Honeywell L5100-ZWAVE

LYNX Touch Z-Wave Controller

Honeywell l5100 zwave lynx touch z wave controller anterior
  • Honeywell l5100 zwave lynx touch z wave controller anterior
  • Honeywell l5100 zwave lynx touch z wave controller for honeywells lynx touch l5100

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The Honeywell L5100-ZWAVE is a Z-Wave® controller for the L5100 LYNX Touch wireless alarm control panel. The newer L5200, L5210, and L7000 LYNX Touch Systems also support this module. Buy the L5100-ZWAVE from Alarm Grid.
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The Honeywell L5100-ZWAVE is a Z-Wave® controller for the L5100 LYNX Touch wireless alarm control panel. The newer L5200, L5210, and L7000 LYNX Touch Systems also support this module. Once equipped with the L5100-ZWAVE, your LYNX Touch L5100 and L5200 security systems can be used to control up to (3) Z-Wave thermostats, (4) Z-Wave door locks and (40) Z-Wave light modules. Meanwhile, the beefier LYNX Touch L7000 supports (4) Z-Wave thermostats, (6) Z-Wave door locks and (40) Z-Wave light modules.

The L5100-ZWAVE supports up to (20) Z-Wave scenes, (20) rules and (20) schedules. A Z-Wave scene is used to control multiple Z-Wave modules all at the same time. For example, you can setup a bedtime scene that turns off all lights, locks all doors and sets your thermostats to a higher temperature. A Z-Wave rule is used to automate specific Z-Wave modules based on your security system’s zone activity, alarm status or alarm condition. A Z-Wave schedule is used to activate a scene based on a specific time. The Z-Wave scenes, rules and schedules for the L5100-ZWAVE controller are all programmed within your Honeywell LYNX Touch wireless alarm control panel. If you are signed up for AlarmNet’s Total Connect 2.0 interactive service, you can add (20) more scenes for a total of (40). Scenes 21-40 are managed and viewed only through your Total Connect 2.0 account.

Unlike the L5000 LYNX Touch wireless alarm control panel and the Honeywell 5800ZBRIDGE, which only provide local and limited home automation control, the newer LYNX Touch models and the L5100-ZWAVE provide full remote home automation control. You can use the LYNX Touch wireless alarm control panel’s easy icon driven touchscreen to turn specific Z-Wave light modules on or off, set your Honeywell ZWSTAT thermostats to certain temperatures and lock and unlock your Z-Wave enabled door locks. You can also use your Total Connect 2.0 account to remotely control all your Z-Wave devices from anywhere that has internet access. The Honeywell LYNX Touch security systems are the first and only Honeywell security systems to offer on-board remote wireless home automation control and status.

Please note that there are two (2) different versions of the Honeywell L5100-ZWAVE. The older 2012 model, also known as Version 045401, has been known to experience beaming issues with Z-Wave locks. This can result in the batteries for the locks draining faster than usual. The new 2018 model, also known as Version 045500, uses the same 300-Series Z-Wave Controller as what is found in the Honeywell Lyric Controller. The new version does not have this issue. Any L5100-ZWAVE purchased from Alarm Grid will be the newer model, though we have sold the older model in the past, and you may still encounter the older model elsewhere. If you aren't sure which one you have, check the version number, which can be found on a sticker on the module itself or on the packaging.

Many different Z-Wave devices will work with the Honeywell L5100-ZWAVE controller. You should refer to the installation instructions for the specific device when adding it to your Honeywell wireless security system. The following table shows some of the Z-Wave devices that are compatible with the L5100-ZWAVE controller, although not all have been tested by Honeywell.

Door Locks Thermostats Appliance Lights
Yale Real Living Push Button Lever Lock Honeywell ECC HomeManageable Appliance Module Leviton/ViziaRF+ Switches
Yale Real Living Touchscreen Lever Lock Wayne Dalton Z-Wave Thermostat Wayne Dalton Small Appliance Module Leviton/ViziaRF+ Dimmers
Yale Real Living Push Button Deadbolt Lock Trane Z-Wave Thermostat GE Wireless Lighting Control Plug-In Appliance Module Leviton/ViziaRF+ Plug-In Modules
Yale Real Living Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock Residential Control Systems Thermostat (Model TZ45) SOMFY GE Wireless Lighting Control Dimmers
Schlage Link Deadbolt Lock Intermatic InTouch Thermostat (Model CA8900) Cooper In-Wall Duplex Receptacle Module (Model RF9505-TDS) GE Wireless Lighting Control Switches
Schlage Link Level Lock GE Wireless Lighting Control Plug-In Lamp Modules
Kwikset Smartcode Lever Lock Intermatic In-Wall Receptacle (Model HA01)
Kwikset Smartcode Deadbolt Lock Cooper Plug-In Lighting Switch Module (Model RFAPM)
Aeon Labs Lamp/Dimmer Module (Model DSC06106-ZWUS)
Remotec Lamp Dimmer Module (Model ZDS-100US)

Brand: Honeywell


Submitted on 02/04/2014 Mark Fisher

Well this was a new concept for me as I originally got a new Lynxtouch L5100 to allow me to have better control and flexibility with my system. My old system was very difficult to program and not as user Friendly. So after exploring what Zwave was I added this little mini board. very easy to add and let the panel know it is installed. I have added a few switches. I added 3 Zwave Thermostats as that is the limitation however I have a 4 zone (not security zone) Boiler so I chose the 3 zones that are the most important. I have plent of room to expand on lighting and Receptacles. This little module would be plenty for most typical homes. Had I known before what i have learned and read I would have gotten maybe the Tuxedo Touch. As this is now a hobby to add zwave and overcome the challenges because of the age of my house and infrastructure. Total connect is a great tool to incorporate remote access to the modules and creating scenes and rules. SO yes 5 stars on Installation of the panel. and use with Total Connect. NOw on to my reading up on the Tuxedo Touch. Might swap them out!!

Submitted on 02/03/2014 Mark Fisher

Love the Zwave feature easy enrollment and tons of fun and technology right on Total Connect! I wish I would have understood it sooner I am now addicted to my home system and exploring it and adding zwave modules here and there. I wish it did the 4th Thermostat O have not tried but I read it has a capacity of 3, having hot water heat aka boiler I have 4 zones. I would be curious to see the panel see or shows when a 4th one was tried to enroll.
I can see where I should have got the the Tuxedo Touch Oh well love the Lynx Touch 5100 and the zwave module was a breeze to put in. I have an old house so some of it is challenging. Tip Z wave modules can take up extr room in a work box so if doing a remodel or new construction think ahead and put the larger deeper boxes in. Going to start to read the Tuxedo Touch to see how it is to set up and move my stuff over if i get the itch!!

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There isn't a standalone remote that can be used to control the Z-Wave devices. The only option would be to use the LYNX Connect or Total Connect 2.0 app to control the devices from a smartphone or tablet.
Hello - is there a remote control that is compatible with this zwave controller? I want a way to program a physical remote control with buttons to turn certain zwave lights on and off or maybe trigger a scene? At my house, I use the Honeywell app to control the zwave devices but I want a way for others to do the same with a remote.
No, unfortunately, you can't have one Z-Wave device trigger another using the Automation scenes/rules.
I just installed my Honeywell L7000 and I am trying to setup some home automation devices. I am trying to have a z wave switch turn on a z wave outlet. Can I setup the z wave switch to activate and de activate a scene on the L7000? If so how.
We have not tested the FA zcombo's with the FF345 but it certainly should work in theory! The newer generation (version 1.5 or higher) of the Firefighter can program as independent CO and smoke zones. We sell the product new here:
you could always just buy regular CO/Smoke detectors for your home and have the Encore Firefighter FF345 monitor the detector. So long as they are all hardwired in your home you'd have the same protection as well it still being monitored.
Honeywell has to continually maintain their Total Connect 2.0 servers and come out with firmware updates to their Z-Wave controllers to keep up with new Z-Wave devices (and updates to existing Z-Wave devices) which is why they do charge more for an account that will use remote Z-Wave control.
I just added Z-Wave to my 5200 and it is wonderfully handy for things like my Christmas lights, hot water circ pump, and other lights. I love it. It is a shame that Alarmnet wants to charge incrementally for TC .20 control.
Unfortunately, there is no firmware update available for the L5100. What device are you trying to include? How far from the panel is the device when you are trying to pair it?
L5100 needs a firmware update or something. "Device Found - Please Wait.. Screen" always gets stuck during inclusion. Then fails and request to exclude and re-include once again. With no results.
That's what I thought ... bummer really. Wish Honeywell made a combo CO/Smoke detector if only for the hassle of installing two items on the ceiling of every room - not to mention the expense.
The LYNX panels do not support Z-Wave sensors (i.e. life safety devices, contacts, motions, glass breaks, etc.). The L5100-ZWAVE is designed for controlling lights, locks, thermostats, water valves, appliance modules. In other words, Z-wave devices cannot be setup as regular zones on the panel. Instead they are designed to integrate and automate lighting, HVAC and power systems.
Hello ... has anyone been able to get the zwave compatible smoke detectors from FirstAlert (zcombo) to work with the Lynx '
I'm not familiar with any 3rd party automation systems that would allow you to control a LYNX Touch system.
So this mentions controlling zwave devices from the alarm control panel but can I control the alarm from other zwave devices? Such as from SmartThings or any other flavor hub? To do things like arm and disarm remotely, or see the status of door/window contacts...
Unfortunately, there is no way to program the scene to have the light come on for a set period of time so you will need another scene to turn it off based on a system event (such as the door closing as you suggested).
Perfect I got that far is there a way for it to only be on for say two minutes? Or should I just base it on the door closing?
Ah ok. First, setup a scene that turns the lights on in the laundry room. Then configure a rule that runs that scene based on a zone fault for the interior door. In order to setup the zone fault trigger, just go to page two of the rules and change the "Zone Number Operation" to "Fault." Then select the interior door for the first start zone and save.
I already have the physical garage door working, I'm working on the interior door going into the house. When my wife or I walk into the house I want it to turn on the light in the laundry room.
Do you have the 5822t tilt sensor and the 5877 relay?
I am having some issues programming my zwave scenes.... I have gotten my 5100 to recognize and can run a daily schedule to turn on and turn off my lights, but I want to be able to to on a light for 5 minutes (or a short amount of time) by opening our garage door. When I go to create the scene and click on "Select a Sensor to trigger this Smart Scene" and then click "Garage Door" then it wants me to select a trigger again and its blank. I have clicked on all of my sensors is there something I'm missing maybe from a programing side?
This Z-Wave controller will not speak with the Smarthome Insteon for integrating security status into trigger points. However you can include all the Z-wave devices to the L5100-ZWAVE. Then shift it to the secondary controller which will push all the included devices to the Insteon controller, assuming that the insteon controller supports Z-Wave technology. I am not sure if Insteon runs a proprietary RF technology or uses Z-Wave as well. If it does and you set it as the primary, you can use both controllers to setup scenes, rules and scheduling for the same devices.
Is the Z-wave controller compatible with Smarthome Insteon?
Are they 2-wire or 4-wire smokes? Are they V-Plex or non V-Plex?
Please can anybody help me wire 4 photo-electronic smoke detectors to VISAT 128BPT panel?
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