Alejandro P. from Miami, FL

How easy was installing this system?

It was very easy, just follow the instructions step by step and nothing can go wrong.

Why did you pick Alarm Grid?

Because it was the only company that offered me the solution that I wanted. I wanted the service for the honeywell alarm without the monitoring.

How much money did you save by installing this system on your own?

More than $200. I love doing everything in my house plus the system was very easy to set up.

How do you use the home automation components of your system?

Just being able to turn on and off the A/C system remotely I have saved a lot of money on electric bill. Every time I leave the house I turn it off and just 20 minutes before I get back i turn it back on and is perfect.

How does your new Alarm Grid security system compare to your old system?

This is my first security system. I don’t know how much better than this can it get.

What do you think of Total Connect?

It's amazing how Alarm Grid makes it so simple and easy to interact with my security system remotely. In just 5 minutes I learned to control the whole system.