Honeywell LTE-HSV

AlarmNet High Security Dual Path Communicator

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Those needing to meet strict encryption requirements can rely on the Honeywell LTE-HSV as a dual-path communicator. A VISTA System can use the LTE-HSV as a high security dual-path communicator. It communicates across the Verizon LTE Network and IP using wired ethernet. Buy the LTE-HSV here.
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The Honeywell LTE-HSV is a high security dual-path communicator for Honeywell VISTA Systems. The communicator works across the Verizon LTE Network and IP. It provides reliable monitoring service for compatible VISTA Panels in installations where a high security communicator is required.

Certain commercial requirements may have higher standards in terms of what can be used with a security system. This goes above and beyond what is useful for a typical home or business. The Honeywell LTE-HSV meets the strict encrypted communication requirements that are mandated at locations that warrant the highest level of protection. These locations can include banks, jewelry stores, government facilities, and more. If you are just looking for a standard communicator for a VISTA System, then the Honeywell LTE-IA and the Honeywell LTE-IV are both great options.

After the LTE-HSV has been connected and activated, the Honeywell System will be able to communicate with the AlarmNet360 servers. AlarmNet can pass on signals and notifications to a central monitoring station and/or the end user via text and/or email depending on the user's monitoring plan. A cellular monitoring plan is required to get the full benefits of this dual-path communicator. The cellular communication path will provide a valuable backup in case the internet ever goes down for any reason.

In order to communicate with the AlarmNet servers, the LTE-HSV uses Verizon LTE and IP through a hardwired ethernet connection. The module supports 256-bit AES encryption communication, diagnostic LED lights, upload/download capabilities, an integrated power supply, and a backup battery. It also allows for either Full Contact ID programming or support for six (6) input zones. This communicator module is specifically designed for use with Honeywell VISTA Security Systems in high security locations that warrant protection beyond what is needed for a normal home or business.

Note: Module connects with ECP bus on compatible panel.


  • Product Type: High Security AlarmNet Dual-Path Communicator
  • Compatible Panels: Honeywell VISTA Systems
  • Communication Paths: Cellular & Internet Protocol (IP)
  • Cellular Network: Verizon LTE
  • IP Connection: Hardwired Ethernet
  • Communication Encryption: 256-bit AES
  • Input Power: 16.5VAC, 40VA Transformer
  • Internal Backup Battery: 319mA Standby, 380mA Active
  • Other Features: Full Contact ID, Diagnostic LEDs, OTA Firmware Upgrading
  • Dimensions: 8.4"L x 8.0"W x 1.5"D

Brand: Honeywell

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