Qolsys IQ Tilt-S

Encrypted Low-Profile Tilt Sensor Compatible w/ IQ and IQ Panel 2

Qolsys iq tilt low profile tilt sensor compatible w slash iq and

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​Never wonder if your garage door was left open again. The Qolsys IQ Tilt will alert you with a text when it opens or stays open too long.
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Leaving your garage door open can be a major security risk. Thieves could break into your home or simply steal the items inside the open garage. Perhaps that’s why so many homeowners worry that the garage door is open while they work.

The IQ Tilt allows you to put that concern to rest. Never again will you have to turn around to check your home or spend a whole day worrying frantically. The Tilt is the perfect addition to any home.

Features and Benefits

First and foremost, the tilt sensor uses a highly-sensitive metal bearing to detect whether your garage is open or closed. When the door opens, the device will send a signal to your IQ panel. However, the benefits certainly don’t stop there.

If you leave home and the garage door is open, you will receive a text message right away. You can turn around quickly to secure your home without wasting time.

If you’re worried that someone else may have left the door open, you can check with the click of a button. A quick look at your IQ app can let you know the status of your garage door in real time. It’s just another way to keep your home safe and help you relax.

This isn’t just for garage doors, either. You can secure hatch doors or even movable objects with the IQ Tilt. If you want to know when something tilts beyond 45 degrees, this device is here to help.


The sensor itself is small and easy to use. At 2.5”Hx1”Wx.5”D, it stays out of the way as it works to keep your home and family safe. The IQ Tilt device connects using security RF 319.5 MHz with a wireless range of 600 feet through the open air.

The sensor doesn’t just let you know the status of the garage door. It sends alerts regarding tampering, tampers restore, alarm restore, and low battery. These alerts keep you in control and give you peace of mind.

Your IQ Tilt will come with a unique code ID for maximum security. The supervisory kee-alive interval is a perfect 70 minutes, and the RF peak field strength is typically 36,000 uV/m at 3m. For such a small sensor, it packs a big punch.

Be sure to keep your sensor in optimal conditions. For operation, this device requires a temperature between 14 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, or about -10 to 50 degrees Celsius. For storage, the temperature range is wider: from -40 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit, or -40 to 80 degrees Celsius.

The relative humidity for both storage and operation should remain between five and 95 percent and never include condensation.

With normal use, you will need to replace the batteries once every five years. You will need two 3V Lithium batteries for operation.

Installation and Mounting

While installing this device is quite simple, you should pay close attention to the details in your installation guide. The wrong angle on the tilt or a less-than-ideal mounting spot could cause malfunctions.

First, remove the small battery tabs and apply the included adhesive to the back of the sensor. Do not remove the other side of the adhesive yet. Then, make sure that the tube inside the sensor is angled in the way that the installation guide shows. This is important.

Next, find the ideal spot for mounting the sensor. Ideally, you should install the device on the top panel of the garage door. When you’ve marked the location, peel the adhesive and press the unit firmly into place. Make sure that the arrow on the face of the sensor points DOWN.

Enroll in Your IQ Panel

Once you have installed your Qolsys IQ Tilt, it’s time to pair it with your IQ Panel. First, turn your panel to “Auto Learn” mode so that it can pick up your Tilt’s signal. Then, open and close the case on the Tilt. This action will cause the sensor to send a tamper signal that your IQ Panel can detect.

Go back to your Panel to finish this process. You can customize the sensor’s name, change setting, and then touch “ADD.” The exact order of what buttons to press will depend on your Panel model. Be sure to consult its instructions for details.

Important Information

The Qolsys IQ Tilt is primarily designed for garage doors. However, that is not it’s only use. Anything that tilts beyond 45 degrees can hook up to this sensor. You can use it on moveable assets, hatches, and other moving things that you want to secure.

Qolsys is dedicated to customer satisfaction and they stand by their products. In fact, Qolsys will replace defective products within two years of purchase. Keep your device’s information just in case you need a substitute.

If you have any questions about installation or operation, you can contact Qolsys’ tech support. The best way to do this is to send an email detailing the issue to TechSupport@Qolsys.com. Their friendly experts can help you troubleshoot.

This product complies with part 15 of FCC Rules. This means that operation of this device does no cause harmful interference to radio devices. It also means that does accept some radio interference. It’s important to use the device as directed to stay within these rules.

If you need to secure a garage door, hatch, or moveable item, you need the Qolsys IQ Tilt. It syncs with your IQ panel to let you know when the door or item has moved. In fact, it can send you a text message whenever your garage door is left open and allow you to check in on it with from your phone.

With easy installation and operation, this is an important addition to any full home security system. You can feel safe and confident knowing that your belongings are secured by Qolsys.


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