. The 5806W3 will continue to transmit a fire alarm signal every (4) seconds until the smoke has cleared and the 5806W3 has manually reset. While in alarm, you can press the test switch to silence the 5806W3 local siren for (5) minutes.

The 5806W3 smoke detector uses a state-of-the-art optical sensing chamber along with an advanced microprocessor. The microprocessor has drift compensation technology so that the 5806W3 can manually adjust its alarm sensitivity. Over time dust and other contaminants will enter the 5806W3's smoke chamber and alter the factory calibrated sensitivity settings. Drift compensation prevents you from having to change sensitivity settings over time.

With Honeywell VISTA-128/250 FB/FBP series of security systems, the 5806W3 can be setup with programmed maintenance using loop 3. You need to turn on the 'Smart Contact' mode in the security system's programming, but with it turned on the 5806W3 can trigger a maintenance trouble signal when the drift compensation technology can no longer bring the sensitivity settings back within range. Once the smoke detector reaches its limit of compensation, a high sensitivity signal will be generated. You will then need to either clean the smoke detector chamber or replace the Honeywell 5806W3. For panels that do not support the 'Smart Contact' feature, the 5806W3 itself will provide a visual indication (flashing LED) when maintenance is needed.


Yes. The SiXSMOKE ( ) is recommended but the 5808W3 and the 5806W3 are compatible.
Is the 5808W3 compatible with the Lyric?
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