Mark L. from Lawrence, KS

Protected By Alarm Grid Since

How easy was this security system to install yourself?

I installed my system myself. It was an incredibly user friendly experience. Alarm Grid has outstanding videos on Youtube that walk you through everything step by step and allow you to better understand how the system becomes integrated between all of the components and allows you to test the system to ensure everything is working when you call to activate your system. I strongly recommend using a good quality mounting tape for the sensors, though you could always opt to drill and use screws as well.

Why did you select Alarm Grid for your monitoring service?

As a first time home buyer I did a lot of research on Home security monitoring companies and was really disappointed by the overpriced/limited services offered by other companies such as ADT. With Alarm Grid you are able to select what hardware you want and install it easily yourself instead of paying someone to do it for you. Likewise, Alarm Grid offers a great amount of features for an incredible price. For $20 a month I receive Home Monitoring service as well as access to Total Connect 2.0, which is an outstanding application I use both on my phone and iPad.

Do you feel safer as a result of Alarm Grid monitoring your house?

I absolutely feel much safer having Alarm Grid monitoring my house. In my first six months of having the service someone indeed attempted to break into my house, however the System Detected the attempt to lift my sliding glass door off of it's tracks and immediately notified the police as well as myself, allowing me peace of mind when I wasn't home and knowing if I was home that I'd be all the more secure, even by myself.

How much money did your DIY installation save you?

ADT claims to offer installation for $100 but the disclaimer shows that that is for basic installation and recommends that a more advanced installation is needed. Furthermore, because the system is wireless I didn't need to drill any holes in walls or mess with trying to guide wiring through there or pay an electrician to do it for me.

What of Alarm Grid’s resources did you use?

During setup and configuration I extensively used Alarm Grid's YouTube channel to guide me through the installation and configuration process. The videos are very clear both visually and audibly, allowing you to easily follow along in real time or go back and focus on a specific issue.

Are you thinking of adding home automation?

At this time I don't have home automation as several of the features I'd use it for such as exterior lighting are already performed by having a Dusk to Dawn light installed outside. However, in the future I plan to incorporate the automation for features such as remotely controlling my heating and cooling.

What do you like most about your new Alarm Grid system?

My favorite part of my Alarm Grid system is that it allows me to have peace of mind wherever.

Do you think other should pick Alarm Grid to monitor their home?

People should consider Alarm Grid because you get great equipment at a great price with easy setup and incredible customer support. It gives you peace of mind and a pleasant customer experience all through the process.

Do you like Total Connect?

It is absolutely great to be able to use my phone or iPad to remotely arm/disarm my system as well as receive emails letting me know when the system is armed/disarmed and by who. It enables you to feel connected to what's going on at your home regardless of whether you're at work or across the country.

Are you saving money on your Homeowners’ insurance?

I receive a significant home insurance discount as a result of having both the security system and a synced smoke detector. The discount for me personally is more than I pay for my Alarm Grid membership so it's peace of mind plus savings which for me makes it all the more worth it.

Do you have a good customer service story involving Alarm Grid?

When I called to set up my system they were incredibly friendly, helpful, professional yet personable and I incredibly enjoyed that. I felt that I the customer mattered to them and wasn't simply a stack on a name of papers.