Honeywell L5100-ZWAVE - LYNX Touch Z-Wave Controller Reviews

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Submitted on 02/04/2014 Mark Fisher

Well this was a new concept for me as I originally got a new Lynxtouch L5100 to allow me to have better control and flexibility with my system. My old system was very difficult to program and not as user Friendly. So after exploring what Zwave was I added this little mini board. very easy to add and let the panel know it is installed. I have added a few switches. I added 3 Zwave Thermostats as that is the limitation however I have a 4 zone (not security zone) Boiler so I chose the 3 zones that are the most important. I have plent of room to expand on lighting and Receptacles. This little module would be plenty for most typical homes. Had I known before what i have learned and read I would have gotten maybe the Tuxedo Touch. As this is now a hobby to add zwave and overcome the challenges because of the age of my house and infrastructure. Total connect is a great tool to incorporate remote access to the modules and creating scenes and rules. SO yes 5 stars on Installation of the panel. and use with Total Connect. NOw on to my reading up on the Tuxedo Touch. Might swap them out!!

Submitted on 02/03/2014 Mark Fisher

Love the Zwave feature easy enrollment and tons of fun and technology right on Total Connect! I wish I would have understood it sooner I am now addicted to my home system and exploring it and adding zwave modules here and there. I wish it did the 4th Thermostat O have not tried but I read it has a capacity of 3, having hot water heat aka boiler I have 4 zones. I would be curious to see the panel see or shows when a 4th one was tried to enroll.
I can see where I should have got the the Tuxedo Touch Oh well love the Lynx Touch 5100 and the zwave module was a breeze to put in. I have an old house so some of it is challenging. Tip Z wave modules can take up extr room in a work box so if doing a remodel or new construction think ahead and put the larger deeper boxes in. Going to start to read the Tuxedo Touch to see how it is to set up and move my stuff over if i get the itch!!

Easy Home Automation!
Submitted on 10/10/2012 Watts

Man why didn't they have this sooner? I finally have my house fully hooked up with security and home automation and I control it all from my new iPhone 5! Honeywell really did a great job with the L5100 LYNX Touch.