FitLink Outdoor Wireless Motion for Honeywell Systems

Optex ftn rrhw fitlink outdoor wireless motion for honeywell sys
  • Optex ftn rrhw fitlink outdoor wireless motion for honeywell sys
  • Optex ftn rrhw pcb fitlink outdoor wireless motion for honeywell

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The Optex FTN-RRHW provides an effective solution for Honeywell Alarm Systems in detecting the presence of motion. The device works by sensing the changes in IR energy that occur with movement. As an outdoor sensor, the FTN-RRHW will work in almost any environment. Buy the FTN-RRHW here.
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The Optex FTN-RRHW FitLink Outdoor Wireless Motion Detector for Honeywell Systems is a versatile device that will actively detect motion in almost any setting. The sensor has an adjustable PIR coverage area, with a maximum detection range of 16.5 feet. It alerts the system upon activation.

Like most motion sensors, the Optex FTN-RRHW makes use of passive infrared (PIR) technology. The device will scan the area for the current levels of infrared energy. When movement occurs, there will be a change in IR energy. The FTN-RRHW will detect this change and alert the security system if it deems the motion to be caused by a human. This is made possible using advanced technologies like SMDA logic (super multi dimension analysis) to actively distinguish between the human body signature and other sources of motion.

The FTN-RRHW also takes other measures to greatly reduce the likelihood of false alarms. One way that this is done is utilizing two double-layered detection patterns, with one being upper and the other being lower. Both patterns must detect motion in order for the sensor to alert the system. A small animal walking close to the ground will be unlikely to set off the upper pattern. And other sources of motion, like a bird or a swaying tree branch won't activate the lower pattern. However, a human walking upright will easily set off the sensor and cause an alarm.

A great thing about the FTN-RRHW is its ability to be used in almost any environment. With its IP55 rating, it works great in areas where harsh weather conditions might be present, such as a patio or on the side of the house. Its adjustable coverage area lets the user determine the ideal settings for the situation. But remember to keep sensor range in mind when choosing a location for the device, as it will not notify the panel properly if it's placed too far away from the panel.

With a lithium CR123A battery, the device will remain powered for up to 5 years at a time. The device can easily enroll with any Honeywell Alarm System with a built-in wireless receiver. This includes any LYNX Touch Panel, a Honeywell VISTA Panel (wireless receiver needed) and the Honeywell Lyric Security System. But please note that this sensor will not work with 2GIG Systems, even though they both use the 345 MHz frequency. Alarm Grid offers another version of this same sensor that is designed for use with 2GIG.


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