How many keypads can I add to a Honeywell VISTA-20P?

If you are planning to purchase a Honeywell VISTA-20P security system, one of the first things you will need to do is decide which alarm keypad to use to control your VISTA-20P and how many total alarm keypads you will need. Honeywell has a wide variety of alarm keypads that will work with the VISTA-20P and they all have different key features.

Here at Alarm Grid, we recommend that at least (1) of your alarm keypads be an alphanumeric keypad like the Honeywell 6160 or 6160RF. Alphanumeric keypads are the only keypads that can access the full security system programming options within a VISTA-20P alarm control panel. As long as you have (1) alphanumeric alarm keypad that you can use for system programming, you are free to add any of the other alarm keypads which allow you to control your VISTA-20P from different locations throughout your home or business.

The VISTA-20P supports a total number of (8) addressable keypads and (4) touchscreen (AUI) keypads. Addressable keypads include the Honeywell 6160, 6160RF, 6150 and 6150RF, as well as many other keypads like the Honeywell 6460 premium alphanumeric keypad and the wireless Honeywell 5839 keypad. Before using addressable keypads you must address them using device addresses 16-23.

AUI keypads include all of the graphic touchscreen keypads and they must be addressed to device addresses 1, 2, 5 and 6. The Tuxedo Touch and Tuxedo Touch WIFI touchscreen keypads with integrated Z-Wave® home automation controllers are considered AUI keypads. Also, the Honeywell 6280 is a graphic touchscreen keypad that falls under the AUI keypad category. Please note that if you intend to use AlarmNet's Total Connect interactive service which allows you to arm and disarm your VISTA-20P remotely from any web enabled device, you will only be able to use a total of (3) AUI keypads as the Total Connect service will take up one of the available AUI device addresses.

While the VISTA-20P is limited to (8) addressable alarm keypads and (4) AUI alarm keypads, you can add an unlimited number of wireless alarm keypads such as the Honeywell 5828 or 5828V. The 5828 and 5828V wireless alarm keypads are a great option for people that have used up all of the available device addresses for wired keypads and still want more keypads. Of course, to use these keypads, your VISTA-20P alarm control panel must be upgraded with an wireless receiver.

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It would depend on where in the home you'd like to hear the voice annunciations and how many existing non-talking 6270s and 5828s you have now. If you can email, we can help you make the right decision.
Replacement of existing keyboard with Voice - I currently have also installed wired keyboards 6270 (B/W touch w/o voice), 6160 RF and Envistalink EVL 4 with a Vista 20P (not upgraded prom) and 5282 wireless keypad - The 6270 does the job with regards to graphics being B/W and very slow for any alphanumeric programming but none of my keypads does any Voice. I would like to hear when a zone is opened and not chime with Alpha or zone display open. Do you suggest adding one more keyboard with voice or replace with new color touch screen? (Sorry I also posted the same above on the 6280 keypad section)
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found the issue *189 address 5 needed to be enabled
Is your panel monitored and do you have access to Total Connect 2 already? If so that may be your issue, a Vista 20P only has 4 available ECP addresses and TC2 uses one of those as well.
we have a vista 20p panel we just tried to have the following installed tuxedo key pad 2-6270 and a 6150 i have all keypads working except one of the 6270 touch screens it has a ecp on the display i have set the addressing to the following 6270 address 1 tuxedo is addresses 2 the new 6270 address is 5 and the 6150 is 15 how do i fix the issue with the one 6270 touch screen with the ECP
The touchscreen keypad use AUI addresses whereas the push button keypads use regular keypad addressing starting on 16 and moving up. I recommend setting the 6270s on ECP 1 and 5. Then we can use TC2 for ECP 2 (this is setup this way by default). Then you can address the 6160s to keypad addresses 16 and 17... The panel supports 4 AUI devices (ECP 1,2, 5 and 6) and 8 keypads (Keypad Address 16-23).
Just want to confirm. I have 2 6270 touchscreen keypads and 2 6160 alpha numeric pads. Am I able to upgrade both 6270 to tuxedo touch and still have a spot for TC2? Or is it 4 AUI or 8 keypads?
Yes, you can add up to 4 Tuxedos to a VISTA-20P (less if you are using Total Connect 2.0 or have any other current touchscreens or VAM modules).
I have a Vista 20P running with only one Tuxedo Touch WiFi. No other keypads. Is it possible to add a second Tuxedo Touch to the system as a second controller? If not a Tuxedo Touch, then is there another touchscreen keypad I could use?
Keypads do not have to be in sequence so you could just check to see which isn't enabled now and then enable it and set the Envisalink to that address.
For my Vista 20P, my keypads are all Fixed word (6150RF + 5828 + 6270) and I am adding 4th fix word keypad device (Envisalink4). I'm guessing this should be either address 18 or 19 (not sure if 5828 takes up one of the addresses). Based on not having any Alpha keyboard display, can I still view the settings for 190-194, by pressing (4digit Prog code) + 800 + #190 to view if 01 then 00 is displayed as a used address. Also, can I skip the guessing game of the unused keypad address by just enable the last field 196 as enabled (*196 1 + 0) or does every keypad must be in sequence? Thanks.. Irwin
You can use the 4204 for any other device that you'd want to control via a relay. You would just have to wire the 4204 to the panel like a keypad and program it for the specific device address you setup in the panel for the relay module. You can connect the sirens and strobes in parallel to the bell output terminals on the panel. You don't need to use the tamper feature unless you want to protect the sirens from tampering. If you do, you'll need to wire the tamper up like a zone to the panel and program the zone for the response you'd want. Pleas email any other questions you may have to so that we can keep the conversation on this page relevant to the VISTA-20P panel.
But i already have 4204 relay module can i use it for another thing if not how i can connect the two keypad using 4204 relay module. Also i want to ask you if i have 710 strob light and 747F siren and 748lc outdoor siren can i connect them in parallel in bell terminals but what about thier tamper switch what should i do with it
You would just need to setup device addresses in the VISTA panel for each wired device you connect to the ECP bus and then wire the devices to the panel and program them to the specific address you programmed in the panel. The 4204 relay is not required to use those two keypads.
hi I have Vista 250PB and Two Keypad 6160 V , 6160 and Relay Module 4204 how can I connect them together, its really I need 4204 relay module or not?? thanks
Okay, we look forward to working with you then!
Locked in with adt for a few years. Maybe after that
If you are monitored by ADT, I suggest you call them for support. If you'd like to switch to us for one of our no-contract monitoring plans available online at we'd be happy to give you all the free technical support you need.
Vista 20psia with pulse and cell back up. one rf smoke and rest of zones are hw. Im trying to eliminate the possibility of someone hacking the system with rf keyfobs or pads. I checked all the wireless zones for fobs and seem clear but who to say I don't have a wireless keypad installed I don't know about.. how would some one check the system thoroughly for stuff like that?? .
You can't delete the available AUI slots as they are hard coded in the panel but again, if you don't have any touchscreen keypads, you just leave the *189 field alone. Setting any values in that field won't affect your system unless you have touch screens. What is the exactly model number of your alarm system?
I dont have a touch screen key pad shouldn't it be moved out of the aui??? Numeric is 17 and the alpha is something 18. But when checking field numbers 190-196 they are all 00. Whats up with that?? Another thing I noticed was that when log in as installer . It shows up as user 00 partition 0 in history log. Shouldn't it be user 01 like the manual says?. Help much appreciated.
I'm sorry, that should have read 1 and 3, not * and #. The numbers under field 189 are the available AUI addresses (1, 2, 5 and 6) used for touch screen keypads.
Haha *# forces a panic alarm with the numbers 99 . But what are all the numbers showing up on the alpha under feild189
The one with Field 189 is in programming mode currently so just pres *99 on that one to exit programming. The 2nd keypad, if you press 1 and 3 together (after exiting programming on the other), what does it show? If you don't have any touch screens, you don't need to change field *189.
I have two key pads in house one is alpha not a touch screen and ts set to field 189 AUI with a 1 2 5 6 beside it and a 05 in lower right corner. What does all this mean. The second keypad is none alpha and doesn't seem to be addressed to anything but still works. I set the * 24 field to off to prevent wireless keypads all together but the aui is concerning me because of all the settings and its not a touch screen. Could u let me know what that's all about Thanks
Aside from walking around the house to visually look for any keypads, you could check the keypad data terminals (5 and 6) on the VISTA panel to see how many wires are connected. Any wired keypad for the panel will need to be wired to those terminals and if you know what other devices (receivers, communicators, expansion modules, etc) you have on the system, you could figure out how many keypads there are with some easy math. As for the wireless keypads, there's no way to check through programming or anything so you'd have to just look around the house.
how can I check the number of wired and wireless key pads installed on a vista 20 p. that's just checking not installing .
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Sterling, do you offer monitoring services for Canadians also? I m also planning on installing an alarm system in my cousins me place, and she would need it monitored too?
Great, glad to hear everything is working now. If you are interested in having your system monitored, we offer no-contract plans online at Let us know if you are interested or having any questions on the available services.
Julia/Sterling, I appreciate the help from both of you!! I followed your instructions, and was able to get it working!! the 100 check message did come back once last night (at 2 in the morning the keypad went crazy, and i had to shut it off), but it has been fine since then. I have both keypads working fine now, and both motion sensors are also working.
When you get to the screen where the old Serial Number is displayed, be sure your cursor is flashing on the Loop Number and press 0. This may prompt you to delete the serial number, or may just delete it and take you back to the beginning of the SN, showing all 0's. If it prompts you, press 1 for Yes, then when the old SN has been deleted, try waving your hand in front of the motion to learn in the new number.
Right now I am trying to change the serial number on an existing zone. the old motion sensor stopped working (tried replacing batteries, didnt help, so i bought a new sensor). should i try adding a new zone instead, and then deleting the old?
its the newer 5800pir-res sensors. that is the process that I used, remove the battery, and then after i put them in, waited for the startup (~45s). the sensor does turn red when i wave my hand in front of it.
Depending on which wireless motion you have, you may need to put it into test mode so that when you wave your hand in front of it, it will transmit. Wireless motions, as a rule, have a 3 minute transmit inhibit when they're not in test mode, so that they can conserve battery power. If you have the older 5890, there's a jumper inside you can move from Normal to Test, in test mode the LED will light and the motion will transmit every time it's tripped. Once you learn it in and test it, though, you want to put it back to Normal mode, otherwise the battery life will be very short. If you have one of the newer 5800PIR-RES motions, remove the batteries, and when you put them back in, it will be in test mode for 10 minutes, then will come out automatically.
Are you trying to change the serial number of an existing sensor or add a new one?
IT WORKED!!! Thanks a ton Julia!! No 100 RF error messages, and both keypads work fine (ie: when I open the door, it displays the zone and beeps, as usual). I am now able to get into the programming menu using the 6160. My next question is, how do I program the motion for example, using the 6160 keypad, even though the wireless RF is on the 6150RF? When I get to the serial number screen, I "trip" the motion by waving my hand in front of it, but the 6160 doesnt display the new serial number. I read somewhere that I need to program the sensors to keypad 17 (which is the 6150RF), but Im not sure how to do that?
Ah! The tamper is the key. That tamper switch wreaked untold havoc, which is why the newer versions don't have it. When the tamper is faulted, it must be restored for several minutes before the check 100 will clear. I want to say 5 minutes. Put everything back as it should be. Wait 10 minutes, just to be on the safe side, then enter your code and off a couple of times. I bet the check 100 will clear.
Hi Julia, i tried that, but i still get the 100 message. After I follow the instructions, i see a d1 on the screen, which stays for a little while, then it dissapears and i get the 100 error. I tried this with and without the 6160 keypad. Hoping that I could at least get it working with just the original single keypad (6150RF). I also tried putting tape on the red button on the 6150RF keypad, as i read somewhere that that is a tamper switch (or something like that) and needs to be pressed to work (i always reseat the keypad in the housing (on the wall) when i am doing anyuthing, so the button should be pressed anyways). Whats wierd also, is that it "seems" that the wireless is working, because, although it displays the 100 error, when I open a door, the panel/keypad beeps, and shows the zone on the screen.
Power down the 6150RF, power back up, hold 1+3 and when you see the -- 00 press 9, you should see EE, then press 1. This will default the 6150rf. Then go back to menu item 1 and set the keypad address appropriately, then * * to exit and see what happens then.
Thanks for the correction Sterling. I tried *190 10, and i still get the same error message. I have the 6150RF keypad set as keypad address 17, and receiver address as 00. I also tried disconnecting the 6160, and then powerup and set the 6150RF as keypad address 16, hoping that it should go back to normal (alarm was working fine before I tried to add the new keypad). i STILL get the 100 check message on the 6150RF. Not sure if i messed something up with the 6150RF?
Pressing *190 00 would have disabled address 17. Press *190 followed by 10 and it should work properly (assuming you have the wireless receiver enabled and set to 00 properly in the 6150RF programming).
Hi, i have a Vsita 20P with a 6150RF keypad. I am trying to add a 6160 keypad, in order to enter the programming mode and add a wireless motion sensor, along with a few additional wireless door/window sensors. I have powered down/up, and then using 1 + 3 keys, set the 6150RF as keypad 17, and the 6160 as keypad 16. Then i enabled the secondary keypad (from the primary keypad) using *190 00. I cannot get rid of the "check 100 rf receiver" (on the 6160) and "check 100" (on the 6150RF) error messages. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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