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Honeywell wave2 two tone siren

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The Honeywell WAVE2 is a self-contained two-tone siren. The WAVE2 produces a loud 106dB dual tone siren output when connected to a wired ...
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The Honeywell WAVE2 is a self-contained two-tone siren. The WAVE2 produces a loud 106dB dual tone siren output when connected to a wired security system such as the Honeywell VISTA. Being a self-contained siren means the WAVE2 does not require a siren driver, and has all necessary driver electronics built-in.

The WAVE2 has a unique hinged case that allows the siren to be installed and mounted without disassembly. You can mount the WAVE2 vertically or horizontally, flat on the wall, or in a corner all without any brackets or additional mounting equipment. The three screw terminal block allows the WAVE2 to be wired without soldering or stripping wires. The WAVE2 is also the perfect size to mount to a single gang electrical box.

When wiring the WAVE2, connect to the siren or bell output from your alarm panel. The (-) from the bell output should wire to GND, and the (+) from the bell output should be wired to terminal #1 for a steady siren tone, and/or terminal #2 for a warble or varied siren tone. In systems with a single bell output available, the user will need to choose to wire the positive bell wire from the panel to either Steady (recommended) or Warble. Vista alarm systems will provide a steady output for burglary alarms, and a temporal 3 pulsing output for fire alarms. Wiring to the WAVE2 terminal marked steady will allow users in the area to hear the difference. This will allow them to tell immediately if the alarm is a burglary or a fire alarm.

The WAVE2 is compatible with all 12V wired security systems, and draws up to 500mA when in alarm. This Honeywell siren is also UL listed for commercial burglary. A siren is the most important part of any security system, alerting everyone within earshot of an intrusion, and usually scaring the intruder away. The easy to install WAVE2 is the ultimate combination of value and function for all wired siren applications. For indoor use only.

Product Type: Hardwired Siren
Decibels: 106 dB @ 1 Meter
Current Draw: 500mA
Operating Voltage: 6 to 14 VDC
Power: 15 Watt
Outdoor Use: No
Dual Tone: Yes
Tamper: No

Brand: Honeywell


Submitted on 05/03/2013 shane

siren looks good, works good, and is easy to install. what else could you want?

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Hi Frank, That fixed it! I plugged in the backup battery and now it works. I had it unplugged since I was powering it down to work on wiring etc.. Thank you as always a huge help!
Do you have a backup battery connected to the panel? The siren requires a battery since the sirens draw additional power from there. There are also two positive inputs on the siren end. Did you just choose one to land the wire that is going to terminal 3 on the panel? You only need to have one negative from the siren on the ground on 4 and one positive (either steady or warble) on terminal 3.
I wired my Wave2 correctly (bell 3, ground 4) however when I trigger an alarm (such as opening a door) the siren will go off for literally 1 second and then not sound at all, but the keypads do sound during the alarm. Any help is appreciated! Thank you.
Yes, 18 Gauge stranded speaker wire will work. Just be sure you don't mix up which is positive and which is negative, since speaker wire is usually not color coded.
What wire should I use. Will 18 gauge 2 strand speaker wires work?
If you use the LYNX-EXT ( ) it will. We have a video series on YouTube at
The Simon XT siren output is rated up to 250mA and this siren draws up to 500mA so it won't work. The WAVE2EX ( ) will work though as it draws only 120mA.
Will the wave 2 work with a GE Simon XT system
Can you attach this to honeywell l5200? If so, is there instructions or a video?
No, the terminal 3 is the positive output and it's a separate 2A output for sirens and strobes.
Since a siren would be connect to Terminal 3 in a Vista 20p system, and then Terminal 4 for negative... does this draw from the aux power that thing such as keypads would use, or it is on it's own separate power?
The L5100 has no siren output so you'd need to use the LYNX-EXT ( ) if you wanted to use a wired siren like the WAVE2.
I wanted to connect a Wave2 to my Lynx Touch l5100. Is this possible or is it more cost effective to use the Honeywell Wireless Siren that is compatible with my panel?
I know you can't get a wired keypad to the area where you want this sound, but I was thinking you may be able to put in a piezo sounder wired to a trigger on the panel and get that to the area, or at least close enough so it could be heard. Then you could just program the trigger to give you a 1 second on, one second off on the start of entry delay, stop on disarm...and the same on arming away, stop on end of exit time. Amseco makes some low current Piezo sounders, it would need to draw less than 100mA (assuming you aren't using trigger 1 (output 17) for anything else.
Okay, well you have the right equipment so you must have one of your 5828 keypad settings off. You should go back through every option and ensure they are all set right. Pay close attention to option 3 and make sure you match the value with your panel's Exit Delay setting.
It's a 6160RF.
What wireless receiver are you using for your VISTA-20P?
Julia - I have a Vista 20P Sterling - Yes - All I'm trying to get is the beeping for both the exit delay (set to AWAY and the alarm beeps for 90 seconds before the alarm is enabled) and entry delay (the keypad beeps for 60 seconds before the alarm signal is sent to the Central Office). (I know you know the definitions - that's more clarification on my part to make sure I'm using the correct terminology.) Besides the 7-step installer programming, is there anything else I need to configure on either the keypad or alarm panel? I can turn the alarm on/off from the keypad, just don't get the entry/exit delay beeping.
JP, what panel do you have?
I assumed when you said you wanted something that would beep before the alarm, you mean that you want the entry delay beeps from a remote location to your existing keypads. Is that correct? If so, the 5828 plugged into a K0991 transformer can certainly do that. There isn't really any device that would go into alarm mode before the panel is in full alarm mode though.
Sterling - Thanks for the quick response. The reason that I was considering the Wave2 or some other option is that the 5828 instructions state "The keypad's built-in sounder pulses for fire alarms, and sounds continuously for burglary and audible panic alarms." Is it really possible to configure the 5828 to sound before the alarm goes off? Yes - this is a perimeter zone. It sounds like my only option is to find a way to get a wired keypad into that location - let me know if you can think of any other options. Thanks again!
The 5828 should beep upon entry of a zone programed for Entry/Exit Delay so it sounds like you have some programming off on that wireless keypad or perhaps you tested a Perimeter zone instead of a delay zone. The WAVE2 will only sound the full alarm and won't provide the entry delay beeps.
Will the Wave2 sound when a zone has been triggered, but before the panel goes into alarm and calls the central station? I'm not looking necessarily for a loud internal siren, although that's a nice benefit. I'm specifically looking for an alternative to a wired keypad in a location where I can't put one. I tried the 5828 wireless keypad, but that won't beep unless the system has gone into Alarm mode and called the central station. I'm not looking for a chime when a zone status changes either - just the warning sound when a zone is triggered before the central station is called.
Yes, the bell output of the 20P is 2A maximum and the WAVE2 draws up to 500mA and the 719 draws up to 550mA. If you wire them in parallel to the bell output, both sirens will sound in alarm mode and you won't be over-drawing the panel.
could I connect a wave-2 and a 719 to the same output on a Vista-20p?
The L5200 doesn't have a bell output, per se, so you have to get creative. We put together this kit specifically to wire high current sounders to the LynxTouch panels.
How would go about wiring this siren to an L5200 panel?
Frank, you can connect the Wave-2 siren to the bell output (terminal 3 positive, terminal 4 negative) on a Vista-21ip. This panel gives you 2 Amps of available current on the bell output in alarm, and the Wave-2 draws 500mA of current. Be careful, the Wave-2 has two positive terminals and one negative terminal, you don't want to accidentally wire to the two positives, as this would put a short on your bell output when it's energized and could damage the bell circuit.
Yes, the panel has a 2A bell output and will support a WAVE2 connected to that output.
Can I connect this wave 2 on Honeywell VISTA-21iP-6160KT - Internet Security System. by using the control panel?
Which system do you have?
Can I connect a wave 2 to a wireless system
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