Optex FTN-RR2G

FitLink Wireless Outdoor Motion Detector for 2GIG Systems


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The Optex FTN-RR2G is a wireless outdoor motion detector designed for use with 2GIG Alarm Systems. The device features an adjustable detection range of up to 16 feet, and it is animal-tolerant to prevent any false alarms. Buy the Optex FTN-RR2G FitLink Wireless Outdoor Motion Sensor here.
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Owners of 2GIG Alarm Systems who want an effective outdoor motion sensor can achieve great results with the Optex FTN-RR2G. This is a wireless outdoor motion detector that has an adjustable detection range of up to 16.5 feet. It is also easy to enroll with any 2GIG GC2 or GC3 Panel.

The Optex FTN-RR2G uses PIR technology to detect the presence of motion. This involves looking for any changes in infrared energy that occur with movement. If a substantial change in IR energy is detected, the device will send an alert to the alarm panel. The system will then respond based on the programming settings for that zone. This could include sending an alarm notice to a central monitoring station or alerting Alarm.com to notify the end user directly through text or email.

By positioning the sensor properly, the device will consistently and reliably detect the movement of potential intruders, while ignoring small animals and other environmental factors. This is made possible using two double-layered detection patterns (upper and lower), where both patterns have to detect the presence of motion. The device also uses SMDA logic (super multi dimension analysis) to analyze every source of motion before triggering an alarm. This allows it to distinguish between humans and other sources of IR energy.

As an outdoor sensor, the FTN-RR2G is best used in areas where it might be exposed to harsh conditions. This could include a patio, a barn or on the side of the house. But remember to consider sensor range when choosing a mounting location. It's a good idea to thoroughly test that the sensor can get a signal to the control panel before permanently mounting the unit. The device's IP55 weatherproof rating should keep it protected in most environments. And while the sensor was built for outdoor use, it can also be used indoors if needed. The device uses a CR123A lithium battery to remain powered for up to 5 years.

Brand: Optex

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