How Do I Install the Qolsys IQ Tilt-S?

You can install the Qolsys IQ Tilt-S by positioning it horizontally on a garage door with the alignment arrow facing upward. The sensor should be installed near the top of the garage door so that opening it even a little bit will cause the sensor to shift position and alert the system.

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The Qolsys IQ Tilt-S is a wireless garage door tilt sensor for use with 319.5 MHz wireless security systems. One system that it is very commonly used with is the 319.5 MHz Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus. It is very important to ensure that the sensor is properly aligned, as poor alignment can result in unreliable sensor performance. The sensor has a cylinder with a metal bearing inside of it. Upon tilting the sensor, the bearing rolls down the cylinder toward some metal contacts. Once the bearing touches the contacts, a circuit is completed, and the sensor knows to alert the system to let it know that the garage door has been opened. Proper alignment can be achieved by installing the sensor in a horizontal position with its arrow facing upward.

Complete the following steps to install the IQ Tilt-S:

1. Power the sensor. If the sensor is being used for the first time, then simply remove the battery tabs to power it on. If the sensor has been used before, then open it up, and insert two (2) fresh lithium CR2032 coin batteries for power.

2. Mount the sensor. Use double-sided foam tape to mount the sensor. This comes included with the sensor. The sensor should be mounted at the top of the garage door when the door is closed. The sensor should be mounted in a horizontal position with the arrow facing upward. This ensures proper alignment of the sensor's inner metal bearing.

3. Enroll the sensor. First put your system into wireless enrollment mode. For the IQ Panel 2, this is done by clicking the small grey bar at the top of the main screen and choosing Settings > Advanced Settings > enter Installer Code (default 1111) > Installation > Devices > Security Sensors > Auto Learn Sensor.

Once the system is in its auto-enrollment mode, open up the IQ Tilt-S to activate its tamper cover. The sensor should send a signal to the panel for enrollment. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete sensor enrollment. Make sure to configure the wireless zone settings accordingly. You can return to the home screen when finished.

4. Test the sensor. Open the garage door, and make sure that the system acknowledges the faulted sensor. Remember to put your system on Test Mode if you chose a Sensor Type this will cause an alarm on your system.

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