Honeywell 7847i-L

AlarmNet LYNX Plus Internet Alarm Monitoring Communicator

Honeywell 7847i l alarmnet l3000 lynx plus internet alarm monitoring communicator

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The Honeywell 7847i-L is an AlarmNet internet (IP) alarm monitoring communicator compatible with the Honeywell L3000 LYNX Plus wireless a...

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The Honeywell 7847i-L is an AlarmNet internet (IP) alarm monitoring communicator compatible with the Honeywell L3000 LYNX Plus wireless alarm control panel. While home security systems have traditionally used a telephone line to transmit alarm signals to the central station, the Honeywell AlarmNet division developed alternative alarm communicators that do not need a telephone line. AlarmNet has been providing alarm communication technology since 1986. As cellular phones became more popular and people started to get rid of their landline phone service, Honeywell saw the need for reliable and secure alternative alarm communication paths. You can now have your LYNX Plus wireless alarm control panel monitored via your broadband internet connection using the AlarmNet 7847i-L.

The 7847i-L internet alarm communicator fits right inside the LYNX Plus plastic enclosure for a simple streamlined installation. You then simply wire an Ethernet cable from an open port on your wireless router directly to the RJ45 Ethernet connector on the 7847i-L circuit board. The 7847i-L was designed for plug and play connectivity with your home or business network. The AlarmNet internet alarm communicator is setup as DHCP by default but can be programmed with a static IP address if your network requires that. When your LYX Plus alarm control panel detects an alarm, it sends the alarm signal out through the 7847i-L alarm communicator using your network. The alarm signal is received by the AlarmNet servers which automatically forward the signal on to Alarm Grid’s central station for response. The internet alarm monitoring communicator installs behind most firewalls without compromising your network’s security.

The Honeywell 7847i-L is supervised by the AlarmNet servers. The internet alarm communicator can be programmed with different types of supervision (daily, monthly, or none). If the AlarmNet network does not receive any alarm signals from the 7847i-L during the supervision time limit, it will check in with the device to ensure connectivity. If AlarmNet does not hear a supervisory message back from the 7847i-L, a communication failure signal will be sent to Alarm Grid’s central station so that we can notify you that your internet communicator is offline. This normally will only occur when you lose power to your modem or router or if your router locks up. As soon as the power comes back on or the router is rebooted, the 7847i-L will automatically restore alarm communications and send a communication restoral to the central station.

The AlarmNet internet alarm monitoring communicator is compatible with the Total Connect interactive service as long as your Honeywell LYNX wireless alarm control panel is compatible with Total Connect. All L3000 LYNX Plus wireless alarm control panels are compatible with Total Connect. Honeywell L3000 systems with revision 20.1 or higher are compatible with the newer Total Connect 2.0 service. (The 7847i-L must also be revision 2.6.42 or higher.) All LYNXR-2 systems with internet communicators installed are compatible with the basic Total Connect service. LYNXR-I systems with revision 17 or higher are compatible with basic Total Connect. LYNXR-I systems with revisions less than 17 can still use the 7847i-L for basic internet alarm monitoring but will not be able to utilize Total Connect.


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