Honeywell 6160

VISTA Series Alphanumeric Alarm Keypad

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The Honeywell 6160 Alphanumeric Keypad, is ideal for full functionality when programming or controlling a Honeywell hard-wired security s...
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The Honeywell 6160 Alphanumeric Keypad, is ideal for full functionality when programming or controlling a Honeywell hard-wired security system. The 6160 has an easy to read (32) character display screen which features easy to read plain English status messages. Both the screen and the keys are backlit to provide greater visibility and ease of use. Four oversized function keys can be found on the left of the 6160 keypad which provide programmable functions for burglary, fire, or medical emergency situations, or any other system programmable features that is desired. The Honeywell 6160 is the ideal keypad for use with the Honeywell VISTA Series because system messages and zones are displayed in full English, so the user does not have to interpret LED lights, zone numbers, or other limited data messages. The 6160 also has a speaker which provides audible feedback in the form of beeps to indicate system status, entry/exit delay, or alarm situations.

If you would like to add wireless features to your Honeywell VISTA Series security system, consider the Honeywell 6160RF keypad. The 6160RF has all of the same functions and features of the 6160, with the added benefit of an integrated unlimited zone wireless receiver. The 6160 is also ideal as a programming keypad for any Honeywell hardwired security system. The alpha-numeric display provides a user doing advanced programming functions with the full range of feedback needed to program in sub-menus such as field *56 zone programming.

The 6160 keypad connects to a Honeywell VISTA Series security system with a four wire data bus connection, and must be addressed to match an available keypad address in the control panel. Keypad programming mode must be entered within the first (60) seconds of powering up the keypad by pressing and holding the [1] and [3] keys. Once in programming mode, set the keypad back to (00) prior to entering a new address in the range of 00-30. With Honeywell VISTA Series control panels, keypads, including the 6160 will use addresses 16-23.

The Honeywell 6160 keypad is the ideal full function premier programming keypad for use with Honeywell wired security systems. Custom zone descriptors make for easy use, and the full alphanumeric screen allows for all programming and system functions.

Note: The K4392V2-H m7240 is the part number of the cover used on the 6160 keypad line. This keypad is used with wired Honeywell systems: VISTA 10P, VISTA 15P, VISTA 20P, VISTA 21iP, and others.


  • Large buttons. The rubber buttons are comfortable to the touch, large, and easy-to-use.
  • Backlit keys. Each rubber key is backlit so that the keys can be more eaisly seen at night.
  • Audible beeps. Speaker with audible beeps to indicate:- System status- Entry/exit delay- Other alarm situations
  • English display. This alphanumeric keypad adds zones and system events ot the screen in plain English.
  • Programmable Keys. Four programmable function keys allow an end user to program simple functionality into their system with a single button press.
  • Clearly labeled funcitons. The systems basic operations like arm away and arm stay are labeled clearly on the keypad.
  • Easy to use functions. Just put in your master code and press a command button.
  • Colored to match the wall. The 6160 is white so as not to be an eyesore on the wall. The 6160 blends perfectly with almost any décor


  • Height: 5-5/16" (135mm)
  • Width: 7-3/8" (190mm)
  • Depth:1-3/16" (30mm)
  • Standby Current: 40mA
  • Active Current: 160mA
  • Recommended Wiring: 18-4, 22-4
    • (-) Black: Ground
    • (+) Red: +12 VDC (Aux. Power)
    • D1 (Green): “Data in” to control panel
    • D0 (Yellow): “Data out” from control panel


Brand: Honeywell

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Submitted on 05/03/2013 shane

Works great, price is great, it is easy to use.

Now I can program my system.
Submitted on 10/13/2012 George Oliver

I had a local alarm company install a Honeywell V20P system last year. Every since then, every time I need something changed on my system they try to charge me $90 to come out and make the change even if the change takes 2 seconds. I got fed up with that after the 1st time so I called Alarm Grid since they talked about do it yourself security. They were very helpful and told me that the keypad my company sold me can't program the system...big surprise! They suggested I buy the 6160 to replace it and once I got it they helped me install it. I bought a 5811 contact too for the door to my garage and they walked me through using the 6160 to program the 5811. Now the sensor works great and I love having the option to make changes myself without having to pay!

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Unfortunately no - the Vector 3000 is an obsolete system that has been discontinued for many years. No keypads that Honeywell currently has in production will work with it.
It's impossible finding a 5330. Is there an alternative to the 5330 keypad that is still available?
The newer 6160 will not work with that panel keypads made after 2004 will not show a display and may or may not arm and disarm your system. You would have to locate an old 5330 keypad.
Hello. I have an old Vector 3000 alarm system with two Ademco 5330 keypads. I had to replace one with a Honeywell 6160 keypad. It works but does not display any information on the screen. If I understand correctly, the Vector 3000 is not an addressable system. If that is the case, is it not possible to have the 6160 display any information? If it can, how do I set it up? Is there a better choice to replace an Ademco 5330 keypad than the 6160? I have to replace the second keypad now. Thank you for your assistance.
Thank you Aja for your help. Happy New Year.
Hi Mike that helps a lot. So, the keypad that you can replace it with would be the 6150. Your current keypad has a little harness connector, the 6150 will not. You'll just have to cut the harness part off it, and then connect the 4 individual wires at the keypad to the terminals. I hope this helps :)
Hi Aja, the main panel is an Ademco Control, the only serial number I found inside of it is 4110 XMP. I hope this helps. Thanks.
Hi Mike, we have to start with what type of panel do you have? Reason I ask is because certain keypads that take a 4-wire connection and can be addressed that particular keypad still may not be compatible to your system.
Several keys on my Ademco 6127 (year 1999) are not working anymore. Which unit replaces it and accepts for same 4 wire connector plug as the 6127. thanks.
We don't sell or support the red Honeywell fire equipment so we're not entirely sure how the 6160CR-2 differs from a normal 6160 or what extra functionality it would provide. We can confirm a 6160 is listed as compatible with a VISTA-128FBP/128FBPT panel though. Which version system do you have now?
What is the functional difference between this keypad and the 6160CR-2 on a VISTA 128FBP/128FBPT? From what I can tell the only real difference is the 6160CR-2 is red and has some fire-related LED's. Should be able to execute all the same functions on a 6160 as a 6160CR-2, right...?
Hi, To answer your first question, use data field *57 to program the 4 function keys on the right hand side known as A, B, C and D. These keys may be programmed for panic alarms, stay, away and other special functions. Function keys must be held down for 2 seconds to activate an alarm. It is recommended to pull up the programming guide for the specific panel that you have in order for you to see the specific key commands you are trying to perform. To answer your second question, here is a link that can assist you with resetting your codes: (you would be looking at the Vista portion, especially the backdoor method if you are not sure of the installer code) Feel free to email us at as we can go over more specific information via email and also help set up monitoring if you interested take a look here at our plans
#1 -- Just installed a 6160 to replace a worn out keypad. Works great! BUT I cannot figure out how to program the function keys (despite an hour reading tech data online/trial and error; an example would have helped me make sense of it). Would someone kindly list the exact steps (ie what buttons to push) to program any one of the keys (A is great, but if that is reserved for panic or whatever, D is fine, too) to set the alarm in a single step? (I'd like to have an option to # AWAY so I don't wear out those keys.) #2 -- I'd like to know how to change my 4 digit password, as the last keypad wore out since I used just the same 4 keys all the time. The installer went out of business shortly after putting in my system 20 years ago. I do not know what master code he used (is there a way to figure this out?). I do know the address of this pad is 31. Again, specific keys to press, in order, would be much appreciated, as I do not speak "Honeywell 6160" (I don't know what a partition is (guessing I have only 1), what a relay action is, etc.). Thank you for your help!
Ah yes, sorry about that. Not too much difference for the receiver type then. I suppose the main difference, besides the 6160 being a keypad, is that there are no limitations to how many wireless zones it'll support. The main thing that will determine a limitation of wireless zones is the panel type. Here is an FAQ going over this:
Ok, thanks. But part of the question is about the 5882-3enh that is already present for wireless sensors...
Yes the 6160 will work with that panel, I'd suggest getting the 6160RF as well so you will have the option for wireless sensors.
Couple of questions. Currently have a ADT Safewatch Pro 3000EN paired with a 5882-3enh and would like to replace the 2 keypads with the 6160. *Are the 6160's compatible (the ADT set up is from 2006) *Are there limitations with the 5882-3enh, if so i would consider the 6160RF Thanks in advance!
Awesome thanks much appreciated
Yes, you can use a 6160 on a VISTA-15CN. If it really is a 15 and not a 15P, you'll need to set the address on the keypad to 31 which should be the address your existing 6139 is using now.
Will a 6160 work on a Vista 15cn? I'd hate to have to keep the old 6139, it looks horrible
Yes, any of the wired non-touchscreen Honeywell keypads listed at should work. The 6160 is probably your best bet and make sure to set it to address 31 to work with your system.
I have an old Safewatch Pro 2000, and some keys have quit working. Can I substitute a Honeywell keypad and if so, which model?
You need to locate the actual control panel (a circuit board located in a metal cabinet mounted on the wall) so that you can disconnect the backup battery and unplug the wall transformer to fully power the system down.
I used the backdoor and the alarm went on. I have a 6160 system. I just moved in and I do not know the mc previous owner used. How can I stop the alarm and turn it off
The programming for the system lives in the actual control panel, not the keypads so you'll just need to physically replace the devices and then properly address the 6160V to a valid keypad address (which should be detailed in the 6160V installation guide). If you press and hold 1 and 3 on the 6150 now, it should display the current address in use so you know which to assign to the 6160V.
Can I replace a 6150 with a 6160V? Will it require new programming or is it just disconnect the 4 wires from the 6150 and reconnect them to the 6160V?
Welcome aboard! We look forward to a long happy relationship.
I have just completed my setup over the phone and everything is running smoothly. I'm officially an Alarm Grid subscriber :).
Great to hear! Let us know if you need anything else and please take a look at our no-contract monitoring plans online at in case you are interested in having us monitor your system.
Got her up and running! I turned everything off and then back on. I then held down * and #, and ultimately got into programming. I just wanted to see if I could arm it without the dreaded error messages. I was able to arm and disarm easily and the check 100 receiver code never came back on. I've tested the system for the past day with no issues.
You need to press and hold 1 and 3 on the keypad within 50 seconds of powering up to get into the device addressing menu. The Check 100 error should not prevent you from getting this step done. The fact that you are showing the system status means you have already addressed it properly. However, that Check 100 error indicates that you may have removed a 6150RF instead of just a 6150. A 6150RF has a wireless receiver integrated in the keypad and if you did remove that device, the wireless sensors no longer have a receiver to communicate with which is why that error is coming up. If you pop the cover on the keypad you removed, look at the black model number on the green circuit board. If you see "RF" in the model number that would confirm that you'll need to replace the new 6160 with a 6160RF so that your wireless sensors can work again or you'll need to add a separate wireless receiver.
I'm replacing my ADT Safewatch 3000 branded 6150 with a 6160 so I can add more wireless sensors. The address for the old keypad was 16 so I made sure to make the address on the 6160 16 as well. The problem is, after power up I get "Disarmed Chime, Ready to Arm" followed by "Check 100 RF Receiver". Then it beeps and beeps and beeps! The current set up involves wireless sensors on 3 doors and 2 motion sensors and 2 key fobs I rarely use. No hardwired sensors. Inside my panel in he basement I have the main vista 20p board and a wireless rf board connected to it. The system is still being monitored by ADT but not for long...
Yes, it should be as simply as physically swapping the keypad and then setting the 6160 to the device address that the 6150 is using now. you can press and hold 1 and 3 on the 6150 to see which address its set to before you replace it with the 6160. The 6160 is an alphanumeric programming keypad so I think it is the right keypad to choose for what you need and yes, it wires up the same as a 6150.
My Ademco Visto 20P got fried by a power surge. I bought the latest updated board and am now trying to program it. Come to find out I have the 6150 so I don't get any of helpful common sense English prompts/info that I understand I would get from the 6160. A few questions. I have two keypads. >Can I just replace one of the 6150's with a 6160 and do all the programming on that keypad? >If so, would it wire up the same as the 6150? >Is there an even better keypad I should purchase than the 6160 that will allow me to program the board?
Yes, assuming that you already have a functional RF receiver.
Is it possible to program wireless zones from a 6160? Note that I already gave a 6150 with the wireless components. I am looking to add a 6160 so I can perform my own system maintenance.
Open Ckt is the keypads way of telling you that it is not receiving data from the alarm panel. It doesn't know what else to display, so it displays Open Ckt. This can be caused by a wiring problem, usually on the yellow wire of the keypad bus, it can be an addressing problem, either the keypad is not set to a proper unique address, or the address it is set to is not enabled in the panel programming, or it can be a problem with the keypad or the panel itself. Be sure each keypad is set to a different and proper address (Vista-20P/15P panels use address 16 - 23, enabled in fields *190 and above).
Could an open ckt. error mean that those keypads need to be added to the main pad when addressing? We have multiple keypads and three are giving this error.
Ya, if you are sure the keypad connections are good and the board isn't shorting out, I would recommend trying a new panel.
Many thanks Sterling. It shows open circuit on two different key pads and it's not one of the pins touching the metal box. I'm thinking its a bad controller board. Thanks again. Tim
No, a phone line is not required and lacking a phone line would not cause an Open Ckt trouble message.
Thanks Sterling. I am confident that the wire connection is good, even had a short jumper with the key pad a couple feet away. Do you know if a phone line is required?
The Open Ckt error means that the keypad is not seeing the panel and would be an issue with the data wires between the keypad and the panel. It could also be a short on the back of the panel if one of the solder points on the panel is grounding out on the metal alarm cabinet.
Vista 20P 6160 and 6150rf key pad. Successfully set addresses to 16 and 17 respectively. Keep getting Open Ckt. Positive all zones are closed with circuits or jumper. Positive that connection between control board and two key pads is good. Question about phone line as in, if no phone line (did not connect phone jack), would that cause Open CRT?
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