Honeywell 5820L

Wireless Slim Line Door Sensor and Window Sensor

Honeywell 5820l super slim wireless door and window sensor

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The Honeywell 5820L is a slim line wireless door and window sensor. The 5820L is compatible with all Honeywell wireless alarm systems and...
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The Honeywell 5820L is a slim line wireless door and window sensor. The 5820L is compatible with all Honeywell wireless alarm systems and all Honeywell wireless alarm receivers. With nearly half the profile size of the Honeywell 5816 wireless sensor, the 5820L is a more attractive option. However, due to the smaller size we have found that the wireless range of the 5820L window and door sensor is not as robust as the bigger wireless sensors. You should expect to get 150' nominal range between the 5820L wireless contact and your Honeywell wireless alarm system. Many people with casement or double-hung windows find the 5820L to be a great choice for protecting their windows against.

You can mount the Honeywell 5820L with the included double sided tape for an easy DIY installation. You can also use the included mounting hardware for a more permanent and professional installation.

An easy replaceable AAA lithium battery is included to power the 5820L and should provide up to (10) years of use. You can replace the AAA lithium battery with a AAA alkaline battery but you will not experience the same (10) years of battery life.


As long as you have the serial number option open while you are faulting this it should learn in right away.
So it should learn by separating it from the magnet correct? Any ideas why it's not learning it that way? Thank you!!!
If you learned it in by the tamper switch then it automatically learns in to loop 4. So you would have to go back in to programming and change the loop to 1, so that the panel would be able to respond to the faults.
I added a 5820 to my Lynx system. It will alarm if tampered with but won't work if the alarm is set or if I set to chime or test. I programmed it using install code + 888 to enter programming mode.... Add sensor .... When faulting it I pressed the internal fault button twice to learn it. Faulting by separating from the magnet didn't work. The only time it works us if tampered with. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Yes, it certainly sounds like the installation location was the root cause of the problem. If you just have a couple of sensors having supervision issues now, and assuming they are farther from the panel than other sensors, a 5800RP repeater ( with a 1332 transformer ( will help you boost the RF signal strength out to that area of the home.
So...moving it away from the wall that it was installed on definitely helped. I'm getting a better response from many of the sensors; however, there are a couple 5820L sensors one floor down in the basement that aren't responding. A 5816 does work. I'm thinking it may be worth looking into a 5800RP to ensure signal strength. Thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated.
It depends on the cause of interference. If you have an HVAC unit in a closet right next to the unit and the wireless transmissions from the sensors to the panel are passing through the metal duct work, it would reduce the range of the sensor transmissions without causing any RJ jamming. That's just one example but basically anything environmental that could be "blocking" transmissions back to the panel wouldn't cause an RF interference trouble but could be reducing the range of the sensors.
Wouldn't the panel indicate that there is an RF interference issue? Is this a common issue? What could cause the panel to not pick up the signal from the sensors if there's no error indicated? Thanks to Frank and Sterling for responding so quickly!
Sounds like you may have an issue with the panel installation location. Can you try moving it from the wall or wherever it's installed and see if you still have the limited range to all sensors?
Yes. I'm testing with the sensors and magnets in my hands before permanently installing them. The sensors were auto-enrolled, one by one, for each zone. All work fine from close range. Really at a loss here. I've installed the exact same system before with absolutely no problems.
So you are holding them in your hand and removing the magnet away from the contact? Did you auto-enroll the serial number for each zone?
All are on loop 1. The windows are brand new and have metal frames. Window material is not relevant. I can stand 20 feet away from the panel in the middle of a room with the sensor and magnet in my hands. The sensor is not detected when separating it from the magnet. If I do the same from within 15-20 feet, it works fine.
What material is the door/window they are mounted on? Wood, metal, vinyl? Are they all set on loop 1?
Hi. Thanks for the response. I have about 20 sensors that are all behaving similarly. I also tried a standard 5816, which is supposed to have the best range. That one only worked up to about 35' feet away. I last wrote that the 5815 sensors that I used were working, but as it turns out, one that is downstairs from the Lynx unit is not responding. Could there be a problem with the Lynx 5200 panel? I find it hard to believe all of the sensors are bad.
Have you tried multiple 5820Ls or is only one acting like this?
Hi. I'm only getting about 20' of range with multiple 5820L sensors. Is there a setting on the LYNX 5200 or something to do with the sensor that is preventing normal range? The interesting thing is, the panel recognizes when I tamper with the sensor from longer distances. It's the magnet that won't trip the sensor from more than 20 feet. Also, 5815 sensors are working just fine from any distance. THANKS!
If you enabled "Chime by Zone", then you have a specific zone list enabled and you would have to make sure the 5820L sensors are included in that list. If you didn't mean to setup a chime by zone list, you can disable it by setting *26 to 00.
Chime is displayed and all other wired sensors chime. The 5820l are the only devices not chiming or talking. Any other suggestion that we could have missed when programing them into the panel?
Do your keypads have the word "Chime" displayed? If not, you probably just need to toggle chime mode on by pressing your master code followed by the 9 key.
We have a Vista 21ip and we must have done something wrong during our programming because none of our 5820L chime. What did we do wrong?
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