David S. from Battle Ground, WA

Protected By Alarm Grid Since

I installed the system on my own. I had an older Honeywell system and I basically replaced all of the old parts with new parts from Alarm Grid. I used the YouTube channel and I had to call support once I was ready to go live.

Alarm Grid allowed me to upgrade that system without a lot of cost. In fact, I saved a couple of hundred dollars. The windows and door on the lower floor were all hard wired and I never knew it until I started working with the new system. I added more wireless door and a glass break sensors in the garage.

I like the newer control panels. One faces the front door so that you can look in through the small windows on either side of the front door and see that the system is there and armed.

I chose Alarm Grid because I wanted to do it myself and they offered support for the DIYer and equipment at reasonable prices.

Alarm Grid has helped me upgrade my old alarm system without paying the high price to have someone come in and do the work. The monitoring that Alarm Grid provides is dependable and affordable.