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Z-Wave AC Wall Outlet

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The Linear WO15Z-1 is a Z-Wave ready AC power outlet, also known as an AC duplex receptacle since it has two grounded power outlets. This...
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The Linear WO15Z-1 is a Z-Wave ready AC power outlet, also known as an AC duplex receptacle since it has two grounded power outlets. This device requires hot (120VAC, 15A @ 60Hz), neutral and ground wires from your electrical panel. The upper outlet is always live and not controllable. The lower outlet can be controlled via any compatible Z-Wave controller. This means that any appliance being powered from this outlet can be turned on/off using wireless Z-Wave technology.

Z-Wave is a proprietary RF technology that has gained industry wide acceptance for universal control of lights, locks, thermostats, etc. Essentially there is a small chip inserted into the duplex which allows it to receive commands from and report status to a compatible controller. The beauty of the Linear line of Z-Wave products is that they offer an affordable, reliable way to integrate automation control with your alarm system.

Honeywell and 2GIG security systems now have integrated Z-Wave controller that make this possible. The Honeywell alarm systems require the installation of a compatible Z-wave controller; Whereas the 2GIG Go!Control panel has a factory equipped controller that supports up to 232 devices including Linear. The Honeywell LYNX Touch series (L5100, L5200 and L7000) all support the L5100-ZWAVE controller. This module allows the LYNX Touch panels to "Speak Z-Wave" which is the industry term for being Z-wave compatible.

The VISTA P-Series support two options for controllers: the Tuxedo Touch and the VAM (VISTA Automation Module). The Tuxedo is a graphical touchscreen keypad that also has a built-in Z-wave controller which supports up to 232 devices. The VAM is a more cost effective controller which supports up to 40 Z-Wave devices. This is not a keypad and requires a web browser for access to the web interface for local and remote access.

Brand: Linear

Get Z-Wave Plus Instead!
Submitted on 06/12/2020 Alarm Grid

The Linear WO15Z-1 is a Z-Wave outlet that is designed to replace an existing in-wall outlet. Installing this unit will allow you to control your connected devices remotely using an interactive platform like Total Connect 2.0 or The WO15Z-1 has both a controlled outlet and a pass-through outlet that is always on and does not have Z-Wave functionality. The device is very versatile, and it will work nicely with almost any Z-Wave controller. However, it has since been discontinued in favor of newer and more advanced models. And since this model isn't Z-Wave Plus, we really can't recommend it for most users. It isn't bad by any means, but it only gets a 4-Star rating from us.

There are many things to like about Linear WO15Z-1. For one, it allows for remote operation through an interactive service platform. The pass-through outlet is a nice touch, as you can still have a device connected for traditional, non-Z-Wave control. The fact that the WO15Z-1 can be used with pretty much any Z-Wave controller is a nice aspect, as it really gives you great freedom and flexibility in adding it to your network.

But the downsides to the Linear WO15Z-1 should not be ignored. The sensor is discontinued, and you will be unlikely to find it new. But if you find a used model, then it should still work well. The Linear WO15Z-1 uses classic Z-Wave technology, rather than newer and better Z-Wave Plus communication. This isn't a big deal if your network already has a lot of classic Z-Wave devices or your automation hub is only standard Z-Wave, but if you are mostly using Z-Wave Plus devices with a Z-Wave Plus controller, then it's often best to just add exclusively Z-Wave Plus devices if you can. Not to mention that Z-Wave Plus offers better wireless range. With these downsides in mind, we give the Linear WO15Z-1 a 4-Star rating. It is good, but you are usually better off finding a Z-Wave Plus device.

Good: Remote Operation, Pass-Through Outlet, Versatile

Bad: Discontinued, Classic Z-Wave

Bottom Line: 4 Stars

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