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Honeywell lkp500 wireless keypad for lyric controller

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The LKP500 is a sleek, simple to use keypad for the Lyric Controller. This touchpad is as easy to install as any Lyric sensor, and is ready to ship!
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The Honeywell LKP500 is a SiX Series, encrypted wireless alpha keypad, which can be used as a secondary keypad to the Lyric Controller. Up to 8 LKP500 keypads can be used per Lyric system. SiX technology encryption protocol allows for secure bi-directional communication between the controller and the keypad. The LKP500 is easily enrolled into the Lyric Controller, and can be wall mounted, or used in conjunction with the LKP500-DK desk stand, which allows you to set the keypad at a 30 degree or 60 degree angle on any flat surface. It comes with an external 110VAC input to 9VDC output power pack with an eight foot cable and a rechargeable battery pack, which supplies 24 hours of back up in the event of a power outage.

The Smart Keypad offers the ability to view status, and control the Lyric system remotely, saving you a trip to the main panel, and is great for larger homes, and homes with multiple floors. The LKP500 is functional up to 300 feet from the Lyric Controller, and is supervised by it on a 60 second interval. Traditionally, one of the drawbacks of all-in-one systems has been the fact that it needed to be centrally located for good wireless coverage, but because of this, seeing status and controlling the system was less convenient than on wired systems, with multiple keypads. With the Lyric Smart Keypad, this is no longer an issue. As long as you can power the keypad, and it's within range on the Lyric Controller, you can safely and securely access the system from up to 8 separate LKP500's.

To enroll the Lyric Smart Keypad into the Lyric Controller, be sure the Smart Keypad is powered down, then on the Lyric Controller, go to Program->RF Keypad->Add New -> Serial Number. While the Controller is in enrollment mode, plug the keypads power pack into an active outlet, the keypad will automatically try to pair with the Controller. If enrollment fails, press any key on the Smart Keypad to begin the pairing process again, or disconnect and re-connect the power pack. After successful enrollment, the Smart Keypad should show Disarmed, Ready, and the Lyric Controller should show the Smart Keypad's ID number. Each LKP500 is associated to a zone number, starting with zone 850. Each additional Smart Keypad that is enrolled, will be assigned the next available Keypad zone number.

With the Lyric Controller and the LKP500 Lyric Smart Keypad, you can have the best of both worlds. The features and affordability of an all-in-one system, with a flexibility and ease of control that rivals any hardwired system.

Please note: Alarm Grid also offers a refurbished version of this product here.

Brand: Honeywell I believe I have the latest firmware, but my two keypads still have tourettes syndrome
Good Evening, They have resolved that issue with the new Firmware update. If your panel is monitored, I would ask for the new update to be pushed to your panel and it's accessories. If not here is a link to our low cost, no contract plans:
I have the EXACT same issue, typically at night where ad nauseam it will bark "Armed Stay" however it is not uncommon for it to bark "Disarmed Not Ready to Arm" uncontrollably.
With the recent MR8 firmware, the LKP500 will no longer beep and announce anything if it's rebooted or loses panel connection and comes back - However, they still haven't added any option to fully disable the home and panic LEDs if you want it to be totally dark. We're hopeful that may still be coming but we don't have an ETA. While not an elegant solution, we have had people add tape over the icons so that the lights don't shine in a dark room.
Thinking about getting a lyric system and having this keypad, LKP500, in the master bedroom. Has Honeywell fixed the nuclear light/sound issues with updates? Anyways installation suggestions to prevent it from dropping signal and making unwanted announcements that I’m sure would infuriate my wife?
Hi Patrick, No, unfortunately it wasn't included in the MR8 update as we were hoping but we've been told there is some hope that it may still be coming in the future.
Sterling, any update from Honeywell on a fix for the brightness control of the LEDs?
Hi David, please email us at so we can discuss your account in detail.
I [Dave Lloyd] am an Alarm Grid customer, but self-monitored with the TC2 app. I did buy the LKP-500EN from The keypad is in my bedroom on a night-stand, down a short hallway, about 32 feet from the Lyric panel. Today, I have successfully re-installed the LKP500-EN, so we will have to wait and see if the connectivity issues continue after I "Alarm Stay" tonight. You did report that my panel has the current firmware version. Can you verify that the firmware is updated when I request it at the Lyric panel? Or, are these firmware updates automatically performed every so often?
Hi Dave, Disqus hides the poster email so I can't tell if you are one of our customers or not but if you are please email so we can take a closer look at your account. If you aren't our monitored customer and didn't buy the keypad from us, it's harder to tell what caused your scenario last night but it certainly doesn't sound normal. What may have happened was the keypad lost its RF connection to the panel and then re-joined on its own again. As the keypad works now, it will re-announce it's current state whenever it reconnects to the Lyric after having connectivity issues. That behavior should be changing in a future firmware update. How far it the keypad from the Lyric and what do you have in between when considering direct line of sight?
My first night with the LPK500-EN keypad in my bedroom. About an hour after falling asleep with the system in Armed Stay, the voice on the LPK500 starts yelling "Armed Stay" repeatedly. Then, it will stop for several minutes and then just about the time I think it is resolved, it starts again. This is CRAZY! I finally had to unplug the keypad and remove the backup battery just to shut it up.
Hi Mike, if you are having trouble messages, it is best to see what the trouble is and troubleshoot the issue to clear it. You can also disarm the system twice to try to clear it. Is you system currently monitored? If we monitor you please email is at if not, please contact your monitoring company.
I too am having issues when i get a sensor trouble. Usually in the middle of the night waking everyone up. If i snip wires to speaker will the keypad continue to function with everything else but the sound (hopefully)...
Hi Trent, Unfortunately we have not heard on a ETA yet of the update for this keypad.
It has been a year since my original inquiry. Has there been any update or feedback from Honeywell?
Thanks for the quick reply Sterling. Yes, I am using the provided transformers but I am also using existing in-wall wires from the old system (60 ft) so perhaps contributing to the problem. The microwave is causing the issue almost every time so it became a running joke for my family. My solution (a workaround) is to set the keypad voice announcements volume to "Off". This has eliminated my problem entirely. Arming and disarming now only has a chime which is actually a welcome side effect. Thanks again for your suggestions, you guys are great!
Are you powering the keypad with the included transformer and wire? While it certainly does sound like you're experiencing RF signaling issues, we have seen that same behavior on keypads that are wired by custom wiring that's outside of Honeywell recommendations. Unfortunately, if you have a keypad that resets for power reasons or loses RF connection and then restores that connection, you will see the behavior you're experiencing where it will "wake up" and provide the audio status of the system once it reconnects. Is this happening every time you use your microwave?
I'm very happy with the Lyric system, the Home Kit integration makes it a great choice. Some small fixes could make it great. I have two of the keypads mounted at entry doors, they're small look nice and work well. Somewhat laggy but good enough. I mainly interact with the system through my phone so no big deal. One problem I have is the keypad communicating with the main controller on 2.4 GHz bandwidth. It so happens when I run my microwave, there is interference and keypad drops connection. It reconnects without any problems but when it does, it sounds out "Disarmed, ready to arm.". Has anybody experienced this? Any idea if there is a way to disable the announcement upon keypad reconnecting to the controller? Would be great if it could be hardwired instead.
You can mute most of the noises from the LKP500 but not the confirmation of arming dings so if you're looking to switch to the Lyric and need completely silent keypads in the bedroom, you'll have to wait in hopes that Honeywell does upgrade the unit as we hope or consider snipping the wires to the internal speaker to permanently mute the unit.
Sterling, Has any of these issues been resolved? I am looking at the Lyric system and would want this in my bedroom, but the lights and sounds are a deal breaker coming from a Vista 20p panel with sounds disabled on our keypad in our master bedroom. I still don't understand why you can't mute the LKP500...makes no sense whatsoever. This would drive my wife nuts and I would eventually have to rip the thing out of the bedroom in frustration. We really need a keypad in our bedroom too...gets used all the time.
We have been told that now that the HomeKit integration is fixed with the new MR7 (, they can focus on some of the other known issues with the system with the next round of firmware updates. I'm not sure which bug you're referring to exactly but if you can email detailing which one, we can look into it more for you. We're also hopeful that they will be updating the LKP500 in a big way on either MR8 or MR9 firmware. I am sorry it's taking longer than you would hope to squash some of the bugs you've experienced.
This keypad looks nice and is well made, but Honeywell’s lack of support ruins it. There is a bug I notified Honeywell of over half a year ago that they have not been bothered to fix. Other user issues such as noises and lights could be resolved through software, but Honeywell doesn’t appear to be pushing any firmware upgrades or resolution. I would avoid the Lyric system and purchase something from a company offering better support and more frequent bug updates.
Wow, just found these post and glad to read there is others that think the user should have more control over the nuclear sounds this system makes at night. With all the technology why am I not given the option to control the sounds this system makes. "night mode" "one button silence" could be a new industry standard or does that make to much sense? Come on Honeywell you could make this much more user friendly with little effort. Godspeed.
We're disappointed in their lack of an response to this concern as well Steve and we appreciate you voicing your feedback. I've passed your comments along to them and it has been awhile since we've specifically asked them about this specific request so once I hear back, I'll reply here for you. If you do proceed with the plan to mechanically disable the LEDs and siren, we'd be curious to see pictures of your project. They may help others that are struggling with this same issue.
I've been following this thread for the past few months, hoping that Honeywell would listen to their customers and actually do something about this keypad being such a nuisance. I'm convinced at this point that nothing is going to change. Tonight my wife asked me to stop arming the system at night or to power off and disable this keypad in the bedroom. That's how awful this keypad is. She disarms the system every morning with this keypad so she can let the dog out to pee from the bedroom door, so having the keypad by the door is extremely helpful and more convenient than opening an app on the phone and doing it from there. Honeywell has deliberately chosen to make this keypad as obnoxious as possible, from the nuclear LED lights to the dinging sounds on arm and disarm while in stay mode. As an end user, I really don't care about alarm industry standards in this case; this device is in my bedroom, I want it to behave like something that is designed to be in my home. If you want to default it to obnoxious mode, fine, but give me the option to tone it down for the light sleepers in the home. I just don't buy the false alarm argument, I have sirens and panels all over the house and push notifications to both my wife's and my phones; there's just no excuse for this. This weekend, I'm going to disassemble this panel and mechanically get it to do what I want, since Honeywell is apparently unable or unwilling to make it behave in a civilized manner. The speaker will be destroyed and the red and green LEDs will be clipped. I don't care about the warranty on it at this point, and if it doesn't work when I'm done, I'm no worse off. When the behavior is so awful that my wife is asking me to remove it, the product is a failboat. We just can't live with it anymore.
I am ALSO looking forward to this update. I completely agree with the OP, this panel is extremely bright even with the lowest settings in a master bedroom
Looking forward to the update!
Thank You, Joe. I look forward to that update, whenever it becomes available.
We have heard that Honeywell may release that update at some point but we don't have an ETA on it. We have noted your internal profile and will send you an email when Honeywell does release an update for the keypad.
Hey Dylan, Yes, I understand options currently exist. However, the "(!)" and "Stay/Away" Buttons remain lit regardless. Even on the lowest level it is still very bright for a bedroom. I recall a discussion months ago about the possibility of an Update that would give us more options to dim further and/or turn off the lights off completely.
You are able to dim the lights on the LKP500, please check out this FAQ: There is a section about "display level" which goes over how to change the brightness.
I know I'm not alone when I say the Bright Lights on this unit when installed in a Master Bedroom can be annoying. Have you head anything from Honeywell regarding more options for dimming these lights?
I don't have the Lyric, but I do have a Lynx Touch, and supplement it with a 5828V (which appears to be the older remote version of this lyric unit) in our bedroom. We had the same issues about it waking up my wife/infant when I disarmed it. I have it there though, so if I'm home, in bed, with system armed, and we have an intrusion, it will wake me up, as the main panel downstairs does not. So, our solution was to get an extension cord, the one you find easily at Christmas time, that has a "step switch" on the ground that allows the cord to be powered or not. I step on the button to power the unit when I go to bed, and hold my hand over the speaker to mute it as it does announce "Armed Stay" when powered. Then I go to bed. In the mornings, to allow the others to sleep, I simply step on the switch to turn off power to the cord and unit, and with no power, it doesn't announce anything when I disarm downstairs or chime when opening doors. It's not the most convenient way, but it is our "workaround" so that I can hear the alarm if it is activated from an armed state.
We are disappoint as well with the newly add LED's and sounds instead of giving options to customize the existing LED's and sounds. We are hopeful that future firmware updates will fix this feature.
So now with update 4 of the Panel I just did my LKP500 dings on Disarm. This is totally unacceptable. Now I have no choice but to remove this keypad from my bedroom. Honeywell not only did not address the issue of the arming sounds but made it 10000% worse with a chime om disarm.
Yep, thanks... Just got into the monitoring with alarm grid yesterday, Dylan. 😀.
We've noted your profile and will let you know if and when we hear from Honeywell that they have added any options to tweak the display and sounds settings on an LKP500 more than what they allow now. On a separate note, is your Lyric system monitored now? As long as you aren't under contract with a company now, we have no-contract plans online at if you'd be interested in having us monitor your Lyric.
Add me to the list too... I'm dealing with it fine but it would be nice to dim the keypad and turn off the sounds for arm stay. I'm glad I bought the desk stand for the bedroom unit, I turn it away from the bed because when you're used to pitch black country nights this thing, compairitively is blinding lol. We have a baby due next month and I might just need to remove this thing from our bedroom altogether because I think it'll wake the kid in the adjacent room. Does the key fob make any noise? That might be a good bedroom alternative for some people...I prefer to be able to see what zone faults tho... Could always use phone instead tho
We agree that it would be nice if Honeywell did add the option to at least disable the arming confirmation tones or, as you suggested, at least turn them down. We have been told that future firmware updates of the LKP500 may unlock more control over volume of various tones/chimes from the unit and the brightness of the status and panic icons but we don't have any specifics on when they might be coming or exactly what the new options would look like. Is your Lyric system monitored now?
So here is the issue I have. My Main Control Panel LCP500 is turned down so when I arm its not loud at all (have 20mo old twins and do NOT want to wake them either.. :-) ) Why would that be possible then if they have to meet false alarm requirements. Just give me a volume setting.
Per Sterling's statement in reply to Bpowell, Honeywell is forced to do this in order to meet "SIA" false alarm standards. We agree that it can be annoying but there is nothing Honeywell can really do to avoid it.
I have to agree with bpowell below about the arming to STAY "ding ding" annoying tone on the LKP500. The false alarm statement is fine but i can basically make the main control panel in the living room silent by turning the volume down but not on this this keypad and it wakes up my wife. No Good. I need to be able to turn that down.
We haven't heard that they will be providing Night Stay arming from the LKP500 but there has been talk that a future firmware update (we're hoping by the end of the year) will allow more options for the brightness on the panic and home icons on the keypad. Have you tried using the My Home Controller app from a mobile device connected to the same WIFI network that the Lyric panel uses for Night Stay arming?
Installed my LKP500 keypad in the master bedroom today. First night and super frustrated by the lights on the keypad, even on the "low" setting. Is there any timeline on a firmware update so there is a setting to turn all lights off? Also, any word on a firmware update to let the keypad enable Night Stay mode?
The LKP500 comes with an included power supply that plugs into a standard wall outlet and it comes with an 8 foot cable to connect the transformer to the keypad so you just need to install the keypad within 8 feet of an available outlet.
Also, how is it powered?
Hi Maria, we're glad you found us. The LKP500 keypad does give system voice annunications and will give a chime tone when a zone is faulted. The zone name will also be displayed on the keypad but it won't actually speak the zone name with a verbal chime. The main Lyric control panel would do the full voice chime though.
Can you hear "voice" from this key pad? We were thinking of mounting a key pad by each entrance area and the main unit in the bedroom. We still want to be able to hear the notifications like "door open"....
I'm so glad to hear you are pleased with our service. And on your topic, the risk of false alarm when in stay mode is not just motion alarms as someone in the home, that didn't realize the system was armed yet, opening a door or window would set off a false alarm. I do agree that if they could allow for less beeps when arming to stay, it wouldn't necessarily be a false alarm problem for most people/scenarios but without the confirmation dings, it certainly would make it at least somewhat more likely that a false alarm could occur.
Thanks Sterling, your prompt replies are always insightful and appreciated! I do agree that if someone is setting the "Arm Away" mode, which would bring the motion sensors into play and create a potential false alarm scenario, the ding or chime would be good to have. "Arm Stay" is a different situation, however. Maybe they can't distinguish between the two on the keypad because of programming limitations or the SIA standards you refer to. If possible, it would be nice, however. You're explanation makes sense and something we can live with. Thanks again for the great service!
Okay, that dinging from the LKP500 when you do arm to stay is expected panel behavior to avoid false alarms so that anyone staying behind in the home, when someone else is arming to stay, knows the system arming was initiated. While I completely understand why you'd rather the keypad be totally silent outside of an actual alarm event, alarm manufacturers have major pressure to make systems that meet false alarm standards. With Honeywell equipment, they are made to comply with SIA standards and one of those false alarm standards is to give indication to parties in the home when the system is being armed. Therefore, I doubt this will be something they will change with any future firmware versions but we will certainly let them know that we have customers requesting that behavior in hopes they do make a change.
I was testing it with "Arm Stay". Keypad Voice Volume is set to "Off". It is a single (or couple) "ding" when the arming action begins. Didn't hear any "ding" during disarming. Since this is a bedroom located keypad, the idea is to have it be silent except during alarm states. If a person arms the system, it would be best not to disturb anyone that's sleeping - at least if it is an "Arm Stay" operation.
Which arming mode are you using, away or stay? Also do you have the panel's Voice option on or off? Are you sure you aren't hearing the keypad "ding" when disarming as that is expected behavior? We do expect future firmware to address the concerns about the lighting.
Seems odd that you still get an initiating chime at the keypad whenever you set the alarm from the Lyric controller or the TC2 app, when the "Chime" option is turned off at the keypad. The Exit Tone and Entry Tone are also set to off on the keypad. That seems to be the only chime that is still present as it doesn't appear to chime during disarm, just arm. I have to agree with many of the other comments left here - the low setting for the keypad lights is too bright for a dark bedroom. So please add a "plus one" to Honeywell's feedback or complaint input. In the mean time, we will find a wash cloth to lay over the keypad during the night (our unit is stand mounted) or we will hang a towel over it if we move it a wall, as others have suggested. Maybe someone will come out with a nice stylish cloth cover that can be used to darken the keypad at night. I did a Google search and found nothing on the market at this time. The electrical or masking tape concept to cover the offending buttons was considered too tacky by my wife and the keypad is really too nice looking to have tape stuck to the front of it.
Thanks Sterling! Amazing service as always.
I just pushed the latest firmware to your panel Matt which should solve that issue -
I have two of these keypads and I get Low Battery alerts followed immediately by Low Batt Cleared alerts. It hasn't seemed to cause any issues. Each keypad does this about once a week. I assumed it was because I am powering them over Cat6 and may be getting to much drop in power. I haven't called the great people at AlarmGrid yet. Just thought I would let you know you are not alone.
Who was it that you've been speaking with and did they give you any indication that they may change the brightness level? We've had people use some simple tape to cover the icons to lessen the brightness. Depending on what type of tape you use, you can either get them to not show at all (electrical tape) or dim them a bit (masking tape).
I've been in contact with the product manager and reported the issue about the lights being too bright as well. It's just way too bright. My pads are wall mounted so the wife actually covers the key pad with a towel at night. I think they can still be visible and be less bright.
I'm confused Jason because you reported the new keypad was working properly. Has it since been acting up? I also don't see any of the keypad low batter troubles you referenced and the one you posted above was back in January (before the new firmware that fixed that issue). If the new keypad is still acting up, please email detailing what it is doing (only include issues since the new keypad was installed please to avoid confusing the troubleshooting) so that we can assist.
We will certainly send over your feedback but as they want those lights to be visible in the dark by design, I doubt they will make the change you are looking for. You might be better off just putting some tape over the buttons to not see them in the dark. Are you desk mounted or wall mounted?
Tom - Are you still having problems with your LKP-500? I've been having similar but different issues since I got mine in Oct '17. It frequently loses connection with the controller while the system is armed stay (never noticed problem while disarmed), but yet there is nothing in the log about it. The only indication on the LKP-500 is the panic light remaining on (no red armed shield) and none of the buttons work to include the inability to disarm the system during this problem. Multiple times I have received these low/cleared battery alerts less than a minute apart despite no loss of AC power: "xxxx Home, Sensor 850 : Keypad Sensor Low Battery at 01/05/2017 00:35:01 EDT" followed by: "xxxx Home, Sensor 850 : Keypad Sensor Low Batt Cleared at 01/05/2017 00:35:53 EDT." I have already troubleshot with Sterling, the Firmware is up to date, and I received a replacement LKP-500, but I am still experiencing the same issue. The LKP-500 seems to regain connection with the controller as soon as there is a change in status (i.e. disarmed using the controller/app) or if I walk within range of a SIXPIR. My LKP-500 is also about 50 ft from the controller. I am still hopeful that there will be a Firmware update that will address/fix this problem before the warranty period is over.
I have the same problem with the Panic and Armed indicators, even with the display off and the keypad brightness set all the way down I have to keep the keypad turned away from my bed so the bright lights are not right in my face while sleeping. Please report the issue to Honeywell, they need to adjust the brightness or offer an even lower/lowest setting so these are just faint glows in a pitch black bedroom.
Thanks. Will work that into plan.
No, unfortunately, the LKP500 doesn't offer the ability to arm to night stay mode. Do you have Total Connect 2.0 service? If you do, you can use any mobile device to arm to that mode.
Can the LKP500 arm the Lyric system in arm night mode? Or do I need to switch stay and night mode on my system so i can arm night as stay from keypad?
Also, it may be helpful to check your panel Firmware version, and if you're not on the latest version, upgrade. You can email us at if we monitor your account, and we can check for you.
A Firmware update is due for the LKP500 in the near future, to address some of the early reported issues. I've not personally seen this particular issue, but I sent your report to Honeywell (haven't heard back yet). Hopefully, this is something that will be addressed in the Firmware, but if not, it is reported now. When this happens, what do you do to bring the keypad back up?
About once a month my Lyric keypad becomes disconected from the main controller and I receive this text message. Alarm Alerts :xxxx Home, Sensor 850 : Keypad Sensor Trouble at 01/23/2017 09:50:18 PM PST, Reply HELP for text msg info When this happens the keypad is dark, all lights are off just like I unpluged it from the power. It is still plugged in, there is power at the plug and the wires are connected. It says disarmed, ready to arm but the green ready light is off. The keypad is about 50 feet from the controller. Any idea what is going on?
We just recently shot this video. I will send it over as soon as we post it.
Are you planning on doing a video on adding this keypad to lyric controller?
The existing keypads were getting power from your VISTA panel. The VISTA panel was getting power from an AC transformer and the panel was converting that to DC 12V output on terminals 4 and 5. Therefore, there is no way to use the existing panel or wiring to power the LKP500s. They need to be powered from the included 9V transformer that ships with the LKP500 keypads.
The LKP500 will make an audible alarm sound when the panel goes into alarm mode. I'm not sure that it's as loud as the Lyric panel or the SiXSIREN but you will certainly know the alarm is going off.
I want to make sure I'm tracking correctly, the LKP500 is not equipped with a siren similar to SIXSIREN correct? In other words, if my system was to fault, only the main panel would make an audible alarm?
No, unfortunately, you can't. They stay lit so that you can find the system in the dark, assuming you have the back light timeout option enabled.
Is there an option to turn off the 'Panic' and 'Armed' indicators on the keypad in TotalConnect 2? I don't see an option on the keypad itself. I have the display screen off, keypad brightness all the way down, but these two indicator lights are very bright in a bedroom at night.
Yes, Honeywell offers Advanced Protection Logic (APL) for the LYNX Touch and Lyric systems so that the central station will still get an alarm if the system is destroyed during the entry delay. Unfortunately, APL will not work with a self monitoring plan as the central station needs to be involved for that feature.
I understand the desire to prevent a "crash and smash" type event, and I am not saying that the event you describe is not something to worry about, since if the main panel is completely disabled, then it can't send signals to sensors like a secondary siren, but that being said, can someone confirm if the total connect product does offer protection for "crash and smash"?Meaning that in the event of an intrusion, the instant the entry delay starts, a signal is sent to TC, and that if no disarm event is given (because the unit is damaged) then messages will still go out to your device (self-monitored) or the central station is so configured.
The Lyric panel and each keypad needs power from the included plug-in power supply so you won't be able to route each back to a central power supply. You'll need an available 2-prong outlet for each unit. The LKP500 power supply comes with an 8' wire attached and the Lyric panel, you just need to stay within the listed wire length/gauge limits (22 gauge is limited to 10' and 18 gauge is limited to 22').
I am looking to install (1) Lyric control panel and (2) LKP500's what is my best power option for one central power supply in coat closet?
No, unfortunately the wireless keypads for the Lyric are not wireless receivers. The only receiver for the Lyric is inside the panel itself.
If I am having trouble getting all of my zones to be in range of the main controller, would putting a wireless keypad somewhere in the middle of the Controller and these zones be beneficial? I know that with a typical keypad (6160RF for example), you can only have 1 keypad assigned to RF mode. Is this the same thing, or does each keypad extend a signal to the wireless zones independently?
Hold the 1 key until you see 'Use Scroll Key to View Options'. Then, hit Scroll (zero key) until you see 'Voice Volume'. Then, hit 1 so that you see 'Voice Volume Use Scroll Key'. Finally, hit Scroll until it shows 'Off' and then press Select (1 key).
How? I have the voice disabled on my control panel, but the wireless keypad doesn't seem to respect that setting.
You can turn the Voice Volume off to mute arm/disarm announcements but it will still announce alarms.
Is it possible to disable the voice on this keypad, either partially, on a schedule, or altogether? I didn't see an obvious way to do it in the documentation, on the Lyric control panel, or in TC.
You can simply arm to Stay mode to ignore the motion detector. If you only wanted to ignore this one motion and have others active, you could set all the other motions up with Night Arming and then arm to Night Stay mode and the one motion that doesn't have Night Arming enabled would be bypassed and the rest would be active. Also, if you are planning to get Total Connect 2.0 service, you can bypass single zones from a smart phone, computer or tablet using TC2.
Thank you Sterling. That's too bad. We were planning on using the LKP500 as our main keypad for the main entry way and we sometimes need to bypass a motion detector if we leave the dogs out. Hopefully we can submit a feature request to Honeywell.
You can't selectively bypass zones using the LKP500 but if you have the Forced Bypass option enabled in the panel, you can arm from the keypad with zones faulted and it will auto-bypass those faulted zones.
Hello. Is it possible to put zones in bypass with this keypad? I know with my previous honeywell systems, I could pick a zone number and bypass it from any keypad. I don't see the buttons or instructions to do this in the manual. Thanks!
We're hoping to have it available in the next 2-3 weeks.
Any updates to the availability of this product? It's pretty key to our installation. We afraid that an intruder could just rip out the main unit and disable the backup battery pretty quickly if we put the main unit next to our front door.
We were told that if it's not out by the end of July that it will most likely be here by August.
July is almost over. When can this keypad be ordered?
We do have some hope that the LKP500 will be available by the end of this month but it's possible it may be next month until we have them.
Do you still expect the LKP500 to be available in July?
No, at this time, the LKP500 is the only compatible keypad. We expect it to be available sometime this month though.
Will any of the other wireless keypads work with the lyrics since the lyric keypad isn't available yet?
We expect to have it available in July.
When will this keypad be available?
The LYNX Touch panel is also limited on wire length/gauge but the 5828 and 5828V keypads can be extended to longer. I would suggest not extending the wire on the LKP500 as I believe it has the same requirements as the Lyric and LYNX Touch panels.
What gauge would be needed for a longer runs 50-100'. Currently using small gauge existing wire for the Lync Touch panel/keypads, but likely need to upgrade.
The Lyric panel has strict wire length/gauge requirements. If you are using 22 gauge (commonly used for keypads back to a panel on a wired system), you can't exceed 8'. They don't list the same wiring guidelines for the LKP500 but I believe that is because they ship the unit with the proper gauge/length and they want you to use that wire which is 8' long.
Can you clarify the "unless it happens to be close to the keypad location" part of your reply? What about connecting the transformer to the panel side of the legacy keypad wires and plugging in near the panel (vs powering from 5800c2w). I'd like to do the same for the Lyric controller as well.
The LKP500 comes with its own transformer and wire so you won't be able to use the wiring going back to your panel unless it happens to be close to the keypad location. Typically, you'll have to route the cable through the wall (assuming you want it hidden) to a nearby outlet.
Can this be powered by a 5880c2w instead of outlet or battery? I'm replacing a legacy wired panel with Lyric/5800c2w and have cables at the location already.
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