Resideo Z53WSWITCH

Z-Wave Plus In-Wall 3-Way Switch


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The Resideo Z53WSWITCH Z-Wave Plus In-Wall 3-Way Switch provides three-way control over your load-bearing smart lights. It uses Z-Wave Plus technology to work with interactive platforms like Total Connect 2.0 and smart assistants like Amazon Alexa. Buy the Resideo Z53WSWITCH from Alarm Grid.
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The Resideo Z53WSWITCH is a Z-Wave Plus in-wall 3-way switch that lets you achieve 3-way control over your other Resideo In-Wall Switches. It replaces your current 3-way switch and uses existing wiring. A traveler wire is needed to connect the 3-way switch to your load-bearing switches.

With a three-way wiring setup, you can control your lights on-site from two different locations. The device can also support 4-way, 5-way, and 6-way wiring configurations. To get started, simply remove your existing 3-way switch and wire the Resideo Z53WSWITCH in its place. Remember to cut power at the breaker before you go to install the switch. Keep in mind that the Z53SWITCH itself is not a load-bearing switch. It only connects with load-bearing switches for three-way operation.

But the most exiting feature of the Resideo Z53WSWITCH is its Z-Wave Plus capabilities. The device is specifically designed for use with the Resideo Z-Wave Plus In-Wall Lights. These are the Resideo Z5DIMMER, the Resideo Z5SWITCH. Both are load-bearing switches that you can control remotely using an interactive platform like Total Connect 2.0. You can even pair them with smart scenes for automatic operation based on a schedule or with certain system events. Pairing with TC2 will even allow you to set up use with compatible smart home assistants like Amazon Alexa.

If you pair the lights with your Honeywell Panel, you can also control them from there as well. This is great for users who want to build their smart lighting network around their alarm systems. The Resideo Z-Wave Plus Lights were designed with Honeywell and Resideo Systems in mind, but you can really use them with any panel that supports Z-Wave technology. This includes the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus, the 2GIG GC3e, and more.

The Resideo Z53WSWITCH Auxiliary 3-Way Switch is compatible with CFL and LED lights. It requires a neutral wire to complete the setup. It uses screw terminals to complete the connections. The device allows for a maximum wiring range of 400 feet. It pairs nicely with virtually any Z-Wave controller. We recommend using a Z-Wave Plus controller for maximum wireless communication range.

Brand: Honeywell

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