Armin C. from Miramar, FL

Protected By Alarm Grid Since

How easy was it to install this system on your own?

The house had a prewire alarm system but I installed a new panel and some wireless sensors. It was not that hard with the help of alarm forums and special thanks to very informative on all the Honeywell equipment.

Why did you pick Alarm Grid as your monitoring company?

I liked the no contract and the prices were decent compared to all the other companies. Besides I like to help small companies instead of the large corporations. Their site is always very informative it says a lot about their customer service.

Did Alarm Grid's YouTube Channel and FAQs help?

Yes I always come back to this site for their informative answers. I even use this site to install my system prior of being a customer of them. This is one of my reasons why I chose alarm grid. They are in the right track, and I wish them all future growth they deserve.

Why should others consider Alarm Grid?

Others should like the no contract monitoring feature, the price and the fact you are dealing with very professional staff and consumer oriented personnel. The staff has been always there to help and answer all the questions you may have. A walk around the site you can inspect they care about the customers and without even having their service they always are posting very helpful information about the new systems and sensors and compatibilities. Even if you are not a customer you can benefit from this site. So why not give them a try and help out a decent company growth? If you are tired of the small selections you have with all these large companies having the monopolies then this is your chance to make a difference.

How have our interactive services improved your monitoring experience?

I have total connect. I like to be able to disarm and arm the system without walking to the panel or when exiting not being able to worry about the time delay.

What do you think about Alarm Grid's customer service?

Customer service has been outstanding . Initially alarm grid when to the trouble of inspecting my programming installation to make sure all the sensors were correct and they gave my zones name that were easy to identified for future reference.