Honeywell 6160RF

Alphanumeric Alarm Keypad with Integrated Transceiver

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The Honeywell 6160RF is an alarm keypad with an alphanumeric display and an integrated wireless receiver and transmitter module. Instead ...
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The Honeywell 6160RF is an alarm keypad with an alphanumeric display and an integrated wireless receiver and transmitter module. Instead of installing a 6160 alarm keypad, a 5881ENH wireless receiver and a 5800TM transmitter module separately, you can save money and streamline your installation by adding just the 6160RF keypad with integrated transceiver. Once you add a 6160RF alarm keypad to your Honeywell security system, you can install any 5800 series wireless device including the bi-directional devices. The wireless receiver built into the 6160RF is compatible with as many wireless zones as your security system allows.

Not only does the Honeywell 6160RF support more wireless zones than the Honeywell 6150RF but it also has a large 2-line alphanumeric LCD display. Therefore, you can access your security system’s *56 zone programming menus and program custom alpha zone descriptors. The zone programming fields will be displayed on the keypad display to guide you properly as your program your zones. In addition, your zones will be displayed by their custom alpha descriptor making your security system as user friendly as possible.

The 6160RF’s built-in speaker provides warning sounds during alarm and trouble signals to keep you aware of your security system’s status. It will also beep at you during entry/exit delay periods so that you know how much time you have to exit the home after arming and how much time you have to disarm the security system when you come home. In addition, the sounder beeps acknowledgment when any key is pressed and provides confirmation tones after you have successfully keyed in a command at the keypad.

The Honeywell 6160RF will need to be addressed within your security system’s device addressing programming section before you will be able to use the keypad. To address the 6160RF you need to simultaneously press the [1] and [3] keys within (60) seconds of power up. If you have pressed the keys in time, “CON ADDRESS = XX” will be displayed where “XX” is the 2-digit device address currently programmed. Simply enter the 2-digit device address that you will be using for the 6160RF and then press the [*] key to confirm. (Ensure that no other device installed on your security system is using that device address and that it is a device address setup for alpha console functionality.) After addressing the keypad, you can also enable the integrated receiver and set its device address. The keypad programming will time out automatically (60) seconds after power up so make sure to navigate through all the fields quickly to ensure all entries were accepted. If the programming times out before you were done programming all fields, you should power the keypad down and start over.

If the 6160RF alarm keypad displays “Low Bat” along with a 2-digit zone number, the wireless device corresponding to that zone number has a low battery that needs to be replaced. If “Open Ckt” is being displayed, the security system is not receiving any data from the keypad. You must then check for shorts along the data wire connection. If “Check 1XX” is being displayed, with “XX” being the device address of the wireless receiver, the security system is not detecting the wireless receiver or the receiver is malfunctioning. You should verify the data in and data out wires are connected to the proper terminals on the security system alarm control panel. You should also make sure that the wireless receiver’s device address is compatible with RF receivers and that no other devices are using the same address.


  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 5 5/16" x 7 3/8" x 1 3/16" (135 mm x 190mm x 30mm)
  • Sounder: Piezoelectric
  • Standby Current: 50mA
  • Alarm Current: 150mA
  • Display: 16 x 2 (32 Character Total) LCD Custom Alpha Display
  • Receiver: Built-in Transceiver, supports an unlimited number of wireless zones, limited only by the panel's capacity. Supports 5800-series bi-directional devices

Brand: Honeywell

Honeywell 6160RF
Submitted on 10/10/2012 Javier G.

This is a great price for a great keypad. I bought a house that had an older V20P and all doors wired up. I wanted to add some motion detectors so I just replaced the older keypad with a 6160RF. Instead of having to run wire through my walls, the 6160RF has a wireless receiver so I just used Honeywell wireless motion detectors. I added some wireless smoke detectors while I was at it.

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so to change the partition discriptors you would go to alpha discriptors then custom words to change the Partion screen you go to custom word 11. If you haven't programmed anything in the panel then going into programming and do a *97 would fix it as well.
Hi Darrell, Panel is the Vista 20P. Just installed it brand new. Works great - just have the number "7" instead of "***DISARMED***" when disarmed ready to arm.
Hey Aero What panel is the 6160rf connected to
New 6160rf is not showing the word **DISARMED** when in the ready state. There's a "7" in its place in the upper left hand corner. Do I have a bad keypad or is there a fix? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
It looks like it should be compatible. It found the manual for the 208. It LOOKS like the input to BA on the 208 should come from pin 3 (bell Plus/ positive) of the 21ip BELL terminal. Im assuming you already have 12 volts and ground connected from the 21ip to power the 208,
Off the top of my head I don't. My panel had a tone sounder. Will have a google to see if I can find any insight. First look shows a separate driver module that does the voice bit.. is that what you are hooking in? Looks like a fair bit of dip switch settings that may need set up. Do you still have a manual? I'm not finding one online yet.
Upgraded panel with 21iplte. All works great now. Only issue i am having is the old system had a voice alert siren vsd 208. As soon as i connect it to bell output it sets off the voice alert. Im prety sure it is not compatible but wondering if you had iny insight.
Ahh ok that makes sense. I learned it by triggering tamper then usually change loop. So i will have to actually drop it in a pan of water to learn loop 3. Interesting good to know. I will try that out thanks.
on the older 20se when you triggered a device it would learn in you cant see the serial numbers. cant change the loop. How are you triggering the zone to learn into the panel
I made a jump to a 20P board for about $35 on ebay with the latest rev, but there was a short period that they made boards that had a random incompatability with SOME older sensors. About 1/3 of my sensors wouldn't check in with the newer board, but worked fine with the older one. Always the chance also that you have a bad sensor. I ended up spending about $80 to get a 21IP board with a built in IP interface. Programmed up with all my current sensors no issue.
Yes that makes sense for z9. Z9 is not programmed and cant be delete so i figured it was reserved. I can program loop 4 of the 5800 flood and yes its the tamper, but it wont respond to any other loops such as the flood or temps. I think a panel upgrade is in order.
Quick look at the user manual for a 20SE, Zone 9 should be available as the first RF entry, unless something has already been programmed to it. When you do loop 4 does the tamper switch on the unit work?.... Had to find the SE specific manual.. Calls out Zone 09 for the supervision loop for a number of board elements, the expander, the RF interface, and the relay modules.
Yea i have the keypad online and working but for some reason when tryin to add a 5800 water detector i cant choose loop 1-3 only lets me do loop 4. Also zone 9 is not programmable on the se?
I had a 6162RF working on my 20SE before I updated the board. Everything programmed up ok. I have a large collection of wireless door sensors, fire sensors, glass break sensors that all seemed to work fine.
Will the 6160rf work on a 20se, i seem to have it programmed but i can not got the flood 5800 to program loop 3, 2 or 1. only gives me option for loop 4.
The 6160 is a keypad for Vista systems. If you're looking to replace your lynxr-en I'd suggest going with the Lyric system.This is Honeywell's newest wireless panel and functions with the 5800 series sensors as well as it's own sixseries sensors.
I have a lynxr-en control panel will this work on this system and can you add the Honeywell mobile app as well, I am ready to replace and upgrade to a newer control panel.
Yes, replacing it with the 5881ENH will let you enroll unlimited zones to the system. Keep in mind that the system follows the lowest level receiver for supporting wireless zones, so if you do swap the unit and decide to install another in the future, you'll want it to also support unlimited zones. The programming for everything on the system is in the panel and you won't need to reprogram the wireless devices.
Joe, thanks for the response. I want to add at least 7 more devices. Some might have polling loops, like smoke detectors, that would take up extra devices. Everything on the system works fine, and once I deleted the extra devices the error code disappeared. I tracked it down and it is a 5881EN, and as far as I know it is the only receiver in the house. It's located in the highest point of the house and picks up signals anywhere on the property. The tag on the board says "SA5882-3ENM". Looking that up it seems it supports 16 wireless device. Maybe since it is in such good location I should just replace this unit with a 5881 ENH, which should give me "unlimited zones?" Finally, is the programming is in the panel or the 5881? In other words, when I replace the 5881 EN with the ENH, will I need to reprogram all my wireless devices?
How many zones are you trying to add? Was everything on the system working prior to adding the new motions? What's the model of the current receiver on the system and is it the only receiver installed?
I have a 128 FBP and have 40 wireless devices enrolled. I don't know what the type of RF receiver is on the unit, but I have tried to enroll some more PIRs but am getting a "RCVR Setup Error RF receiver 1" error, suggesting that I have maxed out my devices -- could not enroll after device 040. Could you help me understand the issue, and would it be possible to add this 6160RF as a second RF unit? or do I need to hunt down the current one, copy the devices and migrate to this new one.... if it will allow me to have more devices on my 128?
Yes, it can. Bear in mind that the range for a 5828 is about 50 feet from the transceiver.
Thanks anyway, Randy
Nope, there is no option on the VISTA 20p system to have the keypads backlight stay illuminated.
Can this be used to add a 5828?
Hi, my elderly parents have a 6160rf keypad and Vista 20p control panel. Not tied to an alarm monitoring station. Most people on the internet want the keypad display backlight to be off but in my parents' case they need it on all the time because the key backlight is not bright enough for their eyes. Is there a jumper i can solder on the board to keep these leds on? Can i jumper to the key leds which are on all the time? The printed circuit board in the keypad has a 16 pin it possible that a couple of these pins are wired to the backlight? Sorry, lots of question...i'm just trying to help my Dad. Thanks, Randy
No, a 6160RF can't be used with another 6160RF to extend the range of the Honeywell wireless RF devices. However, you can use a 5800RP ( ) wireless repeater to boost the range of a 6160RF as long as the 5800RP is installed within range of the 6160RF. What alarm system do you have now?
Can you use a secondary 6160rf to increase RF range to devices out of range for the primary 6160rf?
No, if you're talking about the 4 button remote ( ) they are sold separately.
does this keypad come with a remote control or they are sold separated?
The VISTA20P-2.2 will support the 6160RF and the range is the same on RF keypads vs standalone RF receivers - 200 nominal feet.
I have a Vista 20P with a 2.2 chip. Will I have any issues converting one of my existing Ademco keypads to this puppy? Also, does this RF keypad have the same range (200') as the wireless receiver module with anttena's?
Hi Frank, Thanks for the valueable tip! Have a gread day. Steve
Not the news you want to hear but there is no backlight timeout setting for the keys. They are designed to stay lit so you can find the keypad at night. Most keypads, have a swinging door to cover the keys. This may serve as a way to block the light if your keypad has it.
Hi Sterling, The keys. Is there an option to program the backlite timed out for the keys? Thanks, Steve
Is it the display that's back lit or just the keys?
Hi Sterling, How does the display's backlit turn off automatically in a certain time after no key is press? What do I need to do? I left it overnight but the backlight is still on. (no vibration, no one around!). Steve
Okay, so with that panel the display is backlit when any key is pressed and times out after 30-45 seconds and the keys are backlit at all times for easy visibility.
Thanks for reply Stering. The control panel is Vista P20, ver 10.21. Steve
What alarm control panel do you have?
My 6162RF's keyboard backlight is on all the time (even after 2hours idle/inactive. Please let me know how to disable/turn off when it is in inactive. thanks, Steve
It sounds like you have a branded version of an L3000 LYNX Plus system - If you power down the system by opening it up and disconnecting the battery connector and then unplugging the wall transformer, you should be able to power back up and press and hold * and # together to get into programming mode.
Yes that's the only other model number I could find. The key board has several mother boards in sidentifying it. The key board has a board with a sim number,Mac #and lmei number. I could not locate the box you where talking about.
Did you read that off the power supply plugged into a wall outlet?
Model number k10145 x 10
That sounds like something you read off the keypad. You need to locate the beige metal alarm cabinet that houses the green circuit board. It is usually located in a basement, garage, laundry room or storage closet.
Is it k14120? I'm new at this home alarm systems. If that's not it where would I find it?
APX Alarm is just a monitoring company, not an alarm manufacturer. Do you know the model number of the system (not the keypad)?
I just bought my house it has a honeywell alarm (apxalarm) how do I get it startedone with no codes. The previous owner did not leave them.
Yes, you can use a 6160RF to access programming of a Safewatch Pro 3000 no matter what PROM version you have.
Can I use this keypad to view the programming menus on a ADT SafeWatch Pro 3000 (i.e. a Vista 20P) with a very old PROM prior to upgrading to a standard Honeywell PROM so I can get it Internet-enabled with monitoring? So I just want to do *56 first before changing the PROM; I'm not trying to change anything yet. I do have working codes.
What is printed on the white sticker on the PROM chip in the middle of your VISTA-15P control panel inside the beige metal cabinet? Also, when the screen is blank and the keypad is connected with the system powered up, what does it display when you press and hold 1 and 3 together?
Why is my 6160rf not connecting to my Vista15p? I input the address "16" and the proper codes for setup, but it never cyles through and connects. I get no error messages or codes, just a blank screen. Am I supposed to input anything into the system with my old keypad first. When I reconnect the old keypad it still works fine.
You can choose from any that look similar at The brand shouldn't matter. The Honeywell 945Ts ( ) are popular surface mount contacts.
Which hard wired window contacts do I need? I have one window (set of contacts) that has quit working. The window contacts I have now have the self-adhesive backing on them but no brand or model number, etc. Thanks for your help.
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