Briana N. from Brandon, MS

Protected By Alarm Grid Since

Tell us about your installation. Was it easy?

We followed the instructions in the Alarm Grid video tutorials on YouTube. The videos took us step by step through the entire process: installing the control panel, wireless sensors and programming the system. The most difficult part of the installation was hiding the power cable running to the control panel behind the wall. That task took about an hour and a half to complete. The entire process took about seven hours. So far the system has worked flawlessly. It's been six months since installation.

Why did you choose Alarm Grid for your monitoring?

We picked Alarm Grid because there is no monitoring contract, and we could save on installation costs by doing the installation ourselves! When we called other companies, the representatives didn't provide the thorough information that Sterling provided upon the initial call. He also responded to our call promptly.

Does our monitoring make you feel safer?

Just knowing that our house is protected allows us to sleep peacefully at night. We like the fact that we know what window or door is being opened. It gives us peace of mind to know that with the cellular 4G monitoring connection, our alarm monitoring signal cannot be disabled.

What do you like most about your Alarm Grid system

We like that the system tells which door or window is being opened. This feature along with the fact that we are not under a monitoring contract makes Alarm Grid a great choice! We also like the ability to add home automation in the future.

Why should other people sign up for Alarm Grid’s monitoring?

Well, the first time we called Alarm Grid we were surprised that Sterling, the guy in the You Tube video, took our call. He did a great job answering our questions. The next time we called we had to leave a message, but Sterling called us back within 20 minutes. When it came time to set up the monitoring service, Frank did a great job of walking us through the setup.