The IP Revolution... Have You Joined In?

The IP Revolution... Have You Joined In?

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This video was made by Honeywell and proudly distributed by Alarm Grid Security monitoring and accessories Alarm Grid is a home security company focused on the experience of the customer. We offer no contract alarm monitoring that allows you more choices without sacrificing the quality of your monitoring. We are here to help you protect your life's most important assets without the hassle of being caught in a contract with no way out.


The IP Revolution is in full swing. Have you joined in? Improve your operator's productivity and effectiveness with Honeywell's full spectrum of IP solutions. Entry level, enterprise, or anywhere in between, our robust portfolio of recording devices are scalable to meet your needs. High-quality, full-frame rate video from our high-definition cameras will amaze you.

And you'll enjoy cost savings from the low bandwidth and less storage requirements. Our powerful top box solution, MAXPRO VMS easily manages your NVRs and DVRs, and seamlessly integrates access control, video analytics, and point of sale. And if you have an analog system use one of our hybrid digital analog systems, like Rapid Eye Hybrid DVR to cost effectively
transition to IP Security. Don't be left behind, join the IP Revolution