Resideo Z5SWPIO

Z-Wave Plus Outdoor Plug-In Switch

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The Resideo Z5SWPIO is an outdoor plug-in switch that allows you to achieve smart control over outdoor lights. It is great for making your outdoor Christmas or holiday lights compatible with Total Connect 2.0 for remote operation and automatic activation. Buy the Resideo Z5SWPIO from us.
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The Resideo Z5SWPIO is an outdoor plug-in smart switch that uses Z-Wave Plus technology. The device is good for providing smart control for outdoor lights. You can use it with Christmas lights, outdoor lamps and many other outdoor plug-in devices. It works with nearly any Z-Wave controller.

Many users have great success using a smart plug-in switch to provide smart control for their lamps and other devices. These modules are super easy to use, as no wiring is involved. Just plug-in the device, pair it with your Z-Wave network, and start using it in any manner that you see fit. And having one for outdoor use makes things more convenient and flexible. We recommend using the Z5SWPIO with a Z-Wave Plus controller for best range.

Resideo built the Z5SWPIO for use with their own Resideo Security Systems and the Total Connect 2.0 platform. However you should have no trouble using it with other Z-Wave controllers as well. These include panels that use, or even a Samsung SmartThings Hub. You will definitely want to pair the device with some Z-Wave network, as that is how you will achieve remote control in addition to automatic operation.

Assuming you use the device with Total Connect 2.0, there are many great features you will unlock. You can use the TC2 Mobile App to operate the Z5SWPIO from virtually anywhere. You can also set the device up with smart scenes for automatic operation based on a set schedule or with predetermined system events. To get started with Total connect 2.0, you just need a compatible Resideo/Honeywell Panel and a monitoring plan with access. Total Connect 2.0 even offers some great integrations with smart assistants like Amazon Alexa for even more options.

The maximum supported load for the Resideo Z5SWPIO is 1800W or 15A. Alternatively, you can use it to power up to a 1/2 HP fan motor or 600W for incandescent bulbs. The device is compatible with CFL and LED bulbs. It is weather-resistant and perfectly suitable for outdoor use. It has a manual ON/OFF switch for added convenience. Please note that there is NOT a pass-through outlet on the Resideo Z5SWPIO.

Brand: HoneywellResideo

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