120dB Indoor/Outdoor siren w/ Colored Strobe

Wbox oe outdsirs blue 120db outdoor siren with strobe that comes
  • Wbox oe outdsirs blue 120db outdoor siren with strobe that comes
  • Wbox oe outdsirs 120db red outdoor siren with strobe that comes
  • Wbox oe outdsirs amber 120db outdoor siren with strobe that come
  • Wbox oe outdsirs clear 120db outdoor siren with strobe that come

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Wired, outdoor siren with a 120 dB sounder and a strobe that comes in a variety of colors. For a loud siren that will enhance the features of your security system, look no further than this WBOX sounder.


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The WBOX 0E-OUTDSIRS comes with a variety of strobe colors to ensure maximum visibility along with a loud, 120 decibel siren. While the 0E-OUTDSIREN contains the same horn without the strobes, for those that are looking to install a high quality, wired sounder with a light that can’t be missed the strobes are a great and more popular addition. These sirens are weatherized. As such, they can be placed outside. They offer the audible indication of intrusion, and their strobe makes it simple to identify where the sound is coming from. They include a Normally Closed Tamper circuit, which can be wired to a zone on the panel. If the WBOX 0E-OUTDSIRS is pulled away from its mounting location, this zone will be activated. While traditional security systems offer the homeowner peace of mind by informing an intruder that the police are going to be notified of his or her presence, an outdoor, 120 dB siren is going to make entry even less attractive as it will inform anyone within earshot someone has entered into a home or business where they are not welcome.

It is important to note that red and blue strobes are often a restricted color in a number of jurisdictions as they are reserved for vehicles or objects that operate in an official emergency capacity. So, if you are not sure about the rules in your jurisdiction, the amber and clear sirens are the best colors to go with on the strobe.

These sirens, as with most wired sirens are polarity conscious. With a current draw of 670 mA @ 12 VDC,these sirens will make a great addition to any wired panel, such as Honeywell’s VISTA series systems or, for that matter, Honeywell’s wireless systems with the addition of the LYNX-EXT or its cheaper counterpart with a wired relay, the LYNX-WEXT.


I will pass your comment to Julia. :)
Wow great info! Thanks Julia. You're convincing me that it's not worth the headache for $18 and a 3 in 1 outlet adapter. I think I'll just wire up a separate power source. Thanks again!
The only thing that will activate the bell output on the 20P is an alarm on a zone type that normally activates the bell, such as a burg alarm, or a fire alarm. Also, in order to get 2 amps out of the bell circuit on that panel, you must have a good, fully charged battery connected to the panel and the Vista-20P will need to stay powered up all the time. That said, you could tie an output, such as the single open collector available on the GC2 to a zone on the 20P, program that zone as a burg zone type, and use that to trigger the 20P panel. You'd have to also program it in the GC2 to activate on any burg alarm, and stop on bell timeout or disarm (whichever comes first). The problem with doing this is that when the GC2 stops for disarm, the 20P panel will not, so either you have to always allow the 20P bell to sound until bell timeout, or you have to keep a keypad on the 20P and use it to silence that bell manually when necessary. Kind of a pain if you ask me. The other issue I see for this is that if you have Fire zones on the GC2, there is not a 2nd open collector output on the GC2 to trigger a 2nd zone on the 20P for fire, so you'd have either a burg bell, or fire bell, but not both. Of course, if you only have burg zones on the system, that's not a problem.
I took over an ADT Vista20P system by installing a 2Gig GC2 and a Take345 module for the hardwired zones. My Vista20 had this Siren/Strobe connected to the Alarm Output, which is good for 2Amps. I purchased a relay to allow the GC2 to trigger the siren, However, I'd like to use the Vista panel as the power source for the siren and relay circuit. Is there a way I can reuse the Alarm Output (terminals 3 and 4) on the Vista20 to power the siren and relay? If the ADT panel triggered the alarm, which sounded the siren, could I fool the system into powering the Alarm Output constantly? It looks like terminal 6 is data in from keypad. If I supply 12V to this terminal, will this activate terminal 3? Bottom line is that there has to be a built in relay somewhere on the Vista 20p panel that when triggered, provides power to the Alarm Output so the siren can sound. If this is true I should be able to constantly supply power to this relay to trick terminal 3 into thinking there is an alarm, therefore constantly providing power to the siren and relay. Maybe I'm way off on this but I'd rather use the 2A power source that is already there instead of wiring up a 3rd power source for this system. I'm running out of outlets!!! Thanks
Yes, the siren can be used without an alarm system, it just needs power to be connected to it. The tamper isn't required to connect for the siren to work.
Can this be used without an alarm system? (Would like to use with my home automation system with a relay). If so, do I just connect the power? What to do with the tamper?
You could use the ad12612 aux power supply with a relay, the bell output on the vista panel only provides power if the alarm is tripped. The WBOX would not always draw constant power.
How can this be hooked up to a Vista 20P if the draw is 670mA, that will put me way over the max draw.
Yes this can be used with the Vista 20P
Can this be used with the Vista 20P system?
Yes, I just loaded them to the site so they should populate on this page eventually but you can find the installation guide at https://www.alarmgrid.com/documents/wbox-0e-outdsiren-and-0e-outdsirs-installation-guide and the data sheet at https://www.alarmgrid.com/documents/wbox-0e-outdsirsr-data-sheet, https://www.alarmgrid.com/documents/wbox-0e-outdsirsa-data-sheet, https://www.alarmgrid.com/documents/wbox-0e-outdsirsc-data-sheet or https://www.alarmgrid.com/documents/wbox-0e-outdsirsb-data-sheet (depending on the color or the strobe). What alarm system are you using the siren/strobe with?
Hi, do you have product sheets, videos or demos of this item. Would like to know the specs.
No, the Lyric doesn't support wired sirens. Only the SiXSIREN (https://www.alarmgrid.com/products/honeywell-sixsiren ) which is a wireless indoor siren is supported at this time.
No, the GC3 bell output terminals are only rated up to 120mA and this siren/strobe uses up to 670mA so it would over-draw the output. We don't offer any strobes only rated at 120mA or less but if you could find one, it should work. You could even use more than one strobe as long as the total current draw is 120mA or less.
Can this be used with the Lyric??
Correction...Is the GC3 capable of driving this strobe unit? what about multiple strobe units in parallel?
Is the GC3 capable this strobe unit? what about multiple strobe units in parallel?
No, it should work as long as it's properly wired up. In fact, you can simply test it by just connecting it to your panel's battery (observing polarity) terminals.
I moved this unit from a wall mounting to a crawl space. It is not mounted (ie, free standing). It does not work. Do I need to have it physically mounted (back to a wall) ?
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