Leviton DZ15S-1BZ

LED CFL Incandescent Z-Wave Plus In-Wall Switch

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The Leviton DZ15S-1BZ Z-Wave Plus In-Wall Switch supports LED, CFL, incandescent, and fluorescent ballast loads. You can pair the in-wall switch with a Z-Wave hub for smart control over the connected lights. A neutral wire is required. Purchase the Leviton DZ15S-1BZ from Alarm Grid.
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The Leviton DZ15S-1BZ provides smart control for your hardwired lighting load. This in-wall switch uses Z-Wave Plus technology, and it supports LED, compact fluorescent (CFL), incandescent, and fluorescent ballast loads. A neutral wire is required as part of the installation process.

There are many advantages to upgrading your existing in-wall switch to a Z-Wave Plus switch like the Leviton DZ15S-1BZ. You can pair this switch with your Z-Wave controller and integrate it in with the rest of your Z-Wave network. This will allow you to control the connected lights from the Z-Wave hub. The device will also repeat Z-Wave signals so that your Z-Wave mesh network is more robust. We recommend using a Z-Wave Plus controller with the Leviton DZ15S-1BZ for maximum wireless range. However, you can still use it with a classic Z-Wave controller if that is what you have set up.

If your Z-Wave hub is an alarm panel that is set up with an interactive service platform like Total Connect 2.0 or Alarm.com, then you can use a mobile app on your phone or a web browser to control your lights from virtually anywhere in the world. You can even include the switch with smart scenes to have your lights turn ON or OFF automatically based on a set schedule or with predetermined events (e.g. your security system being armed or disarmed or going into alarm). There are also many integrations with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home for further possibilities.

What's great about the Leviton DZ15S-1BZ is that it supports many types of lighting loads. This is very important, as many other in-wall switches have limitations regarding the lighting loads they can be used with. The Leviton DZ15S-1BZ will support up to 600W for LED or CFL bulbs, up to 1800W for incandescent bulbs, or up to 15A for fluorescent ballast loads. Many users struggle to find a Z-Wave switch that can support fluorescent lighting loads. The Leviton DZ15S-1BZ is a great solution in that regard. Now you can provide smart lighting control for your fluorescent lights!

The Leviton DZ15S-1BZ comes with White and Light Almond colored paddles for added customization. This is a rocker style switch that makes a distinct clicking noise when the lights are toggled ON or OFF. It can support a 3-way lighting setup when used with the Leviton DD0SR-1LZ or Leviton DD0SR-DLZ. This in-wall switch measures 2.1"x1.4"x4.1", and it weighs 4.8 ounces. Remember to cut power at the breaker before installing this in-wall switch. The device supports LED, CFL, legacy incandescent, fluorescent, resistive, and motor loads.


  • Device Type: Z-Wave Plus In-Wall Switch
  • Max Load (LED): 600W
  • Max Load (CFL): 600W
  • Max Load (Incandescent): 1800W
  • Max Load (Fluorescent Ballast): 15A
  • Neutral Wire Required: Yes
  • Switch Style: Rocker Switch
  • Faceplates: White & Light Almond
  • 3-Way Lighting Support: Yes (Requires Leviton DD0SR-1LZ or DD0SR-DLZ)
  • Dimensions: 2.1"x1.4"x4.1"
  • Weight: 4.8 Ounces

Brand: Leviton

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