120dB Indoor/Outdoor siren w/ Colored Strobe

Wbox oe outdsirs blue 120db outdoor siren with strobe that comes
  • Wbox oe outdsirs blue 120db outdoor siren with strobe that comes
  • Wbox oe outdsirs 120db red outdoor siren with strobe that comes
  • Wbox oe outdsirs amber 120db outdoor siren with strobe that come
  • Wbox oe outdsirs clear 120db outdoor siren with strobe that come

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Wired, outdoor siren with a 120 dB sounder and a strobe that comes in a variety of colors. For a loud siren that will enhance the features of your security system, look no further than this WBOX sounder.


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The WBOX 0E-OUTDSIRS comes with a variety of strobe colors to ensure maximum visibility along with a loud, 120 decibel siren. While the 0E-OUTDSIREN contains the same horn without the strobes, for those that are looking to install a high quality, wired sounder with a light that can’t be missed the strobes are a great and more popular addition. These sirens are weatherized. As such, they can be placed outside. They offer the audible indication of intrusion, and their strobe makes it simple to identify where the sound is coming from. They include a Normally Closed Tamper circuit, which can be wired to a zone on the panel. If the WBOX 0E-OUTDSIRS is pulled away from its mounting location, this zone will be activated. While traditional security systems offer the homeowner peace of mind by informing an intruder that the police are going to be notified of his or her presence, an outdoor, 120 dB siren is going to make entry even less attractive as it will inform anyone within earshot someone has entered into a home or business where they are not welcome.

It is important to note that red and blue strobes are often a restricted color in a number of jurisdictions as they are reserved for vehicles or objects that operate in an official emergency capacity. So, if you are not sure about the rules in your jurisdiction, the amber and clear sirens are the best colors to go with on the strobe.

These sirens, as with most wired sirens are polarity conscious. With a current draw of 670 mA @ 12 VDC,these sirens will make a great addition to any wired panel, such as Honeywell’s VISTA series systems or, for that matter, Honeywell’s wireless systems with the addition of the LYNX-EXT or its cheaper counterpart with a wired relay, the LYNX-WEXT.


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