Nick M. from Houma, LA

Protected By Alarm Grid Since

How Did You End Up Choosing Alarm Grid?

We chose Alarm Grid after being in a contract with ADT. Our contract expired and they were charging us upwards of $50. Their service was not always reliable. Switching to Alarm Grid has saved us tons of money. I now know everything that goes on with my system, all for only a fraction of what I was paying ADT.

Do You Feel Safer with Alarm Grid?

Absolutely. With ADT, alarm signals took up to 1-2 minutes to be received before they would contact us. We called them multiple times and they just wanted to sell us new equipment. With Alarm Grid, and the same equipment, we are notified of alarm signals 1-5 seconds after the event occurs through a push notification and text message. We have had no issues what so ever after switching. This makes us feel much safer as we know exactly what’s going on in our home in close to real time.

Do You Recommend Alarm Grid to Other People?

In my opinion, the factor that sets Alarm Grid apart from other companies is the time they take to provide great customer service. They are always prompt in answering and always answer my questions. The other factor that sets them apart from other companies is the price point. They only charge about a fraction of that which you would pay for major companies.

Do You Use Interactive Services?

Total Connect has changed the way that we interact with our security system. We get instant push notifications as soon as an alarm is triggered. We also love the fact that we can remotely arm and disarm our panel from anywhere.

What Do You Think of Alarm Grid's Customer Service?

I wasn’t looking to buy all new equipment after paying for the equipment that ADT installed. After one call to Alarm Grid, I found out exactly what I needed to be able to migrate to their services. Every time I call for support, they are always readily available and always have an answer for my question or problem.