Honeywell DT901

DUAL TEC Long-Range Commercial Motion Sensor


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The Honeywell DT901 is a motion sensor with dual detection technology (PIR and microwave). It has a selectable coverage area of 90 feet by 70 feet or 50 feet by 40 feet. It is suitable for all indoor commercial, industrial, retail, and manufacturing locations. Buy the Honeywell DT901 here.
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The Honeywell DT901 DUAL TEC Motion Sensor is a high-grade motion sensor specifically designed for indoor commercial use. The robust and reliable device can detect movement from up to 90 feet away. Its advanced dual detection technology (PIR and microwave) helps to prevent false alarms.

A dual-tech motion like the Honeywell DT901 helps prevent false alarms. This is because the device will only alert the system if both its PIR sensor and its microwave sensor are activated. The advantage to this is that the sensor will respond accurately to true motion events, while ignoring potential false alarms. A user might prefer to use a dual-tech motion sensor like the DT901 over a standard PIR-only motion sensor if they are experiencing false alarms due to environmental factors like air flow or heavy sunlight. The user will also appreciate the three (3) microcontroller-based sensitivity modes of the DT901 that help allow the device to better meet their unique needs. A walk test should be performed after configuring.

Another strong feature of the DT901 is its INFORMERĀ® circuit. This allows the device to perform self-diagnostic tests to ensure that it is continuously working properly. The way that this works is by having the sensor keep count of each unique PIR activation and microwave activation. The sensor will use these values to calculate a ratio to determine if the device is working properly. The DT901 will run this self-diagnostic test every time it is powered on and every hour during normal operation. Three (3) LED lights will be displayed if the self-diagnostic test is ever failed. LED lights are also displayed for recalibration maintenance. Please note that the DT901 does not offer anti-masking features. However, the Honeywell DT900 is the exact same sensor with the addition of anti-masking.

Other reasons to choose the Honeywell DT901 include its tamper-resistant housing and its zero-clearance bug-guard. The device is suitable for virtually all indoor environments including warehouses, retail facilities, manufacturing spots, schools and more. The device features a digital fluorescent light filter to prevent fluorescent lights from causing device interference. Users will also appreciate the ability to set the device's detection area based on their needs. The sensor has two (2) available coverage areas, which are 50 feet by 40 feet and 90 feet by 70 feet. For users who want a coverage area that is longer and more narrow, the Honeywell DT907 is a nearly identical motion sensor that offers a maximum detection range of 200 feet by 15 feet. There is also the Honeywell DT906, which has the same range as the DT907, but with the addition of an anti-masking feature.

The DT901 is a Form C hardwired motion sensor. This means that it can be used with either Normally Open (NO) or Normally Closed (NC) wiring configurations. The device has separate EOL terminals, thereby eliminating the need to solder a resistor into the circuit. It is recommended that you mount the DT901 from between 6 feet and 12 feet high. The device has a built-in top cover tamper, but no tampers for the wall cover and bottom cover. However, it does have a look down zone allowing it to detect if anyone tries to disable the sensor from below. The device comes with a swivel mount bracket for installation. The max power consumption for the device is 50mA at 12VDC. The alarm relay is Form C and has a contact rating of up to 25VDC and 125mA. The sensor weighs three (3) pounds. Dimensions are 8" x 6.5" x 6".

Brand: Honeywell

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