Interlogix GE 600-1053-4-ZX-VZ Verizon CDMA Cellular Communicator for Concord 4

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The Verizon CDMA Cellular Communicator will provide cellular connectivity for a Concord 4 Alarm System. It also doubles as a Z-Wave controller for the system. Cellular service is more reliable than traditional phone line connectivity. Buy the Verizon CDMA Cellular Communicator from Alarm Grid.
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The Interlogix GE 600-1053-4-ZX-VZ is a cellular communicator for the Concord 4 System. This module will allow the system to connect with the Verizon CDMA cellular network. This network is currently in process of being phased out in favor of the newer and more advanced LTE networks. However, this communicator will still be able to provide cellular service for the next few years.

Users should be aware that there is currently a Verizon LTE Communicator available for the Concord 4 System. This communicator can be purchased from the Alarm Grid website. We strongly recommend purchasing the LTE communicator if possible. It will provide faster and more reliable communication than the CDMA communicator. Additionally, with an LTE communicator, you will not have to worry about upgrading to a new cellular communicator for a very long time.

Adding a cellular communicator is one of the most important upgrades a user can make to their Concord 4 System. First of all, it will allow the system to communicate much more reliably than with a traditional phone line connection. Cellular service will also allow the Concord 4 to sync with the service. This service allows users to arm and disarm their system, control Z-Wave devices, check the status of sensors and more. By using the Mobile App, these actions can be performed from virtually anywhere in the world.

The Verizon CDMA Communicator also serves as a Z-Wave controller for the Concord 4. This will allow Z-Wave home automation devices to be used with the system. There are many different types of Z-Wave devices, including lights, locks and thermostats. By accessing, a user can create rules and scenes for their Z-Wave devices. This will allow the Z-Wave devices to activate automatically with certain system events and based on a pre-determined schedule. This can make controlling the devices in one's home more convenient, and it can help a user save money on their energy bills.

Please note that an alarm monitoring plan with cellular service is needed to use this communication module. It must then be activated by the user's alarm monitoring company. Furthermore, the Concord 4 System will need to running software version 4.0 or higher. If it isn't, a firmware update will need to be applied to the system.

Brand: InterlogixGE Security

Replaced by LTE Module
Submitted on 11/20/2019 Alarm Grid

The Interlogix GE 600-1053-4-ZX-VZ is a CDMA communicator for an Interlogix Concord 4 System. It provides cellular monitoring service for an Interlogix Concord 4 and allows you to use the system with The module can no longer be activated, as Verizon is planning to shut down their CDMA Network in the coming years. Anyone looking for a Verizon Communicator for an Interlogix Concord 4 System should instead get the Interlogix GE 600-1053-LTE-VZ. But if you already have an Interlogix GE 600-1053-4-ZX-VZ activated, then it will continue to work until Verizon shuts down their CDMA network. While we can no longer recommend buying a new Interlogix GE 600-1053-LTE-VZ, it can still work well for the time being if you have one activated. For those reasons, we give it 4 Stars.

The biggest benefits to the Interlogix GE 600-1053-4-ZX-VZ are that it provides reliable cellular monitoring service and access to Cellular monitoring is considerably more reliable than IP monitoring, as an internet outage will prevent a system using IP-only monitoring from communicating. Cellular outages are much less common than IP outages, so cellular monitoring really is preferred. Being able to access is also very nice. You can access the platform from pretty much anywhere using a web browser or a mobile phone. Once you have logged into, you can arm and disarm, check current system status, control Z-Wave devices, and more.

The downsides to the Interlogix GE 600-1053-4-ZX-VZ are that the module can no longer be activated, and that the ones that are currently active will stop working in a few years when Verizon shuts down their CDMA network. These are some serious downsides, and anyone with a CDMA communicator should upgrade to an LTE module as soon as possible. With that in mind, we give the Interlogix GE 600-1053-4-ZX-VZ a 4 Star rating.

Good: Cellular Monitoring, Access to

Bad: Cannot Activate, CDMA Network Being Shut Down

Bottom Line: 4 Stars

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