Carlos F. from Niagara Falls, NY

Protected By Alarm Grid Since

Why did you pick Alarm Grid over other monitoring companies?

I was had a great experience with a local installer named Arthur. He was a nice guy who put my alarm in, and he strongly recommended Alarm Grid. I loved that I could own my own equipment, I could move my equipment wherever I want to go if I move. And the price was great as well.

Do You Feel Safer?

I feel a lot safer that I have an alarm in my house. Alarm Grid does a great job answering the phone whenever I have a question, and they make sure to respond to my concerns quickly.

Did Alarm Grid Save You Money?

I paid for the equipment. I probably saved $300 the moment I got an Alarm Grid system.

What Do You Like Most About Your System?

I like how my system looks. I like that it's WIFI, it's user friendly, and I love using Total Connect. It lets me do everything on my phone and computer. I that all the perks that I was interested when I started looking for a security system.

Do You Recommend Other People Use Alarm Grid?

Alarm Grid's price is very reasonable. This is your safety we're talking about! It's really user friendly. For people who are maybe a little older or not tech savvy, this system is easy to put together, easy to use, and the price makes it a really attractive offer.

Do You Enjoy Alarm Grid's Customer Service Approach?

Alarm Grid's customer service is excellent. Every time I have a problem, I get an answer. The Alarm Grid team is super supportive, they email me whenever something happens or if my alarm goes off. Any time I have a question about anything, Alarm Grid is prompt to answer and very very polite. I really appreciate it. I think the customer service is outstanding in comparison to other companies. I really like the customer service. I have no complaints about it at all.