Honeywell 5839

Wireless Alphanumeric Alarm Keypad

Honeywell 5839 wireless alphanumeric alarm keypad

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The Honeywell 5839 is a wireless alarm keypad with a large (32) character alphanumeric display. The 5839 wireless keypad is compatible wi...

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The Honeywell 5839 is a wireless alarm keypad with a large (32) character alphanumeric display. The 5839 wireless keypad is compatible with most Honeywell VISTA Series security systems that have been upgraded with the Honeywell 5883H wireless transceiver. It is not compatible with Honeywell LYNX wireless security systems.

The wireless alarm keypad is powered by a 9V lithium battery that should last over a year. To preserve battery life, the Honeywell 5839 will remain in an inactive state until you press a key on the keypad. While the 5839 is active, it will provide audible and visual system status. After (30) seconds without a keystroke, the keypad will go back to the inactive state. If you want to notified of all system status changes without having to wake the keypad up with a keystroke, you should install the optional AC transformer. The N7703 transformer prevents the 5839 wireless keypad from entering “sleep” mode. You should still have the 9V lithium battery installed as a backup power source when using the AC transformer. When the 9V lithium battery is low on power, a “Console Low Battery” message will be displayed on your 5839 alphanumeric keypad when in the active state.

While the 5839 wireless alarm keypad is alphanumeric, it cannot be used to program your security system and therefore should not be used as the primary keypad. Unlike the Honeywell 5828 or Honeywell 5828V, the 5839 needs to be addressed to the security system within the device addressing programming menu. Make sure to set the alarm keypad to an open device address capable of alpha console functionality.

The Honeywell 5839 should be wall mounted and should always be installed with the supplied mounting plate. The mounting plate holds the battery in place and also makes it easy to mount the keypad to the wall. Before permanently mounting the keypad, make sure the device is within range of your 5883H wireless transceiver. Due to the amount of data being transmitted by the wireless alarm keypad, FCC requirements limit the wireless range to only 50’ nominal. If you want to install your 5839 keypad further than 50’ from your 5883H transceiver, you can add a 5800RP repeater to boost the range another 50’.


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