Strobe lights provide visual indication of an alarm. These devices are setup much like sirens, and they can be particularly helpful for identifying an alarm from a distance. Many sirens include built-in strobe lights. Strobes come in various colors and sizes. Purchase system strobes from Alarm Grid.
WBOX OE-OUTDSIRS Blue - 120dB Outdoor siren with Strobe that comes in Amber, Clear, Blue, or Red
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A strobe is basically a device that produces regularly flashing lights. Technically a strobe can flash at any speed. You might see a strobe flashing slowly or a strobe flashing light very quickly. When it comes to alarm systems, the purpose of a strobe light is to attract a person's attention very quickly. With that in mind, you will usually see alarm system strobes flashing very quickly. They evoke a sense of panic, and they will get the attention very quickly of anyone who looks at them very quickly.

When you see a rapidly flashing strobe light, you will know that something is probably very wrong. Or you might be watching an exciting movie or are attending a good concert. But if you see a strobe in your home in the middle of the night, then the assumption is that your system has gone into alarm. The most likely cause is that your system has gone into alarm. This means that there is a burglary or fire. If you determine that the alarm is legitimate, you should call 911 immediately.

Strobe lights come in a wide variety of colors. Popular choices for strobe light colors for alarm systems include red, white and blue. You can choose whichever color you think will attract your attention the easiest. You should place your strobe in a location where it can be spotted easily. Many people like to install outdoor strobe lights so that they can visually identify an alarm event as they are returning home.

Many strobes are integrated with sirens for a two-in-one device. This is no surprise, as strobes serve the same purpose as sirens, and they are generally installed in the same manner. You will need a relay to cut power to the strobe after an alarm is cleared. You will also need a power supply that provides sufficient current to the strobe. You should consider the current draw for a strobe whenever you go to install a new one.

Strobe lights can be particularly useful for deaf users or users who are hard of hearing. These individuals might not hear a siren when it is activated. They need to see a strobe for a visual indication of an alarm. Some building codes may require the use of strobe lights for alerting building occupants to emergencies. This is often the case for certain commercial settings. Check with your local jurisdiction to see if this is the case.

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