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Honeywell mps52 overhead door contact
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The Honeywell MPS52 is an overhead door contact that you can use with all wired alarm control panels. If you have a Honeywell wireless se...

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The Honeywell MPS52 is an overhead door contact that you can use with all wired alarm control panels. If you have a Honeywell wireless security system, you can also wire the MPS52 to a Honeywell 5816 wireless transmitter if you would not be able to easily wire the overhead door contact back to your control panel. While the 5816 wireless transmitter can be used as a simple wireless door or window contact, it also has normally closed contact terminals. You simply connect the MPS52 wire leads to the 5816 terminals and when the MPS52 detects an intrusion, the 5816 sends the alarm signal wirelessly to your Honeywell wireless receiver. Make sure to program your 5816 with loop (1) when wiring it to a normally closed contact like the MPS52 overhead door contact.

The MPS52 has an operating temperature range of -40° F to 194° F but does not have the epoxy seal that would make it water resistant. If you need to install an overhead door contact that may be susceptible to moisture or corrosion, you should consider the 958 overhead door contact or the 959 XTP overhead door contact.

You must attach the magnet bracket to your overhead door and you must also drill the MPS52 metal contact into the floor of your garage or warehouse. The contact has a Form A, SPST, internal reed switch with a rating of 300mA at 30VDC. Make sure that when your overhead door is closed, the magnet is not further than 2” from the contact as that is the maximum magnet gap. An alarm will only trigger when the magnet is separated more than 2” from the contact. Most garages and warehouse are harsh commercial environments with lots of sharp objects. Therefore, the Honeywell MPS52 has a 24” armored cable that protects the wire leads. You should run the armored cable along the bottom edge of your garage or warehouse floor so that the connection to your wireless transmitter or zone circuit wiring is as far away from the overhead door opening as possible.

Brand: Honeywell

Using this in my shop
Submitted on 10/15/2012 Bee

I instaleld this door contact on my shop's garage door, like the instructions suggest. It works like a charm, looks great, and it seems to be standing up to the use. It's been there a month, and it's gotten an incredible amount of use. It was easy to install, and it fits in with the look of the shop.

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