Honeywell iGSMHS4G

AlarmNet High Security Dual Path Alarm Monitoring Communicator

Honeywell igsmhs4g alarmnet high security dual path alarm monitoring communicator

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The Honeywell iGSMHS4G high security dual path alarm monitoring communicator is the final addition to AlarmNet’s family of 4G cellular co...

This product has been discontinued and is no longer in stock.


The Honeywell iGSMHS4G high security dual path alarm monitoring communicator is the final addition to AlarmNet’s family of 4G cellular communicators. The discontinued iGSMHS was a 2G cellular communicator and will become completely obsolete by the end of 2016. All AlarmNet cellular communicators work on AT&T’s cellular network and AT&T has announced that they will be formally discontinuing their 2G network at the end of 2016. Unfortunately, the end of 2016 is the best case scenario for any existing 2G cellular communicator. As AT&T begins to prepare for the transition to only 3G and 4G networks, certain areas of the country will see a drop in coverage on the older 2G network well before the formal sunset date. Therefore, anyone that utilizes an iGSMHS for their alarm system now should seriously consider upgrading their communicator sooner than later. As the iGSMHS is a high security communicator that handles UL line security monitoring, this device is typically used in banks, jewelry stores or anywhere else that needs the extra security that a high security communicator provides. There’s no point in using a device that is supervised every 200 seconds if you can’t rely on it to work when you need it. The release of the iGSMHS4G makes high security alarm communications a reality for Honeywell security system once again.

High security communication is the most secure and reliable form of alarm monitoring available today. It is Underwriter Laboratories (UL) listed for encrypted line security and has a 200 second supervision rate on the communication path. With AlarmNet, that means that the iGSMHS4G is supervised by the AlarmNet servers. If 200 seconds go by without a signal, the AlarmNet servers will ping the device and if that ping is not successfully received, a communication failure signal would be generated to the central station so that proper response can be notified. Banks, government facilities and jewelry stores are popular examples of where high security communications are required. However, no matter what your business does, if your insurance company is requiring high security communications, the iGSMHS4G is the alarm monitoring communicator for you.

Not only does the iGSMHS4G have the robust UL line security but it also has two forms of communication. With an Ethernet port and a cellular alarm communicator built into one device, the iGSMHS4G has the added redundancy of two communication paths. The internet communicator is used as the primary path to take advantage of the speed of internet communications. However, if the protected location’s internet service goes down for any reason, the cellular communicator is standing by ready to take over in the event of an alarm event. With internet and cellular communications and 200 second supervision, you can’t get more secure than a security system backed by an AlarmNet iGSMHS4G high security dual path communicator.

We include daily supervision for all of our monitored clients that are using an AlarmNet communicator. Unfortunately, with all AlarmNet communicators (aside from the iGSMHS4G high security communicator), daily supervision is the highest level of supervision available. Therefore, if your security system requires high security communications and 200 second supervision, the iGSMHS4G is your only choice.

Another key distinction for the iGSMHS4G high security dual path alarm monitoring communicator is that it does not support the interactive Total Connect service. Unfortunately, providing remote access to control the system voids the UL high security monitoring designation so if you are required to have high security monitoring, you won’t be able to take advantage of Total Connect.


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