Will the VISTAs Work with the 4G Networks?

All of the 4G compatible cellular communicators work with 4g networks in addition to 3g networks. Certain VISTA panels cannot install a cellular communicator. Additionally, compatible Vista panels need to have an up to date system revision to operate with a cellular communicator.

Honeywell VISTA series alarm systems come in many different models. Some VISTA panels may not be compatible with any of Honeywell’s cellular communicators. Before installing a cellular communicator, you will want to consult with your alarm monitoring company to see if your equipment is compatible.

All of the available Honeywell cellular communicators that work with 4G cellular networks, can switch between communication paths and select the fastest path available. This feature is known as IntelliPath. The communicators can switch from 4G to 3g depending on which path is available and can use SMS in the event that there is no other cell network available.

All of the communicators are compatible with Total Connect 2.0 except for the iGSMHS4G. Total Connect 2.0 is a remote access program that is normally included as part of a monitoring plan. The app lets a user interact with their Vista system remotely and perform actions such as remote arming and disarming, creating and editing users and more.

Here are the VISTA series compatible 4G ready cellular communicators:

1. iGSMV4G

The iGSMV4G is the same as the GSMV4G except that it has an Ethernet jack inside of the unit. The iGSMV4G can connect to a hardwired Ethernet network in addition to connecting to a cellular network. If using both communication paths, the device can operate in a dual path setup. If the primary Ethernet path goes down, the communicator will automatically switch to the secondary cellular path. If you are upgrading a non VISTA-21IP system, we recommend installing the iGSMV4G. The communicator can use only Ethernet, only Cellular or both in a dual path setup. There are early generation models that do not support Ethernet only communication.


The GSMV4G is a cellular only Alarmnet communicator that is compatible with Vista systems. The GSMV4G is fully compatible with Honeywell’s remote services and Total Connect 2.0. The system has its own power supply and backup battery, though it can be wired to share the the Vistas power transformer is what is known as a Shared Transformer Install. The unit has a plastic enclosure that should be mounted on a wall.


The GSMX4G is another cellular only communicator. The GSMX4G ships with plastic threaded adapter which can be mounted on a Vista panel box. The threaded opening on the threaded adapter can fit into a 3/4" knockout and allow the communicator to mount on the VISTA panel box. The device wires directly to the alarm system via the ECP bus. The VISTA alarm system provides main power and , in the event of a power outage, backup power to the GSMX4G. The GSMX4G is compatible with all of Honeywells remote services including Total Connect 2.0. Check with you alarm monitoring company to see if you're communicator is one of these older generation units.


The iGSMHS4G is a cellular and Ethernet communicator made specifically for sensitive or commercial applications. The device supports UL Line Security which means that every 200 seconds, the Alarmnet servers are looking for some kind of communication from the device. If 200 seconds pass, Alarmnet will try to ping the device and if this fails the dispatch procedure for the account will begin. The iGSMHS4G is not compatible with Total Connect 2.0. UL Line security is typically found in sensitive commercial locations such as banks and jewelry stores. The high security monitoring plan needed for this service is usually more expensive than regular monitoring plans.


The VISTA-GSM4G is a cellular only communicator that is only compatible with the VISTA-21IP system. The VISTA-GSM4G is a proprietary communicator that mounts directly onto a designated area on the VISTA alarm system board. On the top right area of the VISTA board, there is a serial connection and 4 openings for plastic mounting clips. The VISTA-GSM4G ships with plastic mounting clips and when mounted in its designated area, will be able to push into the serial connection. This is a great way for a user to upgrade their VISTA-21IP system as the board has an on board Ethernet jack. With the VISTA-GSM4G and Ethernet plugged into the system, the VISTA-21IP can use dual path communication.

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