Honeywell 5818MNL

Wireless Mini Recessed Door Sensor and Window Sensor

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The Honeywell 5818MNL is a wireless recessed door and window sensor. Recessed window and door sensors are preferred by those that don't w...
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The Honeywell 5818MNL is a wireless recessed door and window sensor. Recessed window and door sensors are preferred by those that don't want their wireless alarm system to detract from their home's decor. When installed, the 5818MNL recessed sensor is virtually invisible. The 5818MNL should be installed in the door frame (not on the hinged side) and the included magnet should be installed in the door so that when the door is closed the sensor is opposite the magnet with no more than a 1/2" gap.

To install the 5818MNL recessed window and door sensor, you will need to drill a 3/4" diameter hole into the frame at least 3" deep. The magnet requires a 3/8" diameter hole in the edge of the door or window 1/2" deep. You can secure the 5818MNL transmitter case with (2) #4 flat head, self-tapping screws via the holes on the mounting flanges. You can also remove the mounting flanges by scoring them first with a sharp knife and then snapping them off. A closure plug is included in case you ever need to relocate the 5818MNL sensor so that you can cover the drilled hole.

You should be able to mount the 5818MNL recessed window and door sensor up to 200' nominal from your Honeywell wireless home alarm system. If the sensor loses it's connection to your alarm system, an RF supervision loss signal will be generated. If you are receiving RF supervision loss signals from your 5818MNL sensor, you should add a Honeywell 5800RP wireless repeater in between the sensor and the wireless receiver.

The 5818MNL is powered by an included AAA lithium battery which should last up to (10) years. You will need to replace the battery if you ever receive a low battery signal from the 5818MNL sensor.

Brand: Honeywell

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Great for doors
Submitted on 04/15/2014 Eric

If your application is suitable, I definitely recommend the 5818MNL over the 5811 or similar. My installation was especially easy as the existing hardwire system already used similar wired sensors. For me it was as easy as removing the old sensor, adding about 1-inch of depth to the whole with a 3/4 spade bit and then installng. Done. I plan to use these for all entry and sliding doors.

Hey Rob the best practice is on the side next to the upper corner of the door vertically. so that it is out of the way wont get bumped.
I read the instructions for the 5818MNL, it states " the preferred direction of mounting is vertical " . So is it best to install in the top of the door frame and top of the door?
No, they don't, they send a single transmission when faulted, and then a restore when the door is closed.
I am considering installing these sensors on doors that, when at home, during the summer, we leave open for long periods of time for air flow. My question is, do the sensors continue to send a constant signal to the control panel when the magnet is away (door open), thus draining the battery in the sensor, or is it a one time signal once the door is opened and left in that state, it stops sending it's signal after a period of time? My question would also be the same for wireless window switches.
Yes, you need to have Chime enabled (toggled to blue) from the panel's Settings page and then you need to set the specific Chime selection for the zone you are programming for the sensor.
Can this sensor be set to chime while the alarm is in a disarmed state?
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