Bob R. from Beaverton, OR

Protected By Alarm Grid Since

How easy was it to install this system on your own?

Installation was very easy, as I was upgrading an older Lynx with the new Lynx Touch. Most of the sensors were already in place. I added a few new ones and really liked the touch screen registration process.

Why did you choose Alarm Grid?

I originally had a different monitoring company, but decided to make the move to Alarm Grid as a result of a friend’s experience.

Does Alarm Grid's monitoring service make you feel safer?

Yes. For the few times the alarm did go off (due to operator error), we were contacted right away. I also like the instant notices from each non-alarm event with Total Connect.

Did Alarm Grid's online resources help you with your installation?

Yes. The how-to videos are very helpful.

What is your favorite part of your new Alarm Grid system?

Reliability, and a known brand with Honeywell. I also like the info services. (We have the announcements and beeps turned off :-))

Have you ever had another alarm system?

Yes. It was a Honeywell Lynx from around 2004 - no Internet, no Total Connect, etc. It worked well, but it was very basic. The Lynx Touch L5100 fits in nicely with my other techie toys.

Why should others sign up for monitoring with Alarm Grid?

Service, Service, Service!

I had some issues with the info services working consistently. Sterling was always happy to help. Actually, I had purchased my panel from another vendor and started replacing parts. I decided to use a different vendor and that’s when my friend recommended Alarm Grid. I only ordered a WiFi module and Sterling contacted me to see how it was working. With his help, we determined the trouble was really the panel. Luckily, I was able to return the original, then purchase the replacement from Alarm Grid. I got great help all through the process and got everything working.

From the online chat when ordering to Sterling’s personal touch - Alarm Grid is first rate and cares about their customers!

Do you like the interactive service offered by Alarm Grid?

The text messages on selected events are nice. I still need to work on setting up the automation.

Are you taking advantage of the homeowners insurance discount?

Absolutely! We’re getting at least a 10% discount.