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Honeywell vista gsm alarmnet vista 21ip cellular alarm monitoring communicator

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Honeywell has discontinued the VISTA-GSM and replaced it with the newer more advanced VISTA-GSM4G cellular alarm communicator. The VISTA-...

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Honeywell has discontinued the VISTA-GSM and replaced it with the newer more advanced VISTA-GSM4G cellular alarm communicator. The VISTA-GSM is a 2G cellular alarm communicator and therefore will not work once AT&T stops supporting the 2G cellular network which they announced will happen at the end of 2016. All VISTA-GSM cellular communicators will need to be upgraded to VISTA-GSM4G communicators. Also, because of the way Honeywell designed the VISTA-GSM4G, all existing VISTA-21iP alarm control panels will need to be upgraded to a new VISTA-21iP that supports the VISTA-GSM4G before it can be installed.

The Honeywell VISTA-GSM is an AlarmNet cellular alarm monitoring communicator that can be snapped onto the VISTA-21iP internet security system to provide dual path alarm monitoring service. The VISTA-GSM is an attachment for the VISTA-21iP internet security system and will not work with any other security system.

Just as the Honeywell iGSMV provides dual path alarm communications for Honeywell VISTA Series security systems, the VISTA-GSM provides dual path alarm communications for the Honywell VISTA-21iP. The VISTA-21iP security system normally uses a broadband internet connection to send alarm signals through AlarmNet’s Network Control Center to Alarm Grid’s central station. If your internet connection fails for any reason, your VISTA-21iP alarm signals would not be received by the central station. However, if you upgrade your VISTA-21iP security system with the optional VISTA-GSM cellular alarm communicator, your VISTA-21iP will send its alarm signals out over the cellular GSM network whenever the internet is not available.

You can easily add a VISTA-GSM cellular alarm communicator to an existing VISTA-21iP security system. First, you must disconnect all power to your security system including the backup battery supply. With the VISTA-21iP completely powered down, install the (3) included standoffs into the appropriate holes on the VISTA-21iP alarm control panel. The standoffs will snap into place when installed correctly. After installing the standoffs, align the VISTA-GSM cellular communicator over the standoffs and the mating connector. Carefully push down on the VISTA-GSM on each standoff point until it snaps into place with the mating connected fully connected. You can then connect the included antenna adapter cable plug to the brass connector on the VISTA-GSM. Be very careful when installing the cable as the pin can break if you install the plug at the an angle. Next, remove the large wiring hole knockout from the top right corner of the VISTA-21iP alarm cabinet. Position the antenna adapter plate over the knockout hole and push into place. Feed the antenna through the adapter plate and secure the cable’s SMA connector to the plate using the washer and nut. Finally, mount the paddle antenna onto the SMA connector by screwing it clockwise until it is tight. You do not need to use anything but your fingers to get a tight connection. With the VISTA-GSM installed, your VISTA-21iP is ready to be activated by Alarm Grid for AlarmNet dual path alarm monitoring service.

The VISTA-GSM uses AT&T’s second generation (2G) cellular GSM network. You should verify cellular signal strength at your address by visiting the AT&T coverage viewer website before purchasing the VISTA-GSM. Even if your address shows a good signal strength, the only way to verify that your VISTA-GSM has adequate signal strength inside your home is by pressing the ‘TEST’ and ‘STATUS’ switches on the VISTA-21iP alarm control panel after installing the VISTA-GSM cellular communicator. The signal strength (RSSI) LEDs are found at the bottom left corner of the VISTA-GSM module. The top red LED will light up when you press the ‘TEST’ and ‘STATUS’ switches. You also need the (2) yellow LEDs and the top green LED to light up as well for minimum signal strength. If the bottom (2) green LEDs also light up, you can be assured that your VISTA-GSM has maximum signal strength. You will need at least (3) solid signal strength LEDs for your VISTA-GSM to be able to communicate properly with AlarmNet and Alarm Grid’s central station. If your cellular alarm communicator does not show adequate signal strength, you will need to relocate your VISTA-21iP security system. The best signal strength is normally found at the highest point of your home and as close to an exterior wall as possible. It will be very difficult to relocate your VISTA-21iP security system once you have wired zones to the alarm control panel. Therefore, you should always determine the best installation point by using the VISTA-GSM signal strength LEDs before finalizing the security system installation if at all possible.

The VISTA-GSM is compatible with AlarmNet’s Total Connect 2.0 service as long as its VISTA-21iP security system has a software revision of 3.13 or higher. If your VISTA-GSM is compatible with Total Connect 2.0 but your VISTA-21iP security system only support the original Total Connect service, Alarm Grid will only be able to offer the original Total Connect service unless you are willing to purchase a new VISTA-21iP security system.


Pretty sure this will be awesome
Submitted on 10/06/2012

I'm a DIYer, and I haven't gotten signed up with the AlarmNet service yet. Once I do I'm pretty sure this communicator is going to be awesome, doing exactly what I need it to do. Install was simple, and once I get things up and running, I'll come back and let you know for sure how it works.

Great add to a Vista-21iP...
Submitted on 09/16/2012

I got the V12ip because it had the built in internet communicator but I shoulda got the backup cellular communicator right away like Alarm Grid sales guy recommended. Instead I dealt with annoying Comm Fails for 2 weeks before I came back to get this. Now I still get Comm Fails when my internet goes down but I know my alarm is still online and my Total Connect account always connects.

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