Honeywell LKP500

Wireless Keypad for Lyric Controller

Honeywell lkp500 wireless keypad for lyric controller

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The LKP500 is a sleek, simple to use keypad for the Lyric Controller. This touchpad is as easy to install as any Lyric sensor, and is ready to ship!
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The Honeywell LKP500 is a SiX Series, encrypted wireless alpha keypad, which can be used as a secondary keypad to the Lyric Controller. Up to 8 LKP500 keypads can be used per Lyric system. SiX technology encryption protocol allows for secure bi-directional communication between the controller and the keypad. The LKP500 is easily enrolled into the Lyric Controller, and can be wall mounted, or used in conjunction with the LKP500-DK desk stand, which allows you to set the keypad at a 30 degree or 60 degree angle on any flat surface. It comes with an external 110VAC input to 9VDC output power pack, and a rechargeable battery pack (cabling included), which supplies 24 hours of back up in the event of a power outage.

The Smart Keypad offers the ability to view status, and control the Lyric system remotely, saving you a trip to the main panel, and is great for larger homes, and homes with multiple floors. The LKP500 is functional up to 300 feet from the Lyric Controller, and is supervised by it on a 60 second interval. Traditionally, one of the drawbacks of all-in-one systems has been the fact that it needed to be centrally located for good wireless coverage, but because of this, seeing status and controlling the system was less convenient than on wired systems, with multiple keypads. With the Lyric Smart Keypad, this is no longer an issue. As long as you can power the keypad, and it's within range on the Lyric Controller, you can safely and securely access the system from up to 8 separate LKP500's.

To enroll the Lyric Smart Keypad into the Lyric Controller, be sure the Smart Keypad is powered down, then on the Lyric Controller, go to Program->RF Keypad->Add New -> Serial Number. While the Controller is in enrollment mode, plug the keypads power pack into an active outlet, the keypad will automatically try to pair with the Controller. If enrollment fails, press any key on the Smart Keypad to begin the pairing process again, or disconnect and re-connect the power pack. After successful enrollment, the Smart Keypad should show Disarmed, Ready, and the Lyric Controller should show the Smart Keypad's ID number. Each LKP500 is associated to a zone number, starting with zone 850. Each additional Smart Keypad that is enrolled, will be assigned the next available Keypad zone number.

With the Lyric Controller and the LKP500 Lyric Smart Keypad, you can have the best of both worlds. The features and affordability of an all-in-one system, with a flexibility and ease of control that rivals any hardwired system.


Thanks. Will work that into plan.
No, unfortunately, the LKP500 doesn't offer the ability to arm to night stay mode. Do you have Total Connect 2.0 service? If you do, you can use any mobile device to arm to that mode.
Can the LKP500 arm the Lyric system in arm night mode? Or do I need to switch stay and night mode on my system so i can arm night as stay from keypad?
Also, it may be helpful to check your panel Firmware version, and if you're not on the latest version, upgrade. You can email us at if we monitor your account, and we can check for you.
A Firmware update is due for the LKP500 in the near future, to address some of the early reported issues. I've not personally seen this particular issue, but I sent your report to Honeywell (haven't heard back yet). Hopefully, this is something that will be addressed in the Firmware, but if not, it is reported now. When this happens, what do you do to bring the keypad back up?
About once a month my Lyric keypad becomes disconected from the main controller and I receive this text message. Alarm Alerts :xxxx Home, Sensor 850 : Keypad Sensor Trouble at 01/23/2017 09:50:18 PM PST, Reply HELP for text msg info When this happens the keypad is dark, all lights are off just like I unpluged it from the power. It is still plugged in, there is power at the plug and the wires are connected. It says disarmed, ready to arm but the green ready light is off. The keypad is about 50 feet from the controller. Any idea what is going on?
We just recently shot this video. I will send it over as soon as we post it.
Are you planning on doing a video on adding this keypad to lyric controller?
The existing keypads were getting power from your VISTA panel. The VISTA panel was getting power from an AC transformer and the panel was converting that to DC 12V output on terminals 4 and 5. Therefore, there is no way to use the existing panel or wiring to power the LKP500s. They need to be powered from the included 9V transformer that ships with the LKP500 keypads.
I'm looking to do the same thing. I have an existing wired Vista panel with three keypads across my home. I'd like to upgrade to a Lyric controller and replace the wired keypads with these and locate them where the old wired keypads are--but definitely do NOT want the Power cords dangling down the wall. Wouldn't it be possible to get the 9V required by these keypads provided over the existing wires to the old keypads?
The LKP500 will make an audible alarm sound when the panel goes into alarm mode. I'm not sure that it's as loud as the Lyric panel or the SiXSIREN but you will certainly know the alarm is going off.
I want to make sure I'm tracking correctly, the LKP500 is not equipped with a siren similar to SIXSIREN correct? In other words, if my system was to fault, only the main panel would make an audible alarm?
No, unfortunately, you can't. They stay lit so that you can find the system in the dark, assuming you have the back light timeout option enabled.
Is there an option to turn off the 'Panic' and 'Armed' indicators on the keypad in TotalConnect 2? I don't see an option on the keypad itself. I have the display screen off, keypad brightness all the way down, but these two indicator lights are very bright in a bedroom at night.
Yes, Honeywell offers Advanced Protection Logic (APL) for the LYNX Touch and Lyric systems so that the central station will still get an alarm if the system is destroyed during the entry delay. Unfortunately, APL will not work with a self monitoring plan as the central station needs to be involved for that feature.
I understand the desire to prevent a "crash and smash" type event, and I am not saying that the event you describe is not something to worry about, since if the main panel is completely disabled, then it can't send signals to sensors like a secondary siren, but that being said, can someone confirm if the total connect product does offer protection for "crash and smash"?Meaning that in the event of an intrusion, the instant the entry delay starts, a signal is sent to TC, and that if no disarm event is given (because the unit is damaged) then messages will still go out to your device (self-monitored) or the central station is so configured.
The Lyric panel and each keypad needs power from the included plug-in power supply so you won't be able to route each back to a central power supply. You'll need an available 2-prong outlet for each unit. The LKP500 power supply comes with an 8' wire attached and the Lyric panel, you just need to stay within the listed wire length/gauge limits (22 gauge is limited to 10' and 18 gauge is limited to 22').
I am looking to install (1) Lyric control panel and (2) LKP500's what is my best power option for one central power supply in coat closet?
No, unfortunately the wireless keypads for the Lyric are not wireless receivers. The only receiver for the Lyric is inside the panel itself.
If I am having trouble getting all of my zones to be in range of the main controller, would putting a wireless keypad somewhere in the middle of the Controller and these zones be beneficial? I know that with a typical keypad (6160RF for example), you can only have 1 keypad assigned to RF mode. Is this the same thing, or does each keypad extend a signal to the wireless zones independently?
Hold the 1 key until you see 'Use Scroll Key to View Options'. Then, hit Scroll (zero key) until you see 'Voice Volume'. Then, hit 1 so that you see 'Voice Volume Use Scroll Key'. Finally, hit Scroll until it shows 'Off' and then press Select (1 key).
How? I have the voice disabled on my control panel, but the wireless keypad doesn't seem to respect that setting.
You can turn the Voice Volume off to mute arm/disarm announcements but it will still announce alarms.
Is it possible to disable the voice on this keypad, either partially, on a schedule, or altogether? I didn't see an obvious way to do it in the documentation, on the Lyric control panel, or in TC.
You can simply arm to Stay mode to ignore the motion detector. If you only wanted to ignore this one motion and have others active, you could set all the other motions up with Night Arming and then arm to Night Stay mode and the one motion that doesn't have Night Arming enabled would be bypassed and the rest would be active. Also, if you are planning to get Total Connect 2.0 service, you can bypass single zones from a smart phone, computer or tablet using TC2.
Thank you Sterling. That's too bad. We were planning on using the LKP500 as our main keypad for the main entry way and we sometimes need to bypass a motion detector if we leave the dogs out. Hopefully we can submit a feature request to Honeywell.
You can't selectively bypass zones using the LKP500 but if you have the Forced Bypass option enabled in the panel, you can arm from the keypad with zones faulted and it will auto-bypass those faulted zones.
Hello. Is it possible to put zones in bypass with this keypad? I know with my previous honeywell systems, I could pick a zone number and bypass it from any keypad. I don't see the buttons or instructions to do this in the manual. Thanks!
We're hoping to have it available in the next 2-3 weeks.
Any updates to the availability of this product? It's pretty key to our installation. We afraid that an intruder could just rip out the main unit and disable the backup battery pretty quickly if we put the main unit next to our front door.
We were told that if it's not out by the end of July that it will most likely be here by August.
July is almost over. When can this keypad be ordered?
We do have some hope that the LKP500 will be available by the end of this month but it's possible it may be next month until we have them.
Do you still expect the LKP500 to be available in July?
No, at this time, the LKP500 is the only compatible keypad. We expect it to be available sometime this month though.
Will any of the other wireless keypads work with the lyrics since the lyric keypad isn't available yet?
We expect to have it available in July.
When will this keypad be available?
The LYNX Touch panel is also limited on wire length/gauge but the 5828 and 5828V keypads can be extended to longer. I would suggest not extending the wire on the LKP500 as I believe it has the same requirements as the Lyric and LYNX Touch panels.
What gauge would be needed for a longer runs 50-100'. Currently using small gauge existing wire for the Lync Touch panel/keypads, but likely need to upgrade.
The Lyric panel has strict wire length/gauge requirements. If you are using 22 gauge (commonly used for keypads back to a panel on a wired system), you can't exceed 8'. They don't list the same wiring guidelines for the LKP500 but I believe that is because they ship the unit with the proper gauge/length and they want you to use that wire which is 8' long.
Can you clarify the "unless it happens to be close to the keypad location" part of your reply? What about connecting the transformer to the panel side of the legacy keypad wires and plugging in near the panel (vs powering from 5800c2w). I'd like to do the same for the Lyric controller as well.
The LKP500 comes with its own transformer and wire so you won't be able to use the wiring going back to your panel unless it happens to be close to the keypad location. Typically, you'll have to route the cable through the wall (assuming you want it hidden) to a nearby outlet.
Can this be powered by a 5880c2w instead of outlet or battery? I'm replacing a legacy wired panel with Lyric/5800c2w and have cables at the location already.
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