Alistair B. from Portland, OR

Protected By Alarm Grid Since

Can You Describe How Easy Installing the System Was?

A friend helped me. It involved setting up the sensors in the appropriate places. Then the monitoring & finally calling Alarm Grid to arrange it.

Why did you pick Alarm Grid over other monitoring companies?

On the recommendation of the same friend, an astute and experienced shopper, who had used Alarm Grid as well. I also shopped around and found the prices competitive. The service has been excellent.

Do you feel safer as a result of Alarm Grid monitoring your house?

Yes. It provides a constant monitoring when I am not there.

How much money did Alarm Grid’s DIY Installation Save You?

Several hundred dollars.

Did you use Alarm Grid’s YouTube Videos for Help During the Installation?

Yes. Sterling’s awesome! YouTube videos are the new manuals. Who reads those manuals anyways? Sterling has tons of different YouTube videos for common and obscure questions.

Did you have an Alarm System before? How does your new Alarm Grid security system compare to your old system?

I had ADT before; this is much more personalized service for lesser cost.

What Makes Alarm Grid’s Customer Service Different?

It is too good to believe. Sterling and colleagues have helped me on a number of occasions with technical questions. Very helpful and personalized service. I have enjoyed this service and working with this company.

Has the Homeowners Discount Saved You Any Money?

Yes I have. The security system saved me several hundred dollars on my homeowners insurance.