Honeywell 5869

Wireless Commercial Panic Switch

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The Honeywell 5869 is a wireless commercial panic switch. The 5869 works great as a holdup button for underneath a desk or cash register....
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The Honeywell 5869 is a wireless commercial panic switch. The 5869 works great as a holdup button for underneath a desk or cash register. Protect your employees by providing them with a discreet way to signal a panic alarm. With the 5869 panic button mounted under a counter or desk, the employee simply sticks his or her finger in the hole and pulls forward to activate a panic alarm even when your security system is disarmed. Typically the 5869 wireless transmitter is programmed as a 24 hour silent zone type so that the central monitoring station can send the police immediately without the intruder being tipped off with a local alarm. However, you may program the holdup switch with whichever response type suits your application.

Once the holdup switch has been activated, you must use the included reset key to restore the 5869. The panic switch is then ready to trip another panic alarm. The Honeywell 5869 has (2) separate tamper switches. One tamper will be triggered if the cover of the holdup switch is removed. Another tamper can be triggered if the 5869 is forcibly removed from its mounting surface. You should not install the 5869 under metal counters or desks as it will reduce the panic button's wireless range. The nominal wireless range of the 5869 wireless panic switch is 200' back to the wireless security system. If the 5869, is out of range a RF supervision trouble signal will be activated until the device is seen by the wireless security system. If you are experiencing RF supervision troubles, you should either relocate your Honeywell 5869 commercial panic button or you should add a Honeywell 5800RP wireless repeater between the security system and the 5869.

The commercial panic button is powered by one 3V lithium battery. The 5869 will send a low battery trouble signal when the battery if almost dead. Simply remove the (2) cover screws to get inside the 5869 to replace the battery. Be careful not to bend the wireless transmitter's antenna while removing or installing a battery.

Brand: Honeywell

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